Sky Sports

  • Business Name: Sky Sports
  • Head Office Number: 0843 208 4486
  • Opening Times: 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Head Office Address: Grant Way
    TW7 5QD
  • Website:

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Sky Sports Connection Numbers

Sky Sports Number
Sky Sports Head Office 0843 208 4486
Sky Sports News Complaints 0843 208 4489
Sky Sports Programming 0843 208 4491
Sky Sports Live Coverage Helpline Number Pending
Sky Sports News Customer Service Number Pending
Sky Sports Customer Service Number Pending

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Sky Sports departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Sky Sports Head Office – 0843 208 4486

The Sky Sports head office differs from a conventional corporate head office in a number of critically important ways. The first and most distinctive is, of course, that rather than being a stuffy building full of executives talking about boring business things, it is the head office of Sky Sports, the home of the FA Premier League, The Six Nations, the world boxing championships, the best cricket, and the world’s premier league of grease wrestling. As such, it’s a far, far more vibrant workplace than most corporate head offices, and even includes a number of studios where sports commentary, analysis, and other jockish pastimes are engaged in, helping to make sure that the Sky Sports head office contact line is a buzzing stadium-ground atmosphere condensed into the effective sky package that we all know and love.

Sky Sports News Complaints – 0843 208 4489

If you need to make a complaint to Sky Sports, for whatever reason, you can do so with a quick, neat call to the numerical registration code above – simply enter it in sequence into your telecommunications device, whatever device you have on hand or whichever you find best suits your long-distance voice-casting needs or is the most cost-effective in the current environment, and you’re ready to complain. Make sure to keep your grievance close to the chest so that it remains hot for longer, avoiding any possible internal resolution or achievement of inner peace before you can make your complaint. The last thing you want is to forgive the discrepancy and grow as a person before you can adequately complain down the Sky Sports Complaints Phone Number, so with the right psychological preparedness, you can keep your complaint alive long enough to speak to the customer service staff and gain your catharsis.

The primary thing to remember with regards to complaining to Sky Sports is that the company is dedicated to the adequate broadcasting of spectator sport events from all over the world, but has no stake in those events beyond that – they are not responsible for your favourite team losing the championships any more than they are responsible for you losing money on a sporting bet, so there is no point attempting to complain about those things. What you can complain about, however, includes a range of issues encompassing coverage, choice of events broadcasting, quality of images and sound, programming, behaviour or demeanour of presenters or sportscasters, and a range of other possible problems or grievances which you may be having. If you do experience any of the issues listed in the previous sentence, you should always inform Sky Sports of the full nature and condition of the problem – without information on the nature of the issue, and further detail to direct their troubleshooters, it’s entirely possible that the problem could continue in perpetuity. However, with your complaint, not only are you more likely to enjoy the compensation offered to those who suffer a substandard experience, but you are also directly responsible for improving Sky Sports as a whole, letting them address concerns easily and effectively to the benefit of all future customers!

Sky Sports Programming – 0843 208 4491

If you would like to talk to the Sky Sports team behind their programming and lineups, you can arrange that easily, effectively, and in a stress-free manner by ringing the phone number listed above. It’s the simplest possible way to contact Sky programming – much faster and more reliable than a letter, an email, or a pilgrimage to the head office would be, and much more able to produce results at speed. Since you’re currently talking to the advisors on the phone, it’s easy to get immediate feedback to your issues, instead of having to wait for a follow-up email, a written reply or for an executive to see you in person.

Once you are through to the Sky Sports Programming contact line – contactable on 0843 208 4491 – you can talk to the advisors there about the quality and consistency of the programming on the Sky Sports channels, the choices of coverage they make, the sports shown, and the frequency of showings. If the Sky Sports customer service experts on the other end of the programming line can’t help you, you can always hang up and call the complaints line instead.

Sky Sports Live Coverage Helpline

If you lose coverage or quality during live broadcasting of a particularly high-stakes match or event, and you need to get help immediately, before you miss anything too crucial, then you can cut out the middlemen and get straight back into the action by calling the Sky Sports live coverage helpline, listed above. Easy!

Sky Sports News Customer Service

If you need to call Sky Sports News for any reason, you can do that on the number listed above, which will connect you, no muss no fuss, to the Sky Sports News customer service department. From there, the experts on the other end of the line will be able to help you do whatever it is you need to do.

Sky Sports Customer Service

When you need to talk to Sky Sports, and you are a Sky Sports customer, then look no further than the Sky Sports customer service contact line. This phone line, listed above, is the perfect way to get in touch with Sky Sports, via the medium of their expert customer service teams, sitting happily in the head office, eagerly awaiting your call.

About Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a group of sports programmes on television, owned by Sky plc. Sky Sports is available both in the UK and Ireland and works by a user subscribing for a fee. Since being established in 1991 after a re-brand of ‘The Sports Channel’, Sky Sports has contributed greatly to the commercialisation of British sport. Sky Sports has four different main channels (Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 & 4) but also has plenty of additions and the Sky packages usually provide 8 different Sky Sports channels in total.

Sky Sports News

Sky Sports news is a news television channel that brings sporting news to its viewers for 24 hours a day. The channel does focus on football but shows a range of different sports at different times. The news programme is always presented by two presenters at a desk, reporting on the goings on in the sporting world that day and showing playback clips of matches as well as snippets from interviews. If you are looking information about a certain game in particular or want to find out about a wider range of sport to the ones being discussed, then check out the tabs that move across the bottom of the screen for further information. If you have paid for Sky Sports News as part of your Sky package but are not picking it up on your TV/are experiencing a fuzzy picture then please call the contact number where this can be sorted as soon as possible. The very first Sky Sports News bulletin was broadcast on the 1st October 1998. You can check out everything you need to know about Sky Sports News online on the Sky Sports website including what is coming up on Sky News by either watching ‘Sky Sports Now’ or ‘Sky Sports Today’. If you want to watch any of these streams, you can click the link on the website and either choose to ‘get Sky Sports’ or choose to watch with a pass which will entitle you to a day’s, week’s or month’s worth of news. The Sky Sports pass is instant as soon as you sign up and you can get it from as little as £6.99. If you have purchased a Sky Sports Pass and find it is not working instantly, please call the contact number and your issue will be resolved or you will receive a refund. The website will tell you the prices of each pass and the benefits that will be included in the passes, such as being able to watch the content on more than one device. Be sure to read the terms and conditions and legal information before you sign up and call the contact number if you come across anything that you don’t understand.

Sky Sports FootballSky Sports Subscriptions

To sign up for Sky Sports if you are an existing customer of Sky, is very simple and Sky will only charge you an extra £27.50 per month or £18 a month if you already have Sky Cinema. If you are new to Sky and want to sign up for the first time and include Sky Sports in the package, you will pay £49.50 per month from the get go, but this will include some exciting gifts such as a free 32″ LG TV. The Sky website tells you exactly what you get for the prices that you are paying, in full detail but some of the main features include access to 126 Premier League games and a whopping total of 8 Sky Sports channels. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be registered with Sky to have Sky Sports and you can add Sky Sports onto a number of different services, including Virgin. To add Sky Sports onto Virgin Media, visit the Virgin Media website where you can add up to six Sky Sports channels onto your TV.

Sky Sports TV Guide

If you head to the Sky website and search for their TV guide, you can then select to view the listings for Sky Sports. The TV guide is set out like a table telling you exactly what is on during each day and at what time. If you spot any mistakes on the Sky Sports TV guide or find it doesn’t match up to what is actually showing on the TV, then please call the contact number so that this can be investigated.

Sky Sports Transfer Centre

If you want to stay updated with all the latest transfer news from the football world, then the Sky Sports Transfer centre is a great place to visit. Not only does it provide news it also provides a live blog so you can find out all of the news and gossip as it happens. Please call the contact number if you are struggling to view the live stream or have a complaint to make about any of its content.

Sky Sports Fantasy

Sky Sports Fantasy is a free way of having the opportunity to manage your own team. To join, head to the Fantasy website and click ‘join’ where you can then register your details. You can then begin to pick and manage your team, checking the leaderboard to know how your team is doing at any one time. If you are struggling to use this feature and need some help, simply head to the ‘help’ category where there will be someone available to chat live with. There is also a number of FAQ’s you can look at to see if anyone is experiencing any similar issues to you. Sky Fantasy League is a great online gaming feature which can teach you a lot about the world of football – anyone can sign up! A number of prizes are available for winning teams such as FIFA ’17 and a PS4.

Sky Sports App

The Sky Sports App is a great way of keeping up to date with the world of sport, whilst on the go. The App is available for both iPhone and Android, as well as Windows Phones and iPads. The app features a ‘top stories’ page containing breaking or most talked about news as and when it happens. The app contains exclusive video content that is not available to watch anywhere else. Here you can see exclusive interviews with Sky Sports News presenters as well as clips from games and reactions to the top stories. It really is a great, compact way of staying in the loop. Even better, it is free to download – simply log into your account when you enter the app.