Ikea’s new line of Bluetooth Speakers

Ikea has ventured into the technology scene with their new line of Bluetooth speakers, Eneby and they don’t even need assembling!


Large white speaker
Courtesy of IKEA. Large white speaker.
Small white speaker
Courtesy of IKEA. Small white speaker.







The white/grey comes in two sizes, the smaller version measures at 20cm x 20cm and has a handle allowing it to be used as a portable speaker when paired with the Eneby battery which is sold separately, the larger size measures 30cm x 30cm and does not have a handle as it would be too large to be a portable speaker and the Eneby battery does not fit into it. The large speaker costs £80 and the small speaker costs £45.


small black speaker with handle
Courtesy of IKEA. Small black speaker.
large black speaker
Courtesy of IKEA. Large black speaker.







Just like the White/grey the black speaker comes in two sizes, larger and smaller, 20cm x 20cm and 30cm x 30cm. The smaller one has a handle and the larger one doesn’t. The black speaker is perfect for darker colour schemes in the home whereas the white/grey would work better in lighter styled rooms. The large speaker costs £80 and the small speaker costs £45.

Speaker stand & wall bracket

speaker on speaker stand
Courtesy of IKEA. Speaker stand.

You can set the speaker up in many ways: stood up on its own, stood using the speaker stand or attached to the wall using the wall bracket. The speaker stand and wall brackets are sold separately, although the wall brackets are not yet on the website. The speaker stands cost £15 and we expect the wall brackets to cost the same.

Speaker Battery

speaker battery
Courtesy of IKEA. Speaker Battery.

If you want to make your smaller speaker portable you can buy a speaker battery that will stay powered up for 10 hours once fully charged. The battery will charge once your speaker is plugged into the wall with the battery installed. The battery costs £15 and is only available for the 20cm x 20cm speaker.

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