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Asda £99 fuel authorisation charge causes customer outrage

Asda has come under blast on social media as it recently had started to charge a £99 ‘deposit’ on top of the normal charges for the fuel that have topped up at the Asda pay at the pump.

Asda stated that the £99 additional charge was to ensure the customers would have enough money to pay for a whole tank of fuel. They also stated that the £99 charge would not actually leave your bank account as long as the correct value is paid and that it is just supposed to cut down fraud. Asda said that the whole purpose of Visa and MasterCard in this trial was to make sure customers had adequate funds in their account to pay for the whole tank of fuel and that the £99 would be immediately released back into the customer’s bank account.

The trial was only active in 3 petrol stations in the north-west but it was quickly put on hold when customers took to social media to complain about the funds not being put back into their account immediately and that they were left out of pocket after filling up their tank at an Asda petrol station.

This change is due to an industry rule change that requires petrol stations that have automates fuel pumps to pre-authorise a value that is equivalent to a full tank of fuel. In the past fuel customers only had £1 extra taken from their accounts as a pre-authorisation fee to ensure their card is valid. The £99 charge has caused so much outrage due to the fact that no matter how much you will fill up your tank whether it be £5 or £5o you will still be momentarily (some say it did not come back into their account for 2-3 days) charged £99 leaving some customers with no available funds.

You can dodge this temporary charge by using the kiosk at Asda stations to pay for your petrol instead of the pay at the pump stations. The trial has currently been put on hold but you should check with Asda before you start using the pay at the pump stations if you do not have £99 to spare when filling up your tank.

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