• Business Name: Screwfix
  • Phone Number: 0844 249 0919
  • Opening Times: 9am-5pm
  • Head Office Address: Screwfix Direct Ltd, Trade House, Mead Avenue, Houndstone Business Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8RT
  • Website:
Screwfix is a British tools and trade supplies company operating out of its strategic base in Somerset. If you need to call their head office, you can do so whenever you wish (provided that your wish falls between the hours of 9am and 5pm) by using the numbers located on this page.

Screwfix Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 249 0919 9am-5pm
Customer Services 0844 249 0908 9am-5pm
Complaints 0844 249 0952 9am-5pm
Careers 0843 208 7658 9am-5pm
Store Locator 0843 208 7659 9am-5pm
Delivery and Returns 0843 208 7660 9am-5pm

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Screwfix departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Screwfix Head Office – 0844 249 0919

You can get in contact with the Screwfix head office at any time and for any reason by calling the head office contact number, found above. This number is manned by trained customer service representatives between the hours of 9am (that is to say, in the morning, or nine hours after midnight) and 5pm (that is to say, in the evening, or seventeen hours after midnight, where midnight is taken to be The Zero Hour, the beginning of the day).

If you should place a call using a functional telephone device with an active connection to a functioning network or a satellite phone with a clear signal transmission to its satellite network, and if you should do so during the hours listed above, you would be connected either immediately or following a brief Hold period to the head office of Screwfix, the British tools and trade supplies company.

You may wish to make such a call for any number of reasons – as a human being with agency, will, motivations and a colourful, complex life all your own, these reasons are yours to determine. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t call the Screwfix head office contact number because their TV ad jingle is stuck in your head and you demand musical compensation. That choice is yours, and the freedom to make it is sacred! Similarly, if you want to call the head office for Screwfix because your screws took 18 turns to secure in a wooden board instead of the advertised 17, you can – it’s entirely up to you. The trained customer service executives on the other end of the Screwfix head office contact line, who you are now connected to via the miracle of technology, will be able to process your request and help you to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

The Screwfix head office is uniquely placed to help you with any issues you may be having partially by virtue of being the Screwfix head office. By its very nature, it contains the brightest minds of the “Screwfix Generation”, the people who are most valuable to the running of the company and the people who are most able to help resolve any complex or difficult issue you may be having. The Screwfix head office contains executives, legal experts, designers, specialists and consultants of all crafts and trades, communications, billing and accountancy supports, customer service, management, and even the CEO – and so by taking your problem directly to the head office, you’re opening a myriad of doors to its resolution. If your reason for calling is complex enough to require the intervention of higher powers than the regular customer service staff (who, need I remind you, are trained specialists in their own right, connected to the matrix of information that is the Screwfix head office database like a spider in the centre of the World Wide Web) then that’s possible – it’s simply a matter of a quick internal transfer of your call from one area of the head office to another. Never fear: when you’ve called the Screwfix head office contact number, you’ll get the response you need, and your problems will probably just melt away.

Screwfix Head Office Contact Number - 0844 249 0908

Screwfix Customer Service Contact – 0844 249 0908

If you are a Screwfix customer, you may need to get in touch with their customer service teams at any time and for a wide range of reasons – not just to complain or report a problem, but for any reason you can think of! You may need to make enquiries concerning a specific Screwfix item which you have purchased, are thinking about purchasing or plan to purchase in the future. You may need to troubleshoot an item you already have, or question the integrity of the supplies you have received, either in terms of physical integrity or, more rarely, metaphysical, moral integrity. You may need to clarify something about an item on the Screwfix catalogue, or find out whether it is in stock, or compare prices, as well as requesting help with your account, your payment methods and billing, the level of correspondence you are receiving, and any number of other problems.

Of course, it isn’t all sunshine and butterflies – sometimes you do need to make a complaint, and in so doing, provide the stimulus and the feedback the company needs to better itself on the grand scale. When you seek to do this, you’ll want the easiest, simplest and most direct route to make your complaint heard, and THAT means calling the number above, or alternately, the number below. You may also hope to sink your complaint to the hilt via a letter, an email, or a facebook message, but we cannot recommend them – as compared to a phone call, they are considerably slower, less reliable, and less able to achieve the result in a 30- to 40-minute time frame. By comparison, our complaints number will connect you directly and give you the vital catharsis you need to really get to the bottom of your issue, work it through with the customer service staff at Screwfix, and resolve it to your satisfaction.

