0843 658 0894

Travelodge is a budget chain of hotels located throughout the UK. You can contact their head office to find out more about their brand by calling 0843 658 0894.

 Travelodge Contact Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 658 0894
Customer Service 0844 826 8668
Complaints 0843 557 3538
Suppliers 0843 557 5284
HR  0843 596 3106
Marketing  0843 596 3107

Head Office

The Travelodge head office is located in Thame and the best way of reaching it is by dialling 0843 658 0894. When you call this number, you will be met with an automated message that will thank you for getting in touch with Travelodge and request that you press 1) for reservations 2) for cancellations 3) to make a change to your booking 4) to locate a specific Travelodge in the area you wish to stay and 5) to speak to an operator about something that doesn’t concern any of the above.

Customer Service

If you call 0844 826 8668 you will be put directly through to a member of the Travelodge customer service team where you can discuss anything you need to know regarding a future stay at a Travelodge or discuss the events of a previous stay at a Travelodge hotel. You will be speaking directly with Travelodge customer service and so you can use this opportunity to enquire about the facilities that are available in the Travelodge, discuss pricing or even raise an issue you may have had during a recent stay. If you are raising an issue, it would help to state your name and the room that you stayed in.


To make a complaint to or about Travelodge hotels simply call 0843 557 3538 and press 1) for service complaints 2) for hygiene complaints, 3) for complaints about the food and 4) for complaints about the management and service.


To contact the Travelodge operations team and find out who supplied Travelodge, you can simply dial 0843 557 5284. Press 1) if you are interested in knowing who has supplied something in particular to the Travelodge, or would like to know what suppliers the Travelodge are currently using and press 2) if you run a supply company and would like to know more about working with Travelodge.


If you currently already work for Travelodge and need to contact their Human Resources department, then you can reach them Monday-Friday by calling 0843 596 3106 and stating your full name and job role so that you can be found on the employee database. Once you have given your details and your employment status has been confirmed, you will be transferred to an automated message where you can press 1) for holiday and sickness pay, 2) to discuss tax codes 3) to discuss your current role at the Travelodge and 4) to talk about any progression opportunities that might be available within or outside of your current role.


The Travelodge department receive a high volume of calls daily and so when you dial  0843 596 3107 you will likely be put straight through to an automated answer machine. Please leave your name and reason for calling and someone will get back to you, usually within the day. You can use the Travelodge marketing number to discuss any Travelodge adverts or campaigns and can also call if you are a journalist or someone that would like to re-use any of Travelodge’s copyrighted images.

Alternative ways to contact Travelodge

You can also get in touch with Travelodge hotels by Tweeting them or heading to their contact page to receive support from a member of their team.