Virgin Mobile

  • Business Name: Virgin Mobile
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 3865
  • Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm
  • Head Office Address: Battleship Building 179 Harrow Road London, W2 6NB England
  • Website:

virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile Connection Numbers

Virgin Mobile Number
Virgin Mobile Head Office 0843 557 3865
Virgin Mobile Customer Services 0843 557 4575
Virgin Mobile Complaints 0843 557 4582
Virgin Mobile Upgrading 0843 557 3761
Virgin Mobile SIM Helpline 0844 826 0291
Virgin Mobile Broadband 0872 494 1006

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Virgin Mobile departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Virgin Mobile is a company owned by Virgin. It’s a mobile phone service provider in the UK as well as other countries.

Virgin Mobile Head Office – 0843 557 3865

The Virgin Mobile head office isn’t – as the name suggests – a building shaped like Richard Branson’s head. It is, instead, a high-tech building housing all of the Virgin Mobile operations for the UK, meaning that a call to the Virgin Mobile head office is a call to the most focused, connected hub of conversation in the Virgin Mobile world. If you need to contact the foremost specialists in the company to help you resolve a particularly Gordian problem, answer a complex question or make a call that has no right answer, then the Virgin Mobile head office contact line is for you – with the ability to connect you immediately to whatever specialist you need, whether it is legal, connective, troubleshooting, technical, communicative, marketing, hydration or customer service. Once you’re connected to the Virgin Mobile head office, the experts on the other end of the line will be more than happy to help you evaluate your reason for calling, making sure you are connected to the correct department for your problem and ensuring you can speak to the most relevant expert in the fields you require.

Virgin Mobile Customer Services – 0843 557 4575

The customer service department at Virgin Mobile are professionals, with years of experience in their field. You can call them whenever you need to resolve a problem or answer a question, and they will be able to ensure you get the closure you need, either due to their own capabilities, their connections to the impressive Virgin Mobile customer service database, which can feed them information at a rate more powerful than the human eye can fully comprehend, or the use of the built-in telephone systems to contact other, more specialist subsections of the head office the way that an overwhelmed infantry unit can call airstrikes, artillery, reinforcements or extraction to help them deal with whatever situation they find themselves in. In a similar manner, the Virgin Mobile customer service teams are able to work with their more expert, but less adaptable and more high-maintenance team members in the legal team, subscriptions management department, executive wing, lobby, marketing team, think tank, organisation, IT team, comms team, brain trust and other branches of the Virgin brand to get themselves into the perfect customer-helping situation. With the ability to call down the finest minds in the entirety of the Virgin multinational any time a problem rears its ugly head, there isn’t much they can’t deal with, and even less that they don’t know. With Virgin Mobile customer service, you’re more likely than ever before to call up and get the answer you’re looking for.

Virgin Mobile Complaints – 0843 557 4582

If you need to make a complaint about Virgin Media, you can do so in style and comfort by calling the number above. It couldn’t be simpler – just get a hold of the digital identification code listed there, floating serenely like a little blue raincloud made of numbers, as it sits above the text of this passage. You can capture the number by clicking on it if you are viewing this page on a smartphone, but in the event that you aren’t you may need to take additional measures such as typing the number into a telephone or writing it on a piece of paper and then typing it into a telephone. Either way, you should end up with a telephone, upon which sits the number listed above – from there, you simply need to activate the “call” or “dial” function, connecting you directly via the magic of human communications technology to the world of Virgin Mobile Complaints. They are not savages; they will be happy to help you process your complaint quickly and efficiently, regardless of the nature or context of the complaint. No comment will be passed on whether your problems are superficial or whether you are completely overreacting – they will simply work through your complaint with you in a sympathetic manner, making sure you can be appropriately consoled and taking the details needed to correctly process the complaint in doing so.

The leaving of details carries more than symbolic weight too, since it allows the Virgin Mobile complaints department to get in touch following the development of your complaint, to keep you in the loop, discover further pertinent information, develop the complaint further, or, in some cases, provide you with the compensation which you are owed upon completion of the investigation and subsequent review. If you don’t want to complain, but you do have a grievance, you can raise it with customer services instead, found above – but please note, the act of complaining is an act of improvement for the company and for the conditions of future customers, who depend on complaints as a sort of negative feedback, stimulating change in the company and ensuring that the future is brighter than the present for all involved. Simply know that when you choose not to complain using the Virgin Mobile complaints helpline, you are choosing to eclipse this future by making sure that a problem remains undiscovered, a potential for positive change untapped, a bud nipped too soon or not soon enough.


