Wetherspoons Connection Numbers:

Wetherspoons Number
Head Office 0844 826 8002
Customer Service 0844 248 1488
Complaints 0844 248 1489
Pubs 0844 248 1503
Hotels 0844 248 1504
Menu 0844 248 1586
Locations 0843 816 6129

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Wetherspoons departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Wetherspoons Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9-5.30pm weekdays

Wetherspoons Head Office Address

Department Address
JD Wetherspoon Plc Watford
WD24 4QU

Weatherspoons Steak Night
Is Wetherspoons dog-friendly?
When do Wetherspoons stop serving food?
Working for Wetherspoons
Gluten free food at Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons Head Office –0844 826 8002

The Wetherspoons head office can be found in Watford, Hertfordshire. At this head office, multiple departments operate including finance, franchising, marketing and product development. It is the home of the Wetherspoons menu creators – the people behind the extensive gourmet burger selection, and the controversial axing of the roast dinner. If you need to make a complaint to the head office in writing, you can do so by using the address in the table above.

Wetherspoons Customer Service – 0844 248 1488

If you’re struggling to find your local Wetherspoons club or you have a question about the menu, you can contact Wetherspoons customer service. The simplest way to contact the customer service team is to call the number above, but you can also use social media and email to contact them. You can use the online contact form to give feedback or to ask a question which hasn’t already been answered in the FAQs.

Wetherspoons Complaints – 0844 248 1489

If you were unsatisfied with a meal at a Wetherspoons pub, or the toilets weren’t up to standard, or a member of staff was rude to you, you can make a complaint by calling the number above. The team will record your complaint and contact you with a resolution. In most cases, you can make your complaint to the manager of the restaurant where you were served and they will be able to provide you with a full refund if that is the resolution that you require.

Wetherspoons Pub – 0844 248 1503

Wetherspoons is a pub chain which sells a wide range of food and drink. Wetherspoons pubs are famous for their low prices and friendly atmosphere. Wetherspoons pubs don’t play music throughout the day and only a handful play music at night. The pubs are also well known for having a wide selection of craft beer and real ale. Wetherspoons pubs often have ‘festivals’ such as a beer or cider festival, where different drinks that are not usually available are promoted and sold.

Wetherspoons Hotel – 0844 248 1504

Wetherspoons has over 40 hotels across the UK which are attached to or are close to a Wetherspoons pub. The hotels also have great facilities such as free wifi, 24-hour reception, Freeview TV and complimentary tea and coffee. Some of the hotels have even won awards for their service. On a Sunday, you can stay in a Wetherspoons hotel from as little as £39.

Wetherspoons Menu – 0844 248 1586

Wetherspoons has a broad menu with everything from burgers to burritos, steaks to soups. The menu does vary by the pub, so you can find the pub’s specific menu by visiting the Wetherspoons website. However, you can expect to see dishes such as a chicken and avocado wrap, nachos, superfood pasta, sausage mash and peas, mac and cheese, chicken and rib combo, classic hot dog, Texan burger, onion rings, chips and much more. You’ll also find a children’s menu and dessert menu with classic desserts such as sticky toffee pudding, carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, and ice cream.

There are also ‘clubs’ on certain days of the week. On Monday, it’s Mexican Monday so you can enjoy burritos and quesadillas. There’s also a steak club, chicken club and curry club before the week is rounded off with Fish Friday.

Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu

Wetherspoons serves breakfast until 12pm. You’ll find everything you could want for breakfast, from simply toast with Nutella to eggs royale, or porridge to a full English breakfast. If you want something quick yet filling, you can get a smoked salmon bagel. If you’re not overly hungry, order fresh fruit or Greek yoghurt with honey.

Wetherspoons Drinks Menu

Whether you are a craft beer connoisseur or love a cocktail on a Friday night, Wetherspoons has a very diverse drinks menu so you are sure to find something that you like. Choose from a tall glass of Pimms in the summer, cooling iced coffee, refreshing raspberry Mojito, Thatchers cider, Belvedere vodka, Tanqueray gin or Lavazza coffee.

Wetherspoons Sunday Club

Wetherspoons had a very popular ‘Sunday Club’ where you could get a roast dinner and a drink for an affordable price. However, the roast dinner was actually axed earlier in 2016 to much outrage from the public. It has now been replaced by the Sunday Brunch- bacon, eggs, sausages, beans and chips. The all day brunch is available on the standard menu but if you get it on a Sunday, a drink is included in the price.

Wetherspoons Christmas Menu

If you don’t feel like cooking the big meal, you can always celebrate Christmas at Wetherspoons. The Christmas menu usually becomes available to view around mid-September each year. You can expect to see the likes of soup or paté for starters, followed by roast turkey with all the trimmings, or a vegetarian alternative. For dessert, you can opt for traditional Christmas pudding or an indulgent cheesecake.

Wetherspoons Locations – 0843 816 6129

If you are unsure of the closest Wetherspoons to you, you can use the website to find it. You can search by location, postcode or pub name. You’ll then be able to see the full address of the pub, the contact phone number, facilities, about the area’s history and a full food and drink menu.

Popular questions about Wetherspoons

When is Wetherspoons steak night?

Wetherspoons steak club is available on a Tuesday, where you can choose from a range of delicious steaks and a drink is included in the price.

Are Wetherspoons dog-friendly?

Unfortunately, only assistance dogs are welcome in Wetherspoons. This includes the outdoor seating.

When do Wetherspoons serve food until?

The majority of Wetherspoons pubs serve food until 11pm.

Why work for Wetherspoons?

Wetherspoons is renowned as being a good employer for students due to flexible working hours. You can get an overview of what Wetherspoons is like to work for by looking at employee reviews online. For instance, on the review site Glassdoor, Wetherspoons has a rating of 3.3 stars out of 5. Comments from employees include: “in-house training at Wetherspoons is unrivalled”, “sometimes unpredictable hours”, “students can transfer between pubs”, and “50% off food when working and 10% when not working”.

Are Wetherspoons sausages gluten free?

Sadly, Wetherspoons sausages are not gluten free. However, the chain does have a large gluten free menu. For example, you can enjoy a curry from the curry club, just make sure to ask for extra poppadoms instead of naan bread, or a juicy steak- just ask for a baked potato instead of the chips which are not gluten free.

About Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons was created by Tim Martin, who opened his first pub in London in 1979. He decided to name the pub Wetherspoon’s after a former teacher from back home in New Zealand who couldn’t control the class, much like he was unable to control the pub. Wetherspoons is famous for taking over old buildings that would have otherwise been demolished and bringing them a new lease of life.

In 2013, the Wetherspoons chain opened its 900th pub. The pubs have become easily identifiable from their unique carpets, which are created specifically for Wetherspoons costing up to £30,000.

For more information about Wetherspoon’s locations, products or services, call the Wetherspoons head office contact number on this page.