0843 557 4797

Call 0843 557 4797 to get in touch with the head office of Waitrose. Here, you can discuss things such as products that are stocked by Waitrose and also voice any queries that you might have with the brand.

Waitrose Contact Numbers:

Department Number
Waitrose Head Office Contact 0843 557 4797
Waitrose Online 0844 248 2597
Waitrose Customer Services 0844 248 2598
Waitrose Garden 0844 248 2599
Waitrose Jobs 0844 248 2604

Head Office

To contact the Waitrose head office, simply call 0843 557 4797 and press the relevant number, depending on your reason for calling. The call menu will ask you to press 1) for complaints and queries, 2) for product information (for example, a product you regularly buy might have been discontinued) 3) for brands stocked at Waitrose and 4) to locate your local Waitrose store or cafe.

Waitrose Online

Shopping online at Waitrose is quick and easy but if you need to get in touch with the online team simply call 0844 248 2597. To ensure you are connected with the relevant operator, you will be put through to a switchboard where you can press 1) to make an order, 2) to track a current delivery, 3) to change a delivery address or time. Press 5) if you have a complaint to make about the Waitrose delivery service and someone will try and resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Waitrose Customer Services

Dial 0844 248 2598 to be put through to a member of the Waitrose customer service team. When you dial, you will be asked to state which area you are calling from so you can be put through to the customer service department of that store. You can then discuss any issues or queries you have had, whether its something you have seen online, a complaint about a product or an event that happened in store.

Waitrose HR

Please contact Waitrose Human Resources department by using 0844 248 2599. The department deals with a number of different issues and requests and is extremely keen to ensure that all Waitrose members of staff are dealt with fairly. The number will ask you to press 1) to discuss your role as a Waitrose team member, 2) for tax codes and national insurance 3) to discuss your salary and 4) to make a complaint about management.

Waitrose Jobs

By calling 0844 248 2604 you can find out what opportunities are available at your local Waitrose supermarket, within the Waitrose marketing team or in the Waitrose head office. You can press 1) to find out current vacancies, 2) to track a recent application (please state your application number) or 3) to speak with someone to discuss the requirements for a specific position. If you find there are no positions currently available in your area, please apply again as new opportunities become available regularly. Pressing 3) will connect you with a careers where you can also find out a bit more about what it is like to work at Waitrose and what the different roles entail, before you go ahead and apply. Please make sure that you are clear about what role you want to go for if you do call for advice.

Other ways to contact Waitrose

You can ask Waitrose a question by visiting their help and support page 

Or, you can write to them using their email address