• Business Name: ScS
  • Head Office Number: 0843 218 4705
  • Opening Times: 9am-8pm Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 11am-4pm Sunday
  • Head Office Address: ScS Head Office, 45-49 Villiers St, Sunderland SR1 1HA
  • Website:

ScS Head Office Contact Number - 0843 218 4705

ScS Head Office Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 218 4705
Customer Service 0843 218 4706
Complaints 0843 218 4708
Payment Plans 0843 320 9721
Delivery 0843 320 9723
Careers 0843 320 9724

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those ScS departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

ScS Opening Hours

Day Opening Hours
Mon-fri 9am – 8pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

ScS Head Office Address

Head Office Address
ScS ScS Head Office
45-49 Villiers St, Sunderland SR1 1HA

Why would I need to call the SCS head office contact number? – 0843 218 4705

You may need to call the SCS helpline for a wide range of reasons, only the vast majority of which will be related to sofas, furniture, interiors and carpets. Whatever your reason, consider the Head Office contact line for SCS to be your hotline straight to the top; your phone line connecting you to the best the SCS has to offer, letting you skip the in-store middle-management and go directly to the people who make the decisions. The staff on the other end of the SCS hotline are well-trained in dealing with the majority of customer issues, and have access to information that most other furniture store call-centre workers can only dream of, plugged into the mainframe of SCS like it’s the Matrix, letting them answer any questions you may have.

ScS Head Office Contact Number - 0843 218 4705

About SCS – 0843 218 4706

SCS, which stands for “Sofa Carpet Specialist” originally stood for something very different, much more regionally limiting and partisan, and much less expert. Originally founded as “Suites Centre Sunderland” in – you guessed it, Constant Reader – Sunderland. Established over one hundred years ago, the company was founded in Sunderland in 1894, and by the time the 1980’s had rolled around, SCS proudly operated 8 stores in the North of England.

That may not seem like an impressive growth, opening 8 locations in one region over the course of literally 100 years, but SCS does not believe in aggressive expansion. Instead, they believe that “slow and steady wins the race”, using a strategy that many strategy simulation game players and Chinese politicians will recognise as “turtling”. Namely, remaining strong but immobile and uninvolved with risk while slowly building strength and developing capabilities for a controlled, unstoppable expansion.

SCS Payment Plans – 0843 320 9721

SCS, like most furnishers and interior retailers, don’t demand immediate reimbursement for their more expensive items – like their compatriots and competitors, they operate payment plans designed to lift the burden imposed by the high prices of most good quality and reputable interiors and furnitures.

By looking at good-quality flooring, carpets, sofas, suites and furnishings as investments, the payment plans make more sense – some allow you to pay in instalments, others are delayed, allowing you to begin paying up to a year after your original purchase, and some even allow you to pay one small piece at a time, at a pace of your own choosing!

Depending on the item that you buy, you may be able to select an interest-free repayment plan on credit, which can activate at any time you like over the first four years of your ownership!

In this case, you may prematurely activate your payments if you want, or use the full four years to build up as much of a buffer as possible before beginnign your repayments, allowing you to essentially double your repayment power by putting money aside a piece at a time beforehand, and again during the repayment period itself!

ScS Head Office Contact Number - 0843 218 4705

SCS Delivery – 0843 320 9723

If you buy a new floor, a suite of furniture, a sofa, or a gorgeous new carpet, you then need to face a new, and perhaps more urgent issue than the problem you had before. Before you bought it, your problem was simply that you didn’t have that item; now that you’ve successfully purchased it, you need to figure out how you’re going to get it home. Attempting to jam it all into the back of your Volkswagen Golf or BMW Mini is probably not going to get you anywhere, except the emergency room or the scrapyard, so what are you to do?

Don’t worry – ScS has you covered!

With ScS, you’ll be able to arrange delivery of the item to your home, so that an experienced team of couriers, handlers and lifters, specially-equipped with a truck, can do the moving for you! ScS couriers will arrange a date and time of delivery with you, and you can even choose different delivery options to suit your individual situation. You can notify the delivery team of obstacles or unusually-shaped entranceways, halls and stairs, to make sure they’re on top form and provided with premium intel on the problems they’ll face – leading to quick, easy delivery and the ability to enjoy your new sofa, kitchen, suite, table, floor or carpet right from the get-go!

ScS Head Office Contact Number - 0843 218 4705

SCS FAQs Expanded

Is my chosen floor available in different materials?

If you’re looking at flooring from ScS, then you shouldn’t restrict yourself to one single sort of material – for even within each material type there are massive ranges of aesthetic, appearance and functionality. Carpets will be separated in style, weave, thickness, depth, material, colour, texture and pattern; wood will be divided into cut, pattern, species, treatment, finish, hardwood or softwood, and seal; and tiles and lino also divide along pattern, material, bake, thickness, colour and texture. Simply put, your choices are massive, so if you see a floor that you love, but you need one small change, just ask!

You can ask in store or by calling the Head Office Contact Number listed on this page – the staff on the other end are always happy to help out and will be able to assist you in choosing the perfect material for your home, or letting you know if such materials are in stock in a store near you. You may even be able to talk to them about more exotic and gorgeous materials, like marble, granite, slate, and ivory with which to make your floors.

Can I track my SCS order?

You can! When it comes to knowing where your order is, you shouldn’t be in the dark – you should be able to see it from the warehouse to the your-house! You can do so by using the ScS websites “order tracking” feature, or by calling the Head Office contact number found on this page and requesting an update on your order’s progress. Please note, in both cases you will need your order reference number, to make sure you’re tracking the right one! Wouldn’t do to have you tracking completely the wrong order, on its way to Timbuktu, when yours is just around the corner, progressing towards you right as rain!