Virgin Media

Virgin Media Contact Numbers

Virgin Media Number
Virgin Media Head Office 0844 826 8355
Virgin Media Complaints 0843 557 3865
Virgin Media Customer services 0844 826 0291
Virgin Media Broadband Helpline 0843 557 4575
Virgin Media Careers 0843 557 4582

Head Office

You can contact the Virgin Media head office by calling 0844 826 8355. When you make this phone call you will be put through to an expert at the Virgin Media team. You will be asked to state your name and address so that your account can be brought up and looked into and you may also have to answer a few security questions. You can call the head office to query things such as payment details, the address registered to your account and parental controls.


Call 0843 557 3865 to make a complaint directly to Virgin Media. When you call the number, again you will be put through to an operator at the Virgin Media team who will be trained in dealing with your complaints. The operator will ask you the details of your complaint as well as your personal details so that the complaint can be resolved as soon as possible. If your complaint needs to be escalated to a different department the operator will explain how their complaints system works as well as last you know how long you can expect to wait for a call back. Please dial the above number again if you have waited longer than 5 working days for a return phone call.

Customer Services

The customer services line at Virgin Media is an automated menu system. When calling  0844 826 0291 you will be given number of options – you must press the number relating to your reason for calling so that you can speak with the relevant operator. The system will ask you to press 1) for setting up your new Virgin Media package, 2) for upgrades, 3) for network queries and 4) if you are not already a customer of Virgin Media but would like to set up a new account. If you need to discuss anything else then please press 5.

Broadband Helpline

Virgin Media aims to provide top class service to all of its customers, but sometimes there may be a signalling issue in your area or your broadband might be working slower than it should be. If you are experiencing signalling issues or are a new customer and can’t get your broadband to work properly then you can call the broadband helpline directly on 0843 557 4575. The operator on the phone will ask you to state your full name, address and account number so please make sure that you have this information to hand before you dial. Once the operator has gained access to your account they can begin to look into the issue.


When you call the Virgin Media careers number on 0843 557 4582 you can find out what vacancies and opportunities are available with Virgin Media in your area. You can press 1) to discover current vacancies 2) to chase up a current application or 3) for what to expect at a Virgin Media interview. If you press 4) you can speak with an adviser who can help you with any issues you might have whilst filling out a Virgin Media application form.

Other ways to contact Virgin Media

Virgin Media are regularly active on Twitter, you can send them a message here.

Alternatively, send an email to Virgin Media.