Yorkshire Water

  • Business Name: Yorkshire Water
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 3574
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm
  • Head Office Address: Yorkshire Water
    PO Box 52
    BD3 7YD
  • Website: https://www.yorkshirewater.com

yorkshire water head office contact number

Yorkshire Water is a water supply and wastewater services provider based in the UK.

Yorkshire Water was founded in 1973 as one of ten local authorities. It was privatised by the Water Act 1989. It is owned by the Kelda Group and floats on the London Stock Exchange. The area that Yorkshire Water serves includes South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, some parts of North Lincolnshire, some areas of Derbyshire and most of North Yorkshire.

The company supplies water to over 2.3 million households and approximately 130,000 businesses.

For more information about Yorkshire Water, call the Yorkshire Water head office contact number.

Yorkshire Water Connection Numbers

Company Number
Head Office 0843 557 3574
Water Meter 0843 557 5206
Careers 0843 208 2433
Apprenticeships  0844 453 0216
Payments  0843 816 6839
Moving House  0843 816 6841

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Yorkshire Water departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Yorkshire Water Head Office – 0843 557 3574

Yorkshire Water provides clean and safe drinking water to people across Yorkshire, as well as taking away and treating wastewater. The company has spent £39 million to help improve water mains across the region setting high standards for water quality. The company has over 20,000 miles of sewerage pipes and 600 treatment works to ensure that the water is treated in a way that complies with standards set by the Environment Agency.

If you were curious t0 know more about the water quality in your area, you can do so using the Yorkshire Water website. Type in your postcode and you’ll see if any work is ongoing/scheduled in your area as well as the hardness of your water.

Yorkshire Water Water Meter – 0843 557 5206

A water meter allows you to pay for the amount of water you use, rather than a set annual charge. Some customers may prefer a meter as it saves money, whereas it will be more expensive for others. Houses built after 1990 will have a water meter and it’s not possible to remove this. Meters are usually installed near the outdoor stop tap or under the kitchen sink. It’s free of charge to have a meter installed as long as it is easy for Yorkshire Water to install and it can be placed in their preferred location. You can go back to unmetered charges if you contact Yorkshire Water within 2 years of having the meter fitted.

Yorkshire Water Jobs – 0843 208 2433

Working for Yorkshire Water means that you will be providing safe water to over 5 million people across the region. There is work available in a variety of roles from customer service representatives to leakage inspectors, site managers to a billing analyst- whatever your skills and interests are, there will be a role for you at either the head office, reservoirs or treatment works.

Yorkshire Water Apprenticeships – 0844 453 0216

Apprenticeships allow you to gain new skills and a qualification whilst earning a wage. The programmes generally last for around two years but for some areas of the company it may take four years to gain all the necessary skills. You don’t need to have previous experience but you must have GCSE’s which meet the academic requirements. The apprenticeship roles are based at the head office in Bradford as well as across the region. For the electrical engineering multi-skilled scheme, you have to be willing to live away from home for a year at a residential college in Hull. The starting salary for apprenticeships is £13,500 with the opportunity for bonuses throughout the programme.

Yorkshire Water Payment – 0843 816 6839

There are many easy ways to pay your water bill. You can pay the bill online using your credit or debit card, by setting up a Direct Debit, by weekly installments, at the bank via cheque, by telephone/online banking, at a PayPoint outlet, at the Post Office, by using the Yorkshire Water app or by sending a cheque in the post to:

Yorkshire Water, PO Box 52, Bradford, BD3 7YD.

Yorkshire Water Moving House – 0843 816 6841

You can use an online form, write to or call Yorkshire Water to inform them that you are moving home. You’ll need to disclose your current address, the date that you are moving out, your new address and the date that you will be moving in. If you have a meter, read the meter on the day that you move out/in. If this isn’t possible, your final bill will be estimated based on your previous usage.

Yorkshire Water Leaks

If you spot a leak outside of your property boundary, note the exact location, the type of leak and be ready to provide your contact details when you inform Yorkshire Water. You can inform Yorkshire Water of a leak by calling the emergencies number in the table at the top of the page.

Popular questions about Yorkshire Water

Which drains are Yorkshire Water responsible for?

The customer is responsible for all the pipes which take water from the mains to your home. If you live in an older house, you might share a pipe with a neighbour, which means you’re jointly responsible. Yorkshire Water is responsible for pipes in roads and footpaths.

How are Yorkshire Water rates calculated?

Yorkshire Water rates are calculated depending on whether you have a meter or not. If you have a meter, you’ll be charged on how much water you use. If you don’t have a meter, you’ll be charged based on the rateable value of your property.

Where does Yorkshire Water come from?

Half of water supplied by Yorkshire Water comes from reservoirs and the rest of it comes from boreholes and rivers.