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  • Business Name: The Times
  • Head Office Number: 0844 249 0905
  • Opening Times: Mon – Fri 8am to 7pm / Weekends 9am to 6pm
  • Head Office Address: News UK & Ireland Ltd, 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF, United Kingdom
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The Times Head Office Contact Number - 0844 249 0905

The Times is a British daily (Monday-Saturday) national newspaper that is based in London, England. The Times was founded in 1785 as The Daily Universal Register and became The Times in January 1788. The Times’ sister newspaper, The Sunday Times, was founded in 1821 and runs its own separate editorial staff. The papers have only had common ownership over them since 1967. Both papers have been published by Times Newspapers, a subsidiary of News UK, since 1981.

The Times was published originally as a broadsheet newspaper for 219 years until 2004 when it was switched to a compact size to spread its appeal to a wider audience, including younger readers and people using public transport.

The Times has a daily circulation of 446,164 since December 2016 and has a centre-right political alignment. The typing font Times Roman was originally developed by Stanley Morison of The Times in collaboration with the Monotype Corporation, as it was extremely legible through low-tech printing.

The Times Head Office Connection Numbers

Company Number
Head Office 0844 249 0905
Subscription Service 0844 249 0916
Times+ 0844 249 0964
Sunday Times Wine Club  0843 816 6826
Print Gallery  0843 816 6827
Sunday Times Driving  0843 816 6828

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those departments at The Times. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

The Times Head Office Contact Number – 0844 249 0905

The Times newspaper can be accessed both in physical, compact form and also online on The Times website. However, while all of the content found within the physical copies can also be found online, along with more, there is a subscription fee to access the information. Users are asked to create an account on The Times website, with multiple types of subscription available relevant to how you will use the site.

The newspaper offers a wide variation of news, although it has been found to stick specifically to serious topics and not the kind of news that would be found within tabloid papers. Within their British news, they write about topics such as politics, international relationships, health and technology, among many other sources. Their political stance can be found to lean to the right, with a lot of their political headlines found to be written around Conservative changes. The headlines found within the main British news articles show an intense focus on the shaping of Britain through both international influences and changes within the country itself.

Their Comment sections allow The Times writers to publish opinion pieces on relevant subjects and includes political cartoons based on recent events.

The Times world news section focuses on international politics, including relationships in the US, Russia and the EU, and also monitors situations within war-torn countries. This section provides information surrounding the running of the world outside the UK and helps British readers stay up to date with international news. The Business section writes mostly about UK businesses and their changes, but also includes stories on international business ventures.

The Times sports section writes specifically about British football and rugby teams, as well as reporting on any other national and international sports events that may be running at the time. The Register section allows people to publish obituaries, and marriages for the public to see, both for people with notoriety and anyone else who feels like writing in.

There is a Times 2 section, which follows more trend and personal experience pieces, which appeals usually to younger and female audiences, helping The Times expand their audience.

The Times also provides Scottish and Irish news separate from British and World news pieces, which allows the countries in the UK to all have their own relevant news articles, as the outlets include political and regional news stories from Scottish and Irish Times writers.

Subscription to The Times – 0844 249 0905

The Times has a subscription-based service which relies on its customers to pay to use the service. There are several different types of subscriptions based in three basic packs: Digital packs, Print packs and Sunday packs.

The Digital packs are available in two versions: the digital pack and the student pack. The digital pack costs £1 a week for an 8 week trial period (with an initial charge of £8 for the period) and then the pack is £6 a week after the trial. Within the pack, customers have access to the tablet edition of The Times 7 days a week, The Times smartphone app, 7 days access to The Times website and access to Times+. The student pack is £20 a year for 4 years and requires a one-year minimum subscription. A Unidays verification will be required to apply for the student pack. Within the pack is a free gift, access to the smartphone app, 7 days access to the The Times website and access to Times+.

The Print packs all require a 3-month minimum subscription and come in five varieties with different prices. The classic weekend pack, the least expensive pack, charges £3 a week, but will be billed at £13 a month and contains access to The Times smartphone app, The Sunday Times newspaper, full access to The Times website, The Times on Saturday with all five sections and access to Times+.

The classic five-day pack charges £5 a week and is billed at £21.66 a month, and it includes editions of The Times printed for Monday to Friday, as well as the smartphone app and 7 days access toThe Times Head Office Contact Number - 0844 249 0905 the website, along with access to Times+. The six-day pack charges customers £6 a week – billed at £26 monthly – and gives customers The Times print editions for Monday to Saturday, and access to The Times smartphone app, 7 days access to the website and access to Times+.

The classic 7-day pack costs £7 a week which is billed monthly at £30.33 and offers customers The Times print editions for Monday to Saturday, as well as The Sunday Times print edition. There is also access to The Times smartphone app, 7 days access to the website and access to Times+. The ultimate pack for The Times readers charges £8 a week – billed at £34.67 monthly and includes The Times print editions for Monday-Saturday, The Sunday Times print edition, the tablet edition 7 days a week, access to the smartphone app and 7 days access to the website and Times+.

Each of these subscriptions are tailored to suit different individuals and their reading preferences perfectly and are available for anyone to apply for.

If you have any questions regarding a subscription to The Times, please call The Times Head Office Contact Number on 0844 249 0905.

Times+ – 0844 249 0964

The Times offers a service called Times+ which is subscription-based and offers users the ability to access events and offers weekly that are available only through Times+. Events include access to private museum viewings and taking part in exclusive Q & A’s with award-winning journalists, with events being offered for sale through the service. Offers are also available on things like two-for-one cinema tickets every weekend, holidays worldwide accessible to win and the ability to meet your heroes, plus so much more.

New offers are added to the service weekly, and members are sent regular email updates about the service along with the access within The Times and The Sunday Times.

If you have any queries about The Times+ service, please contact The Times Head Office Contact Number on 0844 249 0905 to be put in contact with a member of staff who can help you.

Sunday Times Wine Club – 0843 816 6826

The Sunday Times produces a subscription for their own wine club, which can be applied for by placing a wine order with them, where you are then automatically enrolled for one free year of membership. Once you have joined the club, you are enrolled in a service that will provide you with multiple high-end wine purchases each month.

The club provides access to their latest offers, mixed cases of wine, a whisky club for those who would like to broaden their pallet, the chance to browse the wines they offer, a selection of fine wines, gifts, wine plans and events and services joined with the club. All of this creates an elite club for members to enjoy and compare their tastes in wine.

Wine club Unlimited service grants customers fast and unlimited delivery on 6 or more bottle orders for an annual membership fee of £24. There are no delivery charges on orders of 6 or more bottles, and orders include the option of next or name day delivery for no extra charge.

The club offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the wine you are ordered.

If you have any questions about the Sunday Times Wine Club, please call The Times Head Office Contact Number on  0844 249 0905.

The Times Print Gallery – 0843 816 6827

The Times Print Gallery is a collection of the works of cartoonists for The Times, who often draw reactions to or representations of political events. Within this gallery is the chance to view specific artist’s work and purchase magazines, calendars and posters of work by the cartoonists.

The section also gives The Times readers the ability to send in requests for drawings they may like to see portrayed. There is the ability to browse through multiple artist’s works by checking the sidebar along the page.

The Sunday Times Rich List

The Sunday Times Rich List is a compilation of the 1000 wealthiest families or people in the United Kingdom. It is updated annually in April and printed as a magazine extra in the Sunday Times newspaper. The list began in 1989, when Queen Elizabeth II was number one on the list, and it includes not only British citizens but also individuals and families born abroad who work or live predominantly in Britain.

A fuller book version of the list is published yearly and covers the top 5000 wealthiest people instead.

If you have any queries about The Sunday Times Rich List and the occupants of the list itself, please contact The Times Head Office Contact Number for more information on  0844 249 0905.

The Sunday Times Driving – 0843 816 6828

The Sunday Times Driving is a car-based page accessible through The Times website that allows car lovers to indulge. It includes reviews on new cars, buying guides on gadgets and devices for your cars improvement and reader letters allowing The Times readers to publish their thoughts and feelings on car-related matters. Celebrities are asked to review their own cars and Jeremy Clarkson frequently writes reviews on cars he has recently driven. Access to the website and articles that it has published within is available even without a Times membership, making the site free to view for all and therefore accessible to people who don’t necessarily wish to subscribe to The Times website.