0844 257 5846

You can get in touch with the Wagamama’s head office contact number on 0844 257 5846. The Wagamama head office can be found in London.

Wagamama Head Office Numbers:

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 257 5846 Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Careers & HR 0844 257 5847  Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Events 0844 257 5848  Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Investors 0844 257 5849 Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
 Press 0844 257 5850   Monday- Friday 9am-6pm
Complaints  0844 257 5851  Monday- Friday 9am-6pm

Wagamama Head Office Contact Number

If you would like to speak to a member of the Wagamama head office team you can call 0844 257 5846. The head office team can help you find the correct department within the head office to talk to, just explain why it is you’re calling and they should be able to either answer your query, solve your problem or send your call to someone who can. If you already know who you need to talk to such as if you know the name of the employee or the department you would like to be transferred to and the member of the head office staff will do that for you.

Wagamama Careers and HR

If you would like to work for Wagamama, you have seen a job advertised online and would like to know more, you have already applied and would like an update of the progress of your application or you currently work at Wagamama and you need to speak to HR regarding something that happened at work or about working hours or pay then you can call the Careers and HR department on 0844 257 5847.

Wagamama Events

If you would like to know more about the Wagamama events or you would like to organise an event with Wagamama at one of their restaurants you can call 0844 257 5848. You will be able to inquire about any events you have seen online and inquire if you can buy tickets for this event and also fully organise an event with a member of Wagamama head office staff.

Wagamama Investors

If you are interested in becoming a Wagamama investor you can call the Investment Department on 0844 257 5849. You can also call this line if you already are an investor for Wagamama and you have some inquiries or you would like to get an update with how the company is doing etc.

Wagamama Press

If you are a member of the press and you would like to know more about the company for an article or piece you’re writing you can call 0844 257 5850. You can also call this number to discuss a press release, their copyright policies or to get a quote from the company.

Wagamama Complaints

If you have experienced something at Wagamama’s that you feel you need to file a complaint about you can do so by calling 0844 257 5851. You can file a formal complaint by calling the number just explain what happened, when and what restaurant it happened in. You can also call the number to check if there are any updates on a complaint you have recently filed.