Ikea is Launching Smaller City Centre Shops

Ikea has announced that it will be opening a small city centre store on Tottenham Court Road in London. The store opening will be apart of a trail for their plan to open more smaller city centre locations making it easier for their customers to view, design and order their products.

The new store is set to open this autumn and will have a focus mainly on kitchens and bedrooms, you will be able to speak to a member of staff and receive help regarding the design of your rooms. You won’t be able to take home the furniture you buy instore and instead they will be delivered to your door from the nearest large store.

Unfortunately, the new small city centre shops will not include cafe’s, meaning there will be no meatballs! This is due to the shops not being big enough to house a cafe or restaurant there will also be no warehouse or stockroom in the back of the stores.

The furniture available to view in the new shop will be apart of the capsule collection and you can look through catalogues and the website as well as inquire about any other pieces of furniture you have seen in the larger shops or online. The furniture in the shops will be designed specifically for buyers who are looking to purchase their dream bedroom or kitchen on a budget and for those who can’t get to a larger store due to transport.

So far this is the only store that has been announced as apart of the smaller shop scheme they’re developing but Ikea hopes to build more of these shops in other city centre locations not just London to help meet the needs of their customers, especially those who are struggling to get to the large shops.

They’re also developing a 24-hour delivery service hoping to change the way their customer’s shop, making it more convenient for those who work full time who need their furniture delivered at a time suitable to their schedule.

We hope Ikea will be opening more of these smaller shops in other parts of the country soon, maybe adding a cafe to one of them too!

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