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Santander Contact Numbers

Santander Phone Number
 Head Office

0843 208 2387

Mortgage Contact Number  0843 557 4391
Complaints  0845 600 6014

Santander Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Lines open 24/7

Santander Head Office Address

Department Head Office Address
Head Office 2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London, NW1 3AN, United Kingdom

Santander plc is a British bank, wholly owned by the Spanish banking leviathan The Spanish Santander Group.

The UK division of Santander plc manages all aspects of its operation independent of its Spanish directorate and is entirely responsible for its own performance and success. As one of the UK’s foremost personal financial services providers and one of the top providers of mortgages, savings and personal loans, the bank has over 20,000 employees and 14 million customers, sporting an impressive 1010 physical branches and 50 corporate business hubs.

Formed in 2010, Santander came to be from the merger of Abbey National plc with the savings business and physical infrastructure of Bradford and Bingly, finally absorbing Alliance and Leicester in May 2010 and taking its final form as Santander.

In October 2011, when Santander UK had been in existence for only a year, the credit rating of 12 UK banks and financial firms was downgraded, including that of Santander UK, by Moody, who cited financial weakness. However, by 2012, the same test showed Santander UK to be more financially healthy and solvent than its parent company, Banco Santander.

But enough history – you want information on how to contact the Santander Head Office. Well, you may need to contact Santander’s head office for any number of reasons, as it is a general services or “universal” bank – that is, a bank that offers any kind of financial service to its customers. So while one customer may have an issue with their current account, another may have trouble with their mortgage and yet another might need to set up corporate or business banking – Santander does it all.

Whatever your reason for contacting the Santander head office, the fastest, least stressful and most effective way to get in touch is by calling their dedicated contact line on 0843 208 2387.

This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No matter when or where