There’s no wait as mail trucks crammed to bursting with letters careen down country lanes and over rickety bridges, your letter safely tucked away in their bulging sacks; no cold electronic data stream sucking your message greedily into the aether and across the pulsating nodes of the World Wide Web, to sit unopened in a spam inbox for all eternity, until the power fails and the net falls, the sun growing huge and red in the sky, the Earth pulled inexorably into the surface of the celestial body that gave life to it once, now swollen beyond all recognition and distorted into the death; the devourer of those it once sustained. The seas will boil away, the atmosphere burning off in great clouds of plasma like smoke from a fire, the land cracking and warping in the heat until the point of impact; and all the while, your email will be there, in the spam folder, unread.

Screwfix Head Office Contact Number - 0844 249 0908

Simply calling the phone number instead will avert this; with the only limit being the short wait you need to endure if you are placed on “hold” by the trained staff, and the response times as quick as your highly-evolved human brain or – for some of you – your advanced silicate neural network, can produce them. Since that’s what you evolved to do – or again, for those same few, what you were programmed to do – you should have no problem!

However, please note that while we do not recommend the use of the email, Facebook, Instagram and letter-delivery options for communication with the customer service department at Screwfix, we acknowledge that it may sometimes be necessary to use these methods if you are mute or deaf, if you do not possess a phone or cannot fathom how to work one, if you suffer from extreme conversational neurosis or social anxiety, if you cannot stand the thought of hearing another human voice, or if calling is impractical or inconvenient when you need to get in touch. Alternatively, you may need to provide some information or documentation that would be best provided via a letter or by email.

Screwfix Complaints – 0844 249 0952

When you need to make a complaint to Screwfix, you aren’t just complaining about a faulty product or a poor example of customer service – no! You’re a vital component in the machine of corporate homogeny, the stimulus by which a company is notified of a potential issue and removes it in a timely fashion. Just as the cells of the body can identify a cancerous traitor cell, and send lymphocytes and phagocytes to kill and remove the potential threat before a tumour can grow, so too is it essential for customers to complain where necessary, to flag a “cancerous cell” so to speak, before it can become a full-blown tumour.

Of course, in this case, we’re not looking at uncontrollably-replicating Screwfix tools and trade supplies, siphoning vital corporate resources and multiplying themselves until critical functions are forced to fail and the company dies, of course – it’s not like a mass of screwdrivers is filling the legal department of the head office at this very second and suffocating all those within, dealing a mortal blow to the head office’s capacity to operate. Rather, this is a more insidious metaphorical cancer, the metaphorical (and therefore not literal) cancer that is poor service and poor products.

The impact of such a thing is no less deadly just because it’s imaginary; the metaphorical metastasis of poor products and services left to their own devices can lead to a downward spiral of neglect and disillusionment that results in a slow, crippling decline. It’s no fate for a company, DIY-based or not, and should be avoided at all costs. That’s one of the reasons behind the complaints system – not just drawing attention to the problems of individual customers, but helping to cleanse the entire company of any bad blood before it grows out of control and poisons the whole.

Of course, the key point to all this philosophy is the customer – their satisfaction is paramount, their needs the only needs the company should concern themselves with. So, as the customer, don’t feel morally bound by any of the things I said above – remember the first paragraph of this piece – your choices are your own and to make them is to exercise the truest value of your humanity! So if you need to complain, you may do it unashamedly and selfishly, without stain and unabashed: you can report a problem and demand it be rectified, you can ask for your money back, you register your complaint and leave your information behind for further recompense, you can ask for a replacement or simply vent your displeasure: all of these things are within the limits of your remit.

If you need to get in contact with the Screwfix customer service line for any reason, you can do so by calling the numbers listed above or below, any time between the hours of 9am anbd 5pm. Don’t feel beholden to anyone to justify your reasons, although you should probably tell the Screwfix staff when they ask why you’re calling. Not for any moral or philosophical reason, but simply out of practical concern that you won’t be able to sort your complaint out otherwise.

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