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Scottish Power Contact Numbers

Aldi Phone Number
 Head Office 0843 218 4725
Customer Services 0843 557 3378
Complaints/Emergencies 0843 557 3498

Scottish Power Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office 1 Atlantic Quay
G2 8SP,
United Kingdom

Scottish Power Opening Times

Day Opening Hours
Mon – Fri 8.00am – 10.00pm
Saturday 8.20 am – 6pm

Reasons to call the Scottish Power Head Office

  • I want to pay my outstanding bills
  • I want to alert Scottish Power to a change of address
  • I want to complain about customer service I have received at Scottish Power
  • I want to submit my meter readings
  • I am having issues reading the meter
  • I want to have a smart meter installed
  • My boiler is not working
  • I want to apply for boiler cover
  • My electricity has gone off
  • I have forgotten my account details

Your Scottish Power Account

Scottish Power pride their online account as being convenient and very easy to access and if you are a current customer it couldn’t be easier to register for an online account. Once your account is manageable online you can view your balance, submit meter readings, change your tariff and pay your bills all in the one place, simply by entering your username (may be your email address or account number) and your password. If you have forgotten your password please call the head office contact number and your details can be retrieved. The Scottish Power online account is safe and secure, with each individual account showing its user how much energy they are using per month so that they can find simple ways to cut back on their usage and save money. Your account can be accessed directly from the Scottish Power website and if you are having trouble logging in then please call the contact number. Want to log in on the go? Simply download the Scottish Power YourEnergy app where everything can be accessed from your phone, available on both iPhone and android. Not only can you log into your account, they also have a connect thermostat feature that allows you to control your heating and hot water on the go. Downloading the app is simple and free of charge. Graphs on the app will explain your energy usage and if you become concerned over the amount you are paying to Scottish Power you can control your monthly direct debits. If you would like to alter a direct debit, please call the head office contact number to discuss your reasons for the change.

Scottish Power Tariffs

Scottish power offer a range of tariffs so that you can decide exactly what time it suited to your needs. All of the Scottish Power tariffs are listed on their website, from the beat cancer fixed price energy until December 2018 which will on average cost you £952.68 annually, to online fixed price energy tariffs that have no exit fees. All of the tariffs offer dual fuel discounts for customer loyalty and no matter what tariff you choose you will not pay more than £1, 070. 70 annually. If you are already on a Scottish Power tariff and wish to move to a different one that you feel would be better for you then please call the contact number and your new tariff can be arranged. if you are moving house and leaving Scottish Power you will not be reduced to any exit fees, unless you are using the online fixed price energy until September 2017. if you feel you have been unfairly charged, please call the contact number and your issue can be resolved. If you choose to pay your bills online you will also be eligible for discount as part of a plan to reduce paperless bills completely.

Switching to Scottish Power

If you want to change your supplier to Scottish Power, simply call the UK based call centre and the transition can begin, as hassle free as it possibly can be. The first phone call will count as your Scottish Power application and you might then be asked to visit the website and download an application form. Once your application to Scottish Power has been accepted (will usually depend on factors such as the area in which you live and whether or not Scottish Power supply to that area) the registration process can begin. You should expect to wait 4- 6 weeks before it has been fully completed. The process is fairly straightforward; Scottish Power will request information from your current supplier and check it against the information you provided in your application. Setting up a new account will also require some open meter readings so that you can be billed accurately right from the start of your time with Scottish Power. If you encounter any issues during or after the transfer process then please call the head office contact number. If small businesses are looking to switch over to Scottish Power please be prepared that there might be a few credit checks carried out.


How do I read my Scotish Power meter?

The Scottish Power website provides video guides for meter reading to ensure you have no complications when submitting them. There are different types of meters in every home for both gas and electricity and so each meter is read different depending on the one that you have. For example, your meter may be imperial or it may be metric and therefore read in a different way. If you cannot access the online video guides then please call the contact number and an adviser can assist you in submitting the correct information. You can submit your meter readings online or over the phone. It is important that regular meter readings are submitted so that your are billed accurately each month.

How do I make a payment to Scottish Power?

Scottish power allow a number of different payment methods such as direct debit, pay as you go which allows you to just pay for your energy as you use it, a monthly cash plan with monthly cash payments that are planned out by you. if you do not want to use a direct debit or a payment plan you can pay the monthly bill as and when it arrives using a bank card, either online or over the phone. If you want to pay in cash you can visit any of your local PayPoints or Payzones to pay your bill. If you want to find out where your nearest Paypoint is or want to change your payment method, please call the head office contact number.

How do I report a power cut?

Please call the contact number if you have experienced a local power cut or a power cut just within your home. Similarly, if your boiler has broken and your house has no hot water or heating and an emergency repair service can be sent out to you.

I am moving house, what action should I take?

if you are moving house and to a new supplier please be sure to alert Scottish Power at least two weeks before this so that everything can be finalised with your account. They will need closing meter readings as well as details of your new address so that a final bill can be sent out to you. If you are moving home and want to keep Scottish Power as your supplier, if they don’t already supply your new property you can easily change it over to Scottish Power. Just call the head office contact number for further information on how to do this.

About Scottish Power

Vertically integrated energy company Scottish power has its headquarters in Glasgow and was established in 1990. It is the distribution network operator for Merseyside, North Waled and Central and Southern Scotland. It also owns PPM Energy which is over in the United States. In April of 2016 they were investigated by Ofgem for their customer service standards, costing £18 million.


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