William Hill

  • Business Name: William Hill
  • Head Office Number: 0844 556 4737
  • Opening Times: 24 Hours 7 Days a Week
  • Head Office Address: Greenside House, 50 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 7TP
  • Website: www.sports.williamhill.com

William Hill Head Office Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0844 556 4737
Customer Services 0843 557 5247
William Hill Complaints 0843 557 3589
William Hill Betting 0843 320 9725
William Hill Online Bingo 0843 320 9726
William Hill Careers 0843 320 9727

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those William Hill departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

William Hill Head Office Contact Line Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

William Hill Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office Greenside House
50 Station Road
Wood Green
N22 7TP

William Hill – 0844 556 4737

William Hill is one of the most popular betting houses in the UK, a country known internationally for its extreme affinity for betting and gambling. As such, a phenomenal volume of bets are passed through its unhallowed halls every day, with thousands of pounds changing hands per minute based on a huge, incredible and incomprehensible list of transactions, bets, odds and events. People can bet on the most bizarre of things, like a football game, a dog race, a Formula One Race, the odds of an event occurring during the sporting event, the odds of some other contest coming out with a certain result, the odds of a certain event happening at any point – anything with an element of chance, and with a likelihood of occurring that is low enough to ensure that the law of averages favours the house, ultimately. So if you are a betting man, or a betting lady (it’s 2017) you may need to call William Hill for any of the reasons listed above. The list noted in bullet form above this one is not by any means exhaustive, however. Your reasons for calling may not include those listed, but if you discover an unlisted reason to call, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the William Hill Head Office staff about it. You can do so by calling the number listed on this page.

William Hill Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 5247

William Hill Online – 0843 557 5247

William Hill is, as noted above, a particularly popular way to gamble your money on events that are largely predilected by chance on the part of the normal observer. Based in the UK, the traditional home of the high-street betting shop and the inventors of gambling on the football, William Hill will happily take your bets on subjects like horseracing, golf, snooker or pool, darts, tennis matches, particularly in tournaments like Wimblydone, alongside football, rugby, snooker, darts, greyhound racing, sportsball, boxing, MMA and skiing.

However, it’s not just sports – anything with an element of chance is fine for a William Hill bet, so you could take odds and place a bet on the winner of the X Factor, or of Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent, or any other of a long list of things that are competitions whose outcome is not predetermined. For example, if you were so inclined, you could bet your life’s savings on an episode of The Bachelor, or ironically wager your house on the outcome of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You can also take bets on special occurrences, like Brexit or the ascendancy of Donald Trump to the highest democratic office in the world.

There’s even plenty of non-external gambling based fun you can have at William Hill, like playing the slots, playing bingo, playing live casino games, and trying your luck with scratch cards. You can even go online to the William Hill online casino, one of which is styled after a Las Vega Casino and the other of which just looks like a normal William Hill, but in both, you can play against a real human dealer, and not just a cold, unfeeling computer algorithm designed to fleece you.

In the event that you need to get in touch with William Hill about their websites, their betting system or the bets placed therein, you can do so by calling the William Hill contact number at the top of this page, which will connect you directly to the William Hill head office staff, all of whom are connected to the William Hill database like the crew of the Nebuchadnezzer into the Matrix – from there, they can resolve any issues you may be having, or transfer you to a higher authority who will take over for you.

Calling the William Hill Head Office Concerning Betting – 0843 320 9725

In the event that you do decide to bet on an event, you may need to call the William Hill Head Office contact line on the number listed above. You may be calling in relation to the odds you were given for an event, in relation to the payout provided, or lack thereof, or for literally any other reason. Once you’ve called the number, you’ll be put through to the William Hill head office contact centre, which is crewed with full-time staff who are trained for these exact scenarios. With years of experience, these teams are also able to access the William Hill database, as they have a screen in front of them which can call up any relevant information at the snap fo their fingers (not literally, yet, that technology is still some way away, although make no mistake, research and development departments all over Silicon Valley and also in the William Hill headquarters are working on it).

In the event that you need to open an investigative case, you may need to leave your details behind, so the team can contact you with further information and possible recriminations.

William Hill Online Bingo – 0843 320 9726

William Hill runs a very successful and exceptionally catchy online bingo website and service which allows players anywhere in the world to play for jackpots that reach up to the thousands! Players who are new to the site will be able to enjoy a limited-time new-player bonus, giving them free plays, essentially, and can play in the “kids pool” new player rooms, as well as special themed games and other online casino games! With a moderated chat service and several kinds of bingo, including 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball versions of the game that are dominant from the UK through Europe and into the USA, and with themed bingo like the Deal or No Deal Bingo Rooms and the Party Popper Room, you’ll never run out of fun to have online with the William Hill bingo site!

If you need to call William Hill about their online bingo site, whether to report something that occurred there or to make a complaint or enquiry, you can do so by calling the William Hill head office contact number at the top of this page.

About William Hill – 0843 557 5247

When William Hill was founded, the year was 1934, and Britain was resting uneasily in the tense interbellum period before the rise of Nazi Germany and the fires of war overtaking the world once more as the Axis Powers made their grasp for total domination. In this uncertain Britain, gambling of any kind was illegal, but the law has never stopped an enterprising entrepreneur, and so it proved for young William Hill,

Back in 1934, gambling was actually illegal in Britain, but William Hill founded his bookmaker company regardless. Throughout the 1990s, several attempts were made to float William Hill on the London Stock Exchange but were regularly abandoned due to a lack of interest- it was eventually listed in 2002.

Today, William Hill operates around the world. It employs over 16,000 people. The main company offices can be found in England, Gibraltar and the Republic of Ireland. There are 2300 William Hill shops.

In 2012, William Hill entered into the US market by buying three chains of Nevada bookmakers. A year later, it did the same thing in Australia, rebranding the company as William Hill Australia. Earlier this year, William Hill was forced to pull out of Canada due to a change in the country’s new betting regulations- it was active in British Columbia.

For more information about William Hill products and services or to make a complaint about William Hill, call the complaints number on this page.