Travel Republic

 0844 453 0246

Travel Republic is one of the largest and most popular online-only travel agents in Europe, giving customers the choice between over three hundred thousand hotels, 583 different airlines and over 1000 destinations. You can contact the Travel Republic head office by calling 0844 453 0246.

Travel Republic Head Office Connection Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 453 0246 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Customer services 0844 248 2234 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Sales 0843 557 5437 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
HR 0844 248 2235 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Marketing 0844 248 2236 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Finance 0844 248 2237 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday

Travel Republic Head Office – 0844 453 0246

The Travel Republic head office is located in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. You can contact the Travel Republic head office if you want to know more regarding the history of Travel Republic, their legal information, policies or you have some other business inquiries regarding the Travel Republic. You can in touch with the Travel Republic head office by ringing 0844 453 0246 and listening to the automatic recording and choosing the most suitable option.

Customer Services – 0844 248 2234

The Travel Republic customer services can be contacted if you want to report an issue with the website, you require to change the date or room size of your booking  you want information about the holiday deals, locations, accommodation types and flights, you would like to hear about the checking in process or checking out process, you wish to report a negative experience you have had with Travel Republic or with a Travel Republic member of staff, you would like to know about any resort or hotel policies as well as any other questions you may have. You can dial 0844 248 2234 to get in touch with the Travel Republic customer services team.

Sales – 0843 557 5437

If you are having some trouble booking your holiday or flights on the Travel Republic website or you would like some guidance regarding what type of accommodation you should book or location or room size/amenities to book you can contact the sales department. You can contact the Travel Republic sales department to help you book a holiday or flight by calling 0843 557 5437.

HR – 0844 248 2235

If you work for the Travel Republic and would like to discuss issues with your payslips or wage such as not being paid, being paid too little or issues with your taxes, you wish to hear about the maternity or paternity policies, you want to know if there are any employee discounts available, you would like to book time off, you would like to inquire about the employee policies or you have some other inquiries about your job. You can contact the HR department by calling 0844 248 2235 and selecting the relevant option.

Marketing – 0844 248 2236

If you are a journalist or blogger you can contact the marketing department to inquire about any blogger opportunities available, you would like to know about the image usage policies, you need some information regarding their company or company policies, you would like to know about a past or present advertisement campaign. Dial 0844 248 2236 to talk to a member of the marketing department’s team.

Finance – 0844 248 2237

You can reach the Travel Republic finance department to discuss any payments you are due to be receiving from the Travel Republic such as a refund, reimbursement or compensation payment. If you work for the Travel Republic and would like to inquire about incorrect tax deductions from your pay, not being paid the correct amount or requesting to see your previous payslips you can ring 0844 248 2237 and select the appropriate option.