Virgin Media

  • Business Name: Virgin Media
  • Head Office Number: 0844 826 8355
  • Opening Times: 8am – 12 midnight, every day of the week
  • Head Office Address: Virgin Media Head Office
    Communications House
    Bartley Wood Business Park
    Bartley Way
    RG27 9UP
  • Website:

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Connection Numbers

Virgin Media Number
Virgin Media Head Office 0844 826 8355
Virgin Media Complaints 0843 557 3865
Virgin Media Customer services 0844 826 0291
Virgin Media Broadband Helpline 0843 557 4575
Virgin Media Careers Line 0843 557 4582
Virgin Media Helpline 0872 494 1006

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Virgin Media departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Virgin Media Head Office – 0844 826 8355

The Virgin Media head office is not, as many would have you believe, Richard Branson’s house. It is actually much more than that – it is an office in Hook, on Bartley Way, which is much more practical than Richard Branson’s house would have been, if a little less personal. The head office of Virgin Media is not to be confused with the head office of Virgin, the head office of Virgin Money,  Virgin Care, Virgin Trains, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Airlines, or the Virgin Islands – it’s its own thing, making its own way in the world and living its dreams independent of what the other Virgins say. This is partially to create a great sense of identity and partially to ensure that cross-contamination doesn’t occur, so that each aspect of the greater whole can form its own mastery without the risk of becoming a jack of all trades.

However, that isn’t to say that the Virgin Media head office can’t help you unless you only have a specific problem – that would be ridiculous! Instead, what it can do is help you with whatever problem you’re having so long as that problem relates to Virgin Media. If you call because your local NHS services are being bought over by Virgin Care, or because your Virgin Trains train hasn’t turned up, we regret to inform you that the Virgin Media head office contact number cannot help you. However, if you are calling to discuss your Virgin Media subscription, your package deal with Virgin Media, your assortment of grievances concerning your Virgin Media experience, or any other reason at all under the sun, so long as they all involve the one key company – in that case, they are all ears.

The Virgin Media head office is staffed from 8am – 12 midnight, every day of the week, by staff who are experts in what they do – and what they do is solve your problems. This dedicated customer service team has what it takes to help you through the toughest mud, pulling you out of whatever situation you’re in and making sure that your time as a customer of Virgin Media is as great as it possibly can be, whether that means avoiding pitfalls, solving puzzles, navigating obstacles, or obtaining treasures. The Virgin Media head office contact line is also a unique gateway to more specialist departments in the head office, since all of these departments are located there. Rather than a lengthy and expensive transferring process from one call centre to another, the process of being slung up from customer service to the higher tiers of management or specialist teamwork with Virgin Media is an easy, comfortable experience.

Virgin Media Complaints – 0843 557 3865

The Virgin Media complaints department is uniquely placed to ensure that you have a smooth complaining experience, since customer service is a powerful keystone of the Virgin experience, and part of its mission statement. The complaining experience with Virgin Media is decidedly one of customer comfort and appeasement, making sure at every step of the way that you are ok with telling the team why you are complaining, and making sure that the complaint has not caused you any undue distress and trouble, and that you are comfortable complaining to them. This may make it seem like continuing the complaint will be a cruel thing to do, but it isn’t – they are being so kind in an attempt to make sure the complaint is given as honestly as possible, with no bias and no misreporting involved to make sure that both your experience and the company as a whole can be properly changed in the wake of the complaint, bettering both you and the company as a whole.

Virgin Media Customer Services – 0844 826 0291

Virgin Media customer services are, as we have stated above, positioned in the head office in such a way as to provide complete tactical superiority to the customer-facing crews wherever possible. The connection to the head office contact system and the wider Virgin Media connections database makes these crews an extremely competent force in their own right, and their capabilities in channelling the higher-ups of the company, transferring in specialists and experts and even passing customers with particularly thorny problems up through the ranks to the executive branch of the company. It is unclear whether they can pass a complex problem up so high that Mr. Branson himself becomes involved, but they theoretically could – of course, by this point the customer service issue would be complicated by the presence of news reporters, business regulatory watchdogs and other agencies each imposing themselves on what is presumably an extremely high-value display of corporate misstepping by Virgin Media. The general Virgin Media customer service policy is not to make those missteps in the first place, and it is a strategy that has not only prevented gratuitous errors, but has allowed them to steadily rise through the ranks of British telecommunications companies until they took up their current position.

Virgin Media Broadband Helpline – 0844 826 8355

The Virgin Media broadband helpline is dedicated to helping those customers who need it to troubleshoot their broadband – this may be due to connectivity errors, hardware problems, software malfunctions, internet crises, security failure, power loss, data throttling and other potential digital threats.

Virgin Media Careers Line – 0843 557 3865

If you have ever looked at your Virgin Media wifi box and thought “I need to work for that company” then the Virgin Media careers line is the line for you. With the ability to connect you rapidly to recruiters in the HR department of Virgin Media, the careers line is not just for applying to work with Virgin Media – it can also be a great way to gather information and play the long game, preparing for a job application at some point in the future. Take your time, work out what you need to do, call the Virgin Media careers line a few times, and get what you’ve always dreamed of: a career with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media Helpline – 0844 826 0291

If your problem is more general, you have no need to call a dedicated custom line – you can call the Virgin Media helpline to get through to some specialised generalists who can help you out.

About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is a British telecommunications company, and the communications technology arm of Richard Branson’s Virgin corporation. Their head office is based in Hook, just off the M3, and can be contacted by any customer looking for more information of Virgin Media, reporting an issue or seeking help with a problem. The number to use to contact the Virgin Media head office is 0844 826 8355, and the number is available from 8am to midnight every single day – when you need to get in touch with your communications provider, you rarely have time to wait, so the head office operates these extensive opening hours at all times to ensure quick, easy connection.

Virgin Media Head Office FAQs

Where is Virgin Media available?
How do I cancel Virgin Media?
How do I know if Virgin Media is laying cables in my area?
Are Virgin Media increasing their prices?


About Virgin Media

Virgin Media is part of the Virgin Group, and was founded by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson – the man who began the company and built it from obscurity into a household brand known the world over. At time of writing, Virgin owns more than four hundred other companies and is worth billions of pounds even considered alone. Founded after the sale of a Branson-run a student magazine, Virgin began as a mail-order records business in 1970, it only took two years for Branson to build up the capital needed to open his first physical premises, “Virgin Records” on Oxford Street in London.

From there, Virgin’s incredible expansion and diversification have resulted in Richard Branson becoming the UK’s 6th richest man, with an estimated net worth of £2.7 billion.

Virgin Media Email

The fastest, easiest and least stressful way to get in contact with the Virgin Media head office is by calling their dedicated contact line on 0844 826 8355. This number is manned by trained Virgin Media customer service staff between the hours of 8am and 12 midnight every day of the year, and as it is the head office and not a subsidiary, it is very likely to be able to resolve whatever issue you have. The Virgin head office staff are trained to deal with any problem a customer may have, and can provide practical solutions and advice, troubleshooting and replacements or refunds for faulty equipment or failed services. Alternately, they can also provide any information you may need, including tariff pricing, comparisons, coverage information, upcoming deals and plans, and information about further developments of the Virgin network.

However, we understand that it isn’t possible for 100% of people to find the phone lines to be the most convenient and useful means of contacting Virgin Media. In fact, there are times when it is completely impossible, undesirable and even maddeningly inconvenient to attempt to phone Virgin, so you may be better suited using an alternative contact method like the Virgin Media email address.

The Virgin email address can be found by going to the official Virgin Media website (this isn’t it) and searching for a “contact us” page. The Virgin Media email should be there, alongside a physical address and contact form.

Virgin Media FAQs

Where is Virgin Media available?

Virgin Media is available across the country – and expanding all the time. Their intention is to complete a network connecting 17 million new premises by the end of this year, so if you aren’t already connected, you may be very soon! To find out exactly where they are connected to, call them on 0844 826 8355 and ask, or check online.

How do I cancel Virgin Media?

If you need to cancel Virgin Media, we recommend calling the dedicated Virgin Media cancellations phone line, 0844 826 0291. Different from the Head Office contact line, this phone number will connect you directly to the Virgin Media cancellations department, who will be able to process your cancellation quickly and effectively.

Please note, every Virgin Media contract has a minimum term, and cancelling before the end of that minimum term will incur a cancellation fee that multiplies by the number of months left on your contract. The fee changes depending on which package you are using, and can be anywhere between £5 and £20 per remaining month of your contract.

Therefore cancelling five months early and incurring a cancellation fee of £20 per month would result in an overall cancellation fee of £100.

How do I know if Virgin Media is laying cables in my area?

You can check whether Virgin Media teams are going to be laying cable in your area by checking online – they publish their installation plans online – or by calling their head office contact line and asking. You will also be informed if installation is going to occur soon on your doorstep or otherwise nearby by a notification leaflet being dropped through your letter box.

Are Virgin Media increasing their prices?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is yes. Existing Virgin Media customers face a price hike of 5.1% on their rates, starting in November of 2016. This is, according to a statement made by Virgin spokespeople, due to circumstances out of the control of the multi-billion-pound world-dominating multinational corporation.