Tesco Bank Head Office Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
Tesco Bank Head Office Contact Number 0843 557 3623 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Complaints 0843 557 4878 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Customer Services 0843 208 1763 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Accounts Asssistance 0844 248 2411 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
HR 0844 248 2405  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Loans & Mortgages Helpline 0844 248 2407 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm

Tesco Bank Head Office Contact Number

The Head Office for Tesco Bank is situated in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The departments in the table above all operate out of the head office and can be contacted via their contact numbers. If you would like to speak to someone from the Tesco Bank head office team, call 0843 557 3623.


If you are unhappy with a service from Tesco Bank, or with the amount of customer service you have received, call the Tesco Bank complaints line on 0843 557 4878. This number should be used if you have already spoken to a member of the team at your local branch, or you would like to find the outcome of a complaint you have previously made with the Tesco Bank Complaints line.

Customer Services

The customer services team with Tesco Bank will be able to talk with you about their services and connect you to a member of the appropriate department if necessary. You can also use this line for more information, or to inquire about a specific service. This line is direct, and will put you through to a member of the team as soon as possible. Call the customer services team on 0843 208 1763.

Accounts Assistance

If you have an account with Tesco Bank, and would like some assistance, call 0844 248 2411 and someone from the team will be able to help you further. Tesco Bank offers a range of accounts, from current, savings and business. For more information about an account, you can also call this line. If you are having an issue with your account, or you believe that you have been a victim of fraud, call this number and someone from the team will be able to transfer you to the emergency line as soon as possible.


If you work for Tesco Bank and would like some help with either a payslip or with some information regarding your role, call the HR team on 0844 248 2405.

Loans & Mortgages Helpline

As well as accounts, Tesco Bank offers a range of loans and mortgages for new and existing customers. Applying online is the easiest way to get a decision. However, you can call the Loans & Mortgages Helpline for more assistance if you need it on 0844 248 2407.