• Business Name: Waitrose
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 4797
  • Opening Times: 8am-9pm
  • Head Office Address: Doncastle Road, BRACKNELL, RG12 8YA
  • Website: http://www.waitrose.com/


Waitrose Head Office

Waitrose Connection Numbers:

Department Number
Waitrose Head Office Contact 0843 557 4797
Waitrose Online 0844 248 2597
Waitrose Customer Services 0844 248 2598
Waitrose Garden 0844 248 2599
Waitrose Jobs 0844 248 2604
Returns 0844 248 2605

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Waitrose departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Waitrose Head Office – 0843 557 4797

Waitrose is a chain of supermarkets based in the UK with its head office based in Berkshire, England. With 544 stores in the UK including a further 30 express stores named ‘little Waitrose’, Waitrose is in fact the sixth largest supermarket retailer in the UK. Although denied by management that Waitrose has an upmarket reputation as they show little difference in price from the likes of major retailers Tesco and Sainsbury’s, Waitrose do have a royal warrant to provide their groceries and beverages to the royal family as of 2011. Established in 1904, it wasn’t until 1960 that the supermarket was actually re-branded as Waitrose, with their newest store erected in 2015.

Waitrose Online – 0844 248 2598

Waitrose Delivery Van
Waitrose Online Delivery

Ordering groceries online has definitely become more and more popular over the years, with some major supermarkets delivering on the same day you ordered, it really is a convenient and hassle-free way to receive your shopping, particularly if you are pushed for time, or lead a busy life. By entering your postcode into the website, you can see if Waitrose delivery is available in your area, and if it is, you can begin shopping on the website, choosing your regular items or even going for something you’ve never tried before. The groceries are organised into different categories including ‘Fresh & Chilled’, ‘World Foods’ and ‘Bakery’ as well as many other options. When you have chosen an item, you can click on it to view all of the nutritional information including fats, saturates, sugars and salts as well as any reviews that previous consumers have left about the product, meaning you can be sure to pick the best of the bunch. Full description of the product and cooking instructions are also provided. If a product is on offer, it will say so in a red circle at the top of the image. Once you have selected your shopping (all of your items can be seen to be listed in the trolley on the right hand side) you can head to the checkout and pay for your order. You will be asked to choose your delivery slot and your order will be delivered within two hours of this chosen slot. Delivery is free if you have exceeded the minimum spend. If you want to track your delivery or would like to change something you have ordered, then don’t hesitate to call the contact number. Similarly, if you have received an item that you are not happy with, or if something is damaged, broken or missing from your delivery, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Waitrose Customer Services – 0844 248 2598

Waitrose customer services are a crucial part of the Waitrose experience, making sure that everything goes smoothly from beginning to end. It is especially useful when discussing pet care, as described below.

Waitrose have a great range of affordable pet food and other pet care items including fish bowls and accessories, flea control, dog and cat bedding and furniture and bird cages. If you order your pet food from Waitrose you have the option to put it on a repeated delivery service, which means you don’t have to remember to re-order your pet’s food every time, and you can trust that it will arrive att he same time every month, meaning one less weight off your mind. The Waitrose pet delivery service is free when over £30 is spent. You can search for the right type of food as well as the stage that your dog is in, by using the food finer online. However if you cannot find a specific brand or type you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the Waitrose Head office contact number where you will be connected to an adviser that can help you with any issues or questions.

Waitrose Garden – 0844 248 2598

Waitrose also offer an extensive range of garden furniture and accessories including plants and flowers to transform your garden. If you spend over £50 you can receive free delivery and for £6.95 you can also name a day for your garden things to be delivered, or opt for next day delivery. Waitrose also sell a range of barbecues, from small, quick and easy ones, to top of the range burger-cookers. ordering anything from the Waitrose garden range is quick and easy when done online, but if you would like to speak to someone over the phone then please call the contact number. By calling the number you can arrange to have someone help you assemble garden furniture if, for example, you are getting a shed delivered. Offers on Waitrose garden include discounts on packs of six or more flower bulbs and reduced garden furniture depending on the season. Similar to the food finder on the Waitrose pet page, Waitrose garden has a plant finder. Please call if you cannot find a specific plant you are looking for.

Waitrose Jobs – 0844 248 2604

If you would like to join the Waitrose team you can find any vacancies listed on their website, or by ringing the head office where you will be informed of any vacancies in your area.

Waitrose Returns – 0844 248 2605

If you need to make a return to Waitrose, don’t hesitate to call the number listed above, which will allow you to quickly and easily return faulty, defective or unsuited items to Waitrose – provided you have a receipt, of course.

Frequently asked questions about Waitrose:

“Why is Waitrose different?”

Waitrose Supermarket Fruit and Veg
Waitrose Supermarket

The Waitrose way is the ethos behind the company Waitrose and they try to make sure they stand out as a supermarket that uses fresh British produce that is responsibly sourced. Their ‘Living Well’ outlook means that they are constantly finding delicious healthy recipes for everyone to enjoy and guiding people to make healthier choices with their shopping. They ‘Champion British’ meaning they work closely with British farmers to receive great quality, British produce. They also ‘Tread Lightly’ by reducing packaging which in turn eliminates waste. Waitrose’s ultimate aim is to have the easiness of a convenient store combined with the expertise of a specialist food shop. If you would like to know anything about where your purchased product has come from, please call the head office contact number.

“Where can I find Waitrose recipes?”

Waitrose have a range of recipes on their website that are updated regularly with their ‘recipe of the week’ they are healthy, delicious meals made with easily identified Waitrose ingredients and provide great inspiration when dinner times become a bit of boring chore! There are also some great dessert idea in there too for when you’re feeling a bit naughty.