0843 320 9549

You can call 0843 320 9549 to be put through to the Wilko head office. Here you can discuss products in store or voice a problem you experienced with the service from Wilko.

Wilko Contact Numbers

Wilko Number
Head Office 0843 320 9549
Customer Service 0843 320 9549
Complaints 0844 208 5059
HR 0844 208 5060
Recruitment 0844 208 5081

Head Office

You will find the Wilko head office in Worksop and you can contact them directly by calling 0843 320 9549. The head office houses a number of different departments and so to ensure you are connected to the right team, you will be put through to an automated menu where you can press 1) for anything relating to a Wilko product, 2) to query a Wilko voucher or store card, 3) to enquire about Wilko delivery and 4) for the Wilko store locator which will tell you where your nearest Wilko is situated, once you have stated your location.

Customer Service

To be connected directly with the customer service team at your local Wilko, please call  0843 320 9549, Initially, you will be put through to a switchboard where the operator will request that you state your location. You will then be quickly connected to your local Wilko where you can speak with customer service. You will have the opportunity to speak about anything, like your unhappiness with the service in your local Wilko store. Enquire if your local Wilko stocks a product you have seen online or ask if Wilko has a lost property department.


Wilko aims to provide a high quality and professional service to its customers, so if you have any complaints then they would be keen to hear how they can improve. The number 0844 208 5059 will connect you to the Wilko complaints department where you can speak with a professional about your query. Often, the complaint will be solved over the phone on the same day (please give your full name and explain the details of your complaint). However, if it is a complex issue and needs to be escalated then the complaints handler will explain what will happen in the next stages of solving your complaint. If your complaint is taken further, you will more than likely need to wait for a return call – please ensure you have provided the correct contact details and are available at the time you state.


As a member of the Wilko team, there might be a time where you need to speak with the HR department. The process is simple. After you dial 0844 208 5060, an automated menu will ask you to press 1) for payroll, 2) for absences/sick leave, 3) for holiday requirements 4) for tax codes and 5) to confidently discuss any issues you might be having with your roll. You can also press 5 to discuss any promotion opportunities if you wish to continue your career at Wilko.


If you are not yet a member of the Wilko team but wish to become one, you can call 0844 208 5081 to find out about any current opportunities at Wilko as well as discuss the application and interview processes with an expert.

Other Ways to Contact Wilko

If you don’t wish to contact Wilko over the phone, you can fill out an online contact form.