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  • Business Name: Student Loans Company
  • Head Office Number: 0844 248 1773
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm
  • Head Office Address: Student Loans Company, 100 Bothwell Street, Glasgow, G2 7JD
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Student Loans Company Connection Numbers:

Department Number
Head Office 0844 248 1773
Undergraduate Helpline 0844 248 1774
Post Graduate Helpline 0844 248 1775
Student Loans Repayment 0844 248 1778
Careers 0844 248 1779
Complaints 0844 248 1773

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Student Loans Company departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Student Loan Undergraduate 0844 248 1774

apply for a student loan with the Student Loans Company
apply for a student loan with the Student Loans Company

The student zone of the Student Loans Company website offers information and advice on how to apply for financial support when you are an undergraduate ie. looking to apply for uni and seeing what financial support you can get when you start. They also offer advice on how to manage your account once you have received your loan and also how to make arrangements to begin paying it back. There are different types of loans available to undergraduates depending on their home financial situation, the less household income the home the student is living in has, the higher the loan from the Student Loans Company. There are two main types of loans, one known as the tuition fee loan to help with educational costs and the other known as a maintenance loan to assist financially when it comes to things such as accommodation and other living costs. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for a grant that also covers living costs. The maintenance grant does not require repayment. If you have children or need support in other ways you may also qualify for extra support provided by the Student Loans Company. To find out what you are eligible for and if you can receive all or any of these loans then please call the head office contact number. Similarly, if you have applied to receive any of these loans and are having issues with getting the money through then please call the head office contact number because late payments can often leave undergraduates in a tricky financial situation if they have no means of support from elsewhere.

Student Loan Post Graduate 0844 248 1775

If you are a Postgraduate looking to return to studying to further your education, such as doing a master’s degree then you may be eligible for the new postgraduate loan that is now being provided by the Student Loans Company for all students that live in England this loan does gain interest. If you would like more information about the loan and its interest please call the Student Loans Company head office contact number. If you are considering doing a master’s degree then call the contact number for more information about how your studying can become more affordable. If you have applied to do a masters and now need to sort out your finance you can apply for your loan on the Government website. Call the contact number if you experience any issues filling out the forms. The postgraduate loan has only come into play extremely recently (1st August 2016) and can see returning students receive loans of up to £10, 000 to help further their studies as well as living costs. This Postgraduate loan will require repayment at the same time as any other student loans you may have and you will be charged interest from the moment that you receive the first payment. On top of your loan, you will also be eligible for extra support if you have a disability. This extra help is available to those that meet the definition of disabled under the equality act of 2010 and the support you receive will depend on your own personal needs not on your income. If you are going through financial hardship you may also be entitled to extra help to study, call the contact number to find out more.

Student Loans Repayment 0844 248 1778

The Student Loans Company understand that repayments can be difficult when coming out of uni and to minimise stress they offer account support to anyone that is in the position to begin paying back their loan. There is also always someone at the contact number for anyone that may need help in their repayments. Most repayments are made to HMRC through the PAYE system where student loan is deducted from borrowers pay packets when they are earning over a certain amount. At the moment this figure stands at £21, 000 so you will be expected to pay back 9% of anything you earn once you are earning over a £21, 000 a year salary. If you are living outside of the UK your loan repayments will be made directly to the Student Loans Company and cal the contact number for more information on how to arrange an overseas repayment. there are two different types of loan repayment at the Student Loans Company and these vary depending on whether you started before or after the 1st September 2012. Those that started their studies before will be on repayment plan 1 and those after, repayment plan 2. You can visit the Student Loans Company website to find out what repayment plan you are on if you are unsure. Regardless of the plan, all students are charged interest from the day they receive the loan.

Careers 0844 248 1779

There are always new and current opportunities available at the Student Loans Company and so if you would like to find out what vacancies are available to suit you, please call the contact number. There is also a list of available positions online. If you are interested in a job at the Student Loans Company but can’t find any that are available to you at the moment, then you can sign up and register for an account anyway and then you can use the Student Loan Company’s iRecruitment feature which will list any future vacancies. To log into this, you will be required to create a username and password. Once you are on the search page you can enter keywords and filter searches to find positions that are suited to you and in your chosen area. If you have recently been offered a job at the Student Loans Company, you can visit their website for more information of what to expect in your new position.

About the Student Loans Company

The Student Loans Company provides student loans to students in the UK. It is a not for profit company and was founded in 1989. The original help for students was provided in mortgage-style loans and were repaid directly to the Student Loans Company. With the introduction of tuition fees the SLC’s lending changed slightly to cover these as well. By 1999 they were instead known as income-contingent repayment loans and paid to HMRC in conjunction with the PAYE wage system.