• Business Name: Vanquis
  • Phone Number: 0844 248 2423
  • Opening Times: 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Head Office Address: Vanquis Visa Card, Customer Services, PO Box 399, Chatham, ME4 4WQ
  • Website:

Vanquis Head Office Contact Number - 0844 248 2423

Other Important Vanquis Connection Numbers

Department Number
Vanquis Head Office 0844 248 2423
Charity Work 0844 248 2419
Credit Cards 0843 557 5120
Credit Building Helpline 0844 248 2426
Missed Payments 0844 248 2421
Careers 0843 557 3521

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Vanquis departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Vanquis Head Office Contact Number Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday

Vanquis Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Vanquis Visa Card
Customer Services
PO Box 399

Vanquis Head Office – 0844 248 2423

The Vanquis head office is located in Chatham, in the UK. Vanquis runs all of its operations from here, including their charity programmes, credit card applications and credit advisory service. The company Vanquis is most well-known for offering people in difficult financial circumstances the opportunity to build their credit rating, so they can go on to a better financial future and get a mortgage or a business loan should they wish to.

Vanquis Charity Work – 0844 248 2419

Vanquis are renowned for their charity work and involve themselves in projects all around the world. Some of their work can be found below:

Sure Start – a government programme to support young families gain skills and education

Outward Bound Trust – a charity focused on education that runs on public donation. They run outdoor learning sessions for young people

The Money Charity – give people around the UK the chance to take control of their money and offer courses in money saving

Vanquis Credit Card – 0843 557 5120

If you would like to apply for a credit card with Vanquis, you can do so by visiting your local Vanquis or applying online via their website. Every application is carefully considered, no matter the background or financial situation. They will then decide whether you match the criteria for their credit card. If you have been successful, you will be contacted by a member of staff. If you have applied, and are still waiting to hear back from a member of staff, you can call someone at the Vanquis Head Office on the number above, where they will aim to help you right away with your application.

If you have bad credit, you can also build up credit with the VISA Vanquis Credit Card. To do this, you must stay within your credit limits and make sure that all your payments are on time every month that you have your card. Failing to do this will ensure a drop in your credit rating, which may harm your prospects in the future. If you would like to know more about credit and the Vanquis credit card, give a member of staff a call on the number above.

Vanquis Credit Building Helpline – 0844 248 2426

You can use a Vanquis credit card to help to build your credit rating. This will help you get credit in the future for loans, mortgages and mobile phone contracts. Plus, you will also get to have your credit limit on your existing card increased, which gives you more flexibility. To build your credit rating, you have to use your card sensibly – stay within the limits, make the payments on time and pay more than the minimum balance if you wish. If you don’t use your card sensibly, this can harm your credit rating and getting credit in the future could be more difficult. Vanquis helps people in all sorts of different financial circumstances to build their credit rating – this includes people who have been bankrupted, people on low wages and people who have been through the courts for a CCJ. If you’re experiencing situational financial difficulty (for example, if you are recently divorced or new to the UK), Vanquis has credit cards available for you. Remember, you should try and keep your debt as low as possible – you should always be able to afford the amount of debt that you have. There’s no guarantee that having a Vanquis credit card will improve your credit rating, but if you stay within the limit, make your payments on time and use it sensibly, you should be on your way to a brighter credit future.

Vanquis Missed Payments Helpline – 0844 248 2421

If you are late with your minimum payment, or you fail to make a payment at all, you will be automatically charged a late payment penalty fee of £12. You’ll be contacted by Vanquis to discuss your account and the impact that missing a payment could have on your future payments – for example, your usual minimum payment may increase. Missing payments has an affect on your credit rating and it could stop you getting credit in future, so if you believe that you are going to struggle to make your minimum payment for the month, you need to call the number above. You’ll be able to discuss your financial circumstances with an advisor and they can help you work out how to afford the payments. Vanquis are always trying to help you build your credit rating, not harm it, so they will be happy to assist you when you call.

Vanquis Careers – 0843 557 3521

If you would like a job with Vanquis, you can apply via their online career page. You can search and apply for jobs that apply to you from here. If you have applied for a job and have not heard anything back yet, call a member of staff on the number above.


Where is the Vanquis Head Office?

The Vanquis Head Office can be found at the address below:

Vanquis Visa Card
Customer Services
PO Box 399

More about Vanquis

Vanquis is one part of the Provident Financial Group. The company was founded in 2002 and offers a range of credit cards for those in the UK with bad or unstable credit history. All applicants from a variety of backgrounds are welcome, and every application is carefully considered.

Despite their range of cards, their most popular applications are for their Vanquis Card, and the Aquis card, both of which are licensed under Visa.