Severn Trent

  • Business Name: Severn Trent
  • Head Office Number:
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm
  • Head Office Address: Severn Trent Centre,
    2 St John’s Street,
    Coventry, CV1 2LZ
  • Website:

severn trent head office contact numberSevern Trent was first founded back in 1974 as one of ten water authorities. By 1989, the company had been privatised. The company now trades on the London Stock Exchange and employs over 15,000 people across the UK, USA and Europe. The head office can be found in Coventry, however, there are also call centres in Derby and Shrewsbury. Severn Trent mostly services the Midlands, however, its supply does extend to parts of Wales.

For more about Severn Trent, call the Severn Trent head office contact number on this page.

Severn Trent Connection Numbers

Company Number
Severn Trent Water Enquiries 0843 557 3573
Water Leaks 0843 557 5222
Water Bills 0844 453 0159
Water Meters 0844 453 0212
Cancellations  0843 290 7098
Water Card  0843 290 7105

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Severn Trent departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Severn Trent Water – 0843 557 3573

Severn Trent supplies drinking water and provides wastewater services for over 4.2 million homes in the UK. Water is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that it is of the highest standard and meets all compliance requirements. Over the last 20 years, the company’s performance has improved, however, if a sample isn’t to a satisfactory level, a full investigation is carried out. You can use the Severn Trent website to find out more information about water quality in your area by entering your postcode online.

Severn Trent also looks after public sewers- large sewers located underneath the road or pavement. If you believe a sewer near you is blocked, you can call Severn Trent and they will investigate the issue. If the problem lies with your private drain or sewer, you will need to contact a sewer cleaning company to come and fix it.

Severn Trent Water Leak – 0843 557 5222

If you spot a water leak either inside a property or on a public road, you can contact Severn Trent so that they can have a look at it. You can report the leak by filling in an online contact form on the Severn Trent website, where you’ll be asked where the leak is happening, how bad it is and if it is causing damage- you can also upload a photo and give your contact details in case Severn Trent need more information about the leak. You can also report a leak by calling the Severn Trent emergencies number found in the table at the top of the page.

Severn Trent Water Bill – 0844 453 0159

There are different ways that your water bill can be calculated, depending on whether you have a water meter or not. If you don’t, you’ll be charged based on the rateable value of your property. If you have a water meter, your charges consist of three elements- used water, water supply and water drainage. The supply and used water charges will vary depending on how much water you use. Water drainage charges are based on the removal of rainwater and the treatment of surface water from your home- the charge you pay depends on whether it is charged by rateable value or property type.

Severn Trent Water Meter – 0844 453 0212

Switching to a water meter can help you save money. You’ll only pay for what you use. Most people save money when they switch to a meter because they make an effort to use less water. You can have a water meter fitted in your home free of charge and you can apply for one online or by calling Severn Trent using the phone number on this page. When Severn Trent visits, they will check to see that you can have a water meter fitted without any complications- your supply will be affected for approximately two hours.

Cancellations – 0843 290 7098

If you are moving outside of Severn Trent’s supply area, you’ll need to close the account. You can do this no more than 28 days in advance of your move. You’ll need to know your account number, current postcode, new address and your contact details. If you have a meter, you’ll need to take a meter reading on the day that you move house- if you’re not able to, don’t worry as you’ll just be sent an estimated bill based on your previous usage levels.

Water Card – 0843 290 7105

The water card is an easy way to manage to pay your water bills. You apply for the card online and it allows you to pay your bills in person at any shop with a PayPoint terminal.You can’t have a water card if you already pay your bill via Direct Debit.

Popular questions about Severn Trent

Where is my Severn Trent water meter?

Your water meter can usually be found outside- look for a small metal box near your outdoor stop tap. Indoor meters can usually be found in the downstairs bathroom or underneath the kitchen sink. When reading your water meter, just note down the black numbers- ignore the red.

How to email Severn Trent

Severn Trent does not currently have a customer service email. Instead, you can use an online contact form to ask a question and attach documents if you need to do so.

What is the Severn Trent trust fund?

Severn Trend Trust Fund is a registered charity. It’s available to all customers to provide extra help to people who have trouble paying their water bill. Customers can get a reduction on their bill between 10-90% of the yearly charge. Since 1997 when the charity was founded, the trust has donated more than £56 million to people who were struggling financially.