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How Much Will YOU Spend this Valentine’s Day?

So, as usual, we’ve blinked and Christmas is over and the next holiday in the calendar is fast approaching…Valentine’s Day. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated in the UK nowadays with spending becoming more and more extravagant with each year. It is easy to spend a tonne of money on Valentine’s day, with online stores advertising their Valentine’s collections as early as the beginning of January. Of course, Valentine’s day is a day of love, and about celebrating a loved one and so some cynics do think it’s a waste of time. That being said, there are plenty of people that love to celebrate it, going all out to show their appreciation to their other half. A study conducted by has shown that we Brits have no plans of kerbing the spending anytime soon, with an estimation revealing that on the whole, we spend around £1.3 billion on Valentine’s gifts alone, each year. Year on year the value has gradually increased by 1 million…so what on earth can we expect this year?!

It seems that when it comes to the day of St. Valentine, male spending is significantly higher than women’s, with men collectively spending approximately £622 million as opposed to a measly £354 million spent by women. Whilst this may seem extortionate, it has also been revealed that only one in three Brits will even choose to partake in the festivities in the first place, with many scrooges deeming it as a waste of time. Next, comes the tricky question of how soon is too soon? How long do you have to be dating someone before it is acceptable to partake in Valentine’s rituals? The study, that looked at the situations of 2000 men and women concluded that 52% of the males involved will buy their other half a bunch of flowers if they have been dating for six months, or sometimes even less. Whereas women in the early days of a relationship will find their way to their partner’s heart through food, usually a sweet, chocolatey treat.

The Year Anniversary

As time moves on and you approach the year mark with your partner, this is when things start to heat up and Valentine’s flowers or chocolates just simply will not do (unless you want the silent treatment). After a year, we are much more likely to spend big. Think designer jewellery, as 41% of women admitted to buying their partner a top of the range watch and 30% of men will go the same way after a year, opting for jewellery as a safe (but nice!) bet. When it comes to generosity it is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the younger generation that are spending the most on their loved one, with the average male aged 25-34 spending around £35. However, despite them being the typically more romantic type, women of the same age will spend as little as £10 on their special someone. One in ten men will even go as far as to spend around £75 for Valentine’s day.

A US study, that probably rings true here as well, found that most males only spend because they feel obligated to, due to how hyped up the holiday has become. As well as this, 13% of women only claim to celebrate Valentine’s day because ‘everybody else does’. And who said romance was dead?


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