• Business Name: Scope
  • Head Office Number: 0843 2081 747
  • Opening Times: 9am-5:30pm Monday-Friday, Closed Weekends
  • Head Office Address: Scope, 6 Market Road, London, N7 9PW
  • Website:
Scope head office contact number
Scope head office contact number

Scope is a charity which focuses on ensuring that disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Other Scope Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 2081 747
Volunteering 0843 816 6853
Fundraising 0843 816 6854
Charity Shop 0843 816 6855
Customer Services 0843 816 6856
Jobs 0843 816 6857

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Scope Head Office Opening Hours

Days Opening Hours
Monday- Friday 9am-5.30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Scope Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office Scope, 6 Market Road, London, N7 9PW

About Scope – 0843 2081 747

Scope was first founded as the National Spastics Society back in 1951. It aimed to help people with cerebral palsy. Until 1989, the charity ran a boarding school for disabled people. The name changed to Scope in 1994 following a long period of time since the 1980s where the term spastic was used as a playground insult. As a result, the charity ran a two-year consultation period with disabled people before reaching the name Scope.

Today, Scope employs over 3,000 people across the charity and has an annual turnover of around £100 million, allowing it to carry out its range of support services.

Scope’s End the Awkward campaign first launched in 2014 with the comedian Alex Brooker fronting it, guiding viewers through awkward situations that they might be in. The campaign continued in 2015 as Scope teamed up with Channel 4 to release a range of short films explaining what not to do in everyday situations such as at the hairdressers and on a blind date. This year, the charity joined forces with the George & Dragon advertising agency to come up with a mnemonic for the campaign- H.I.D.E (say hi, introduce yourself, don’t panic, end the awkward)

Scope Charity – 0843 816 6854

Scope provides support and information to disabled people, ensuring that they are given the same opportunity as others. The charity also works to raise awareness of issues that matter to disabled people. Scope has developed a strategy of six key areas. The first is family lives, ensuring that families with disabled children are given adequate levels of support. The second is independent living- many disabled people live in nursing or residential homes and Scope wants to give people the opportunity to live independently. Scope’s research has found that disabled people are less likely to have qualifications so the charity is working to ensure an education of a good quality is accessible to disabled people. The research also showed only half of disabled people of a working age are in work, so they want to make volunteer/work opportunities more readily available. Disabled people can often struggle financially so one of Scope’s aims is to make sure they have the funding to live comfortably financially. Lastly, they want to increase disabled people’s presence in society so that the community has great role models to look up to.

Services provided by Scope to disabled people and their carers include education, fostering, residential care, day centres, employment, short breaks and befriending. The services that the charity provide are tailored to many different forms of disabilities such as visual impairments, communication difficulties, hearing impairments and cerebral palsy.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved with Scope’s fundraising efforts. They include the Scope Friday lottery with cash prizes every week, and events such as running, cycling, backgammon and bridge tournaments- the backgammon and bridge tournament is known as the biggest charity tournament in the country. You can also build your own Scope campaign or join in a campaign. A current campaign is End the Awkward, where research found that two-thirds of people feel awkward around disability- the campaign aims to end that.

Scope Charity Shop – 0843 816 6855

There are over 230 Scope charity shops across the UK. They sell a range of second-hand and new clothes, books, toys and furniture. The stores are always looking out for donations, so if you have something that you think could be of use, you can use the Scope website to find your nearest charity shop and pop in with your items. Charity shops are often full of surprises- you never know who might have donated a designer bag or the first edition of a book!

Scope Jobs – 0843 816 6857

Scope charity
Scope Charity

Scope has employment opportunities for both disabled and able-bodied people. The charity guarantees interviews to disabled applicants who are qualified for the position they have applied for. Roles currently being advertised include a charity shop manager, support worker, social worker, employer and partnership advisor, media and PR officer, Nursery Nurse and a housekeeping assistant amongst much more. You can apply for Scope vacancies online and you will be able to find a full job description and person specification through the website too, as well as a point of contact.

Scope Volunteering – 0843 816 6853

If you’re looking to make a difference within your local community, volunteering can be a great way to do it. Scope has a community of over 9000 volunteers and anyone can do it, no matter what your experience levels are or how much time you have to spare. Volunteers are employed across the charity from fundraising events to charity shops and even in the London head office. When you first begin volunteering, you’ll receive an introduction to Scope and a handbook. During your time volunteering, you will always have a member of staff to report any issues to and they will offer support- this could come from phone calls or meetings. You can opt to attend volunteer meetings where you will meet fellow volunteers. In some Scope shops, volunteers can work towards an NVQ qualification- if you think you could be interested in this, just ask your shop manager for more information. How much time you dedicate to your role depends on which role you are applying for, as some of them will have a minimum level of time commitment, whereas others may leave it up to you to decide. For more about volunteering at Scope, call the Scope head office contact number on this page.


For more about Scope, call the Scope head office contact number on this page.