Introducing AirBnB Plus

AirBnB is known for their easy booking and interesting stays. They have now made it even easier to find the safest and stylish rooms and homes in main cities around the world with AirBnB Plus.

What is AirBnB Plus?

AirBnB Plus is a new type of listing that ensures a perfect stay. Hosts and their homes must pass a specific set of eligibility tests for their listing to even be considered for a Plus verification. This means that when you book with a plus verified listing it will be comfortable, well-equipped, well-maintained, thoughtfully designed and reliable. You will also have access to premium support from the AirBnB Plus customer service team. In the first week of launching the plus program, 12,000 hosts have applied for plus verification, plus homes received a 95% increase in nights booked and half a million hosts have started to update their listings to reflect the newly available categories.

Stylish Dining Room
Courtesy of AirBnB

Where can you find AirBnB Plus Homes or Rooms?

For now, AirBnB Plus is only available in selected main cities:

  • Austin
  • Barcelona
  • Cape Town
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Melbourne
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • San Francisco
  • Shanghai
  • Sydney
  • Toronto

Hopefully in the future, AirBnB will open up more plus possibilities in more locations but for now, we can enjoy the beautiful homes in these beautiful cities.

outdoor wooden hot tub surrounded by bamboo and plants
Courtesy of AirBnB


How Will I Know if a Listing is AirBnB Plus Verified?

To find plus listings you can search for Plus Verified homes or rooms when looking for a location or look out for the plus badge badge on listed bookings.

Colourful, modern living room
Courtesy of AirBnB

How Can I Make My AirBnB Listing an AirBnB Plus Listing?

To apply to be a Plus verified listing you must pass these questions:

  1. Your listing must be in one of the available locations.
  2. Your listing has a minimum of one stay.
  3. Your listing must be “top reviewed with an average of 4.8+ stars”
  4. You must accept 95% of reservations
  5. Your listing must have no last-minute cancellations in the past year
  6. Offer an entire home or a private room and private bathroom

Once your listing passes the application process, your listing must pass the design test. A professional photographer from AirBnB will come out to visit your listing and review it using a 100+ point checklist regarding the design.  “The Airbnb Plus design consultants verify there’s cohesive interior design with personal touches, a thoughtfully arranged furniture layout, clutter-free counters and cabinets, and artwork that reflects a host’s style and personality”.

Your listing must stand out against other listings from your area, it must be one-of-a-kind, add your personal touch to it. Maintain your listing well and make it appealing for people to stay in, give it a “wow factor”.

Once you pass these tests your listing will be plus verified and you’ll have hundreds of more people eager to stay with you!

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