Virgin Mobile Upgrading – 0843 557 3761

If you’re already with Virgin Mobile and are looking to upgrade your device, you can ring the number above or head over to the Virgin Mobile site.
Virgin Mobile boasts a 99% network coverage rate throughout the UK and Ireland. You can upgrade your phone by selecting a new phone and a new tariff which you will pay each month. Once you have done this, log into your Virgin Mobile account and check out. Virgin will do the rest for you and talk you through how to either return your old phone or how to destroy it safely. You’re eligible for an upgrade if you’re within one month of your contract renewal. If you’re on a freestyle contract with Virgin Mobile, you can upgrade at any time. All you have to do is pay the remaining balance on your contract and you can choose your new phone and tariff. If you’re a pay as you go, customer, you can also transfer your number to a monthly contract phone. For more information on how to do this, ring the number above.

Virgin Mobile SIM only – 0844 826 0291

If you want to keep your phone, but want a new number and SIM card on contract, Virgin Mobile can offer this service to you. If you choose to have a SIM only contract with Virgin Mobile, you have a choice of standard or micro SIM cards which will fit your phone. You can also change your tariff each month to fit your spending patterns, some months you may need to contact more people – if so, you can increase your tariff. If you choose this service, you can also cancel your contract with 30 days notice, so you’re not bound to a certain phone for two years. You can also keep your current mobile number.
If you go over your monthly allowance, you shouldn’t be charged as you will be on a capped contract. You will also be texted before you go over any limit to warn you about your limit.
Virgin work with EE to deliver the best network coverage to its customers.

Virgin Mobile Broadband – 0843 557 4582

virgin mobile broadband
virgin mobile broadband

With Virgin mobile broadband, you don’t have to worry about finding wifi hotspots or spending mobile data. All you need to do is buy the Virgin Mobile wireless device, which can allow up to 10 devices to be connected to it at one time. You can take this anywhere, to a house party, a cafe, or to the park. There are no limits for Virgin Mobile Broadband, and the company believes that you shouldn’t be limited either. The device is about the size of a credit card, and can easily fit in your pocket for optimum portability. It also has around 100 hours of battery life and is lighter than most mobile phones. You can get this device for upwards of £5 a month. For more information on the wireless device, ring the number above or head over to the Virgin Mobile website.


How good is the Virgin Mobile network?
How can I unlock a Virgin Mobile phone?
Which network does Virgin Mobile use?
Are Virgin Mobile phones unlocked?
Who delivers Virgin Mobile phones?

How good is the Virgin Mobile network?

Before 2010, Virgin Mobile used its own network service. Since 2010, Virgin Mobile have merged with T-Mobile and Orange to form EE. EE use masts from all previous companies to form a network coverage that includes 99.9% of the UK. Reviews of the service online are on par with o2 and Three.

How can I unlock a Virgin Mobile phone?

You can unlock many phones in the same way, and Virgin Mobile phones are no different. You can find many guides on the internet regarding the unlocking of mobiles phones. For more information on your phone and whether it is unlocked, ring the number above to be put in touch with a member of the customer service team at Virgin Mobile.

Which network does Virgin Mobile use?

Virgin Mobile use the combined networks of T-Mobile and Orange, all three of which formed EE in 2010. Their masts combined cover roughly 99% of the UK in terms of network coverage.

Are Virgin Mobile phones unlocked?

No, Virgin Mobile phones are locked to EE and Virgin Mobile SIM cards.

Who delivers Virgin Mobile phones?

Virgin Mobile use Yodel as a courier service and you can track your order on their website.

About Virgin Mobile

virgin mobile store
virgin mobile store

Virgin Mobile was launched by the Virgin Group in 1999 and has since opened in 8 countries around the world. Virgin Mobile Australia was one of the first of these countries to open a Virgin Mobile service. Other countries include Canada, Poland, France, the UK, South Africa, the US and Latin America.Virgin Mobiles also opened ventures in Qatar, Singapore, and India, however, they have since closed.
The Virgin Group have a range of services available to the public and is owned by Richard Branson. Below is a list of some of the things Virgin own and run:

  • Vi Festival
  • Virgin Active
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin America
  • Virgin Cruises
  • Virgin Books
  • Virgin Megastores
  • Virgin Money
  • Virgin Rail Group

The group also run a number of other operations. Richard Branson, the owner of the group, is worth $5 billion.