0843 178 3842

Superdrug Contact Numbers:

Department Number
Head Office 0843 178 3842
Customer Service 0843 178 3844
Complaints 0843 178 3845
HR 0843 178 3844
Payroll 0843 178 3844

Head Office

The Superdrug head office is available from Monday – Friday and the number to contact them is 0843 178 3842. Because the head office is home to a number of different departments, you will be connected to an automated switchboard that will confirm you are through to the Superdrug head office and ask you to press 1) for information about any of Superdrug’s products, 2) to make a complaint to Superdrug 3) for Superdrug collaborations 4) for Superdrug returns and exchange policies and 5) for questions about the Superdrug card points system. Press 0) for queries or questions that aren’t related to any of the above.

Customer Service

Superdrug aim to provide a quality service for their customers and if you have anything that you would like to discuss with their customer service team then you can contact them directly on 0843 178 3844. The number will put you directly through to a member of the customer service team where you can enquire about a product you have seen online, ask about the ingredients in a cosmetic product that you have purchased and even locate your nearest Superdrug.


Making a complaint to Superdrug is easy, simply call 0843 178 3845 and you will be put straight through to a reliable team of complaint handlers who can get to the bottom of your issue. The complaints team work around the clock to ensure customers are satisfied and so aim to get your complaint resolved on the same day. However, if it does need to be escalated to a different department, please give a timer of day when you will be available to receive the call back. If you don’t receive a response within five working days please call the above number again and explain the situation to the operator.


As a member of the Superdrug team, you might need to contact their HR department. You can reach HR by dialling 0843 178 3844 and pressing 1) for absences and sick pay 2) to discuss your current role at superdrug 3) for progression opportunities and 5) to make a complaint about your workplace (please note the Superdrug HR department takes confidentiality very seriously). You can also call the Superdrug HR team if you do not currently work at Superdrug but want to find out about any opportunities that might be available. When you call the number for this reason. state your name, the position you are looking for (marketing team, shop floor assistant, manager etc) and a recruitment specialist can see if there is anything that would suit you.


To reach Superdrug payroll, call 0843 178 3844 and state the branch of Superdrug that you work for, your full name and your job position. This way, the call handler can find you quickly and easily on the employee database and look into your pay history. Any issues you have with your pay or any missed payments can be discussed securely here with an adviser.

Other ways to contact Superdrug

If you don’t want to contact Superdrug over the phone but need information quickly you can also visit the Superdrug online help centre or browse their FAQ section.