0843 320 9658

Call 0843 320 9658 to speak to the Vodafone head office about devices, tariffs and Vodafone broadband.

Vodafone Contact Numbers

Department Number
Vodafone Head Office Contact 0843 320 9658
Vodafone Customer Service 0843 557 3762
Vodafone Complaints Line 0843 557 3760
Vodafone Recruitment  0843 557 4961
Payroll  0844 826 0198
Support  0844 826 8007

Head Office

Calling 0843 320 9658 will put you straight through to the Vodafone head office. Here, you can discuss things such as what models Vodafone currently have in stock, what deals you can get on the iPhone and also talk about changing or updating your current tariff to something more suited to you. When you dial the number, you will be speaking directly with a member of the Vodafone team who you can discuss any enquiries or issues that you might have with.

Customer Service

Contacting Vodafone customer service is simple and when you dial 0843 557 3762 you will be put through to an automated switchboard, which will make it easier to contact the relevant department. To speak with the right operator, press 1) for Network and signalling issues, 2) to locate your nearest Vodafone store, 3) for problems with your device and 4) to change or upgrade your current tariff.

Complaints Line

If you have a complaint to make to Vodafone, simply call 0843 557 3760 and press 1) to complain about a service you received in store, 2) to complain about your device and 3) to dispute a bill or payment. The Vodafone complaints department aim to have your complaint looked into as soon as possible. Please make sure you give all of the details of your complaint as well as your name and address.

Vodafone Recruitment

If you are interested in beginning a career at Vodafone, please call 0843 557 4961. When you call the number, you will be put straight through to an automated switchboard, simply because there are a number of different positions and job roles that Vodafone offer and it is important that you are directed to the right place. Press 1) for positions on the Vodafone shop floor 2) for positions in the Vodafone head office 3) for positions in the Vodafone marketing team and 4) for roles working in the Vodafone warehouses. When you are connected to the correct department, you can expect an informal chat where you will be asked about your location, job history and qualifications/experience.


If you are already working at Vodafone but have an issue or question about your pay then contact the payroll department on 0844 826 0198. Speak securely with a member of the pay department and also state your full name and job role so that your salary, national insurance number and pay slips can be looked into quickly.


When you call 0844 826 8007 you will be connected to the Vodafone technical support hub. You can either press 1) to discuss a technical issue over the phone with an operator or press 2) to make an appointment to visit a technician in your local Vodafone store. You can walk into a Vodafone store and request to be seen but if you have an appointment you can be seen at a time that suits you, with no waiting around.

Other ways to contact Vodafone

You can also contact Vodafone using their online chat service  or giving them a message on Twitter; @vodafoneUK .