Yorkshire Bank Head Office Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Yorkshire Bank Head Office Contact Number 0843 557 4801 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Accounts Assistance 0843 557 5286 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Savings Account Information Helpline 0843 557 5288 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Mortgages & Insurance 0843 658 0787 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Careers 0844 453 0264  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Complaints 0843 658 0791 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm

Yorkshire Bank Head Office Contact Number

The Head Office of Yorkshire Bank is located in Glasglow. This is because it is a division of Clydesdale Bank. The HO is home to a range of departments, many of which can be contacted via the numbers above. To contact a member of the head office team, dial 0843 557 4801. This line is direct and will put you through to a member of the team as soon as possible.

Accounts Assistance

With Yorkshire Bank you’ll find a range of current and savings accounts. Some can be tailored to suit you, or you can choose from a range of accounts the bank already has. You can find the range of account Yorkshire Bank has by calling Accounts Assistance on 0843 557 5286. This line is automated, however, someone will be able to help you once you have selected from a list of departments.

Savings Account Information Helpline

You can open up a savings account with Yorkshire bank for a number of reasons. Whether you’re saving for a house, home or retirement, Yorkshire Bank can help. You can take a look at the savings accounts online with the bank, or you can call the Savings Account team information helpline on 0843 557 5288..

Mortgages & Insurance

Mortgages and Insurance deals come in their hundreds when it comes to Yorkshire Bank. Whether you’re a first time buyer or you’re looking for fixed interest rates, Yorkshire bank is the one for you. Contact the Mortgages and Insurance team on 0843 658 0787 for assitance.


For jobs and career opportunities with Yorkshire Bank, visit the careers page for Yorkshire Bank, alternatively, you can call the careers helpline on 0844 453 0264 and speak to a member of the team. You can use this line to find a job, apply for a job or enquire about a potential career.


In order to make a complaint to the Yorkshire Bank team, you will need to call the complaints line on 0843 658 0791. This line is direct, and means that you will be able to speak with a member of the team as soon as possible. You can complaint about a number of things, including the level of customer service you have recieved, or about the way you have been treated by a member of staff at a yorkshire bank branch.