0844 248 2653

Spar is a convenience store with over 2,000 stores across the UK. Call the Spar head office on 0844 248 2653.

Spar Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Times
Head Office 0844 248 2653 Mon-Fri
Customer Services 0844 248 2585 Mon-Fri
Complaints 0844 248 2586 Mon-Fri
HR 0844 248 2587 Mon-Fri
Marketing 0844 248 2588 Mon-Fri
Finance 0844 248 2589 Mon-Fri

Spar Head Office – 0844 248 2653

As Spar is a Dutch company that has now expanded to the UK and other countries in Europe, the Spar head office is located in Amsterdam, Netherland. Spar also has an office in Harrow, Middlesex. You may need to contact the Spar head office if you would like to find out the company policies, you would like more information about the history of the company, you have some general questions about Spar as a company or you would like to find out more about an employee of Spar. To contact the Spar UK head office you can call 0844 248 2653. You will need to listen to the automated message and press the number that relates the most to your question.

Customer Services – 0844 248 2585

You can contact the Spar customer service department if you need to find out more about their returns policies, you need to locate your closest store, you want to check the stock of an item in a specific store or you have some general questions. You can contact the customer services department by calling 0844 248 2585 and listen to the automated message, select the most relevant option.

Complaints – 0844 248 2586

If you have experienced a negative experience in a Spar store with a member of their staff or you have had a negative experience with a product you have bought from a Spar store you can call 0844 248 2586 to complain about the experience and ask about receiving compensation.

HR – 0844 248 2587

If you work for Spar you may need to contact the HR department at some point. You can contact the HR department to find out about your upcoming shifts, to discuss your payslip, if you need to find someone to cover your shifts or you would like to pick up some extra shifts. You can also call the HR department if you need to get a reference for a new job. Call 0844 248 2587 to be directed to the HR department, you will need to listen to the automated message and select the relevant option.

Marketing – 0844 248 2588

If you are a journalist or blogger you can contact the Spar marketing department to inquire about a product, a past or present ad campaign, information regarding an article/blog post you’re writing, their image usage policies or you have a product you think Spar would be interested in stocking. Contact the Spar marketing department by calling 0844 248 2588 and selecting the relevant option from the automated message.

Finance – 0844 248 2589

If you are a customer waiting for a refund or compensation payment due to a negative experience in a Spar store or with a product you can call the Spar finance department on 0844 248 2589 and select the most appropriate option for your inquiry. You can also call the finance department if you are a Spar employee who has experienced an issue with your wages such as a problem with taxes/NI or you have been paid too little or not paid at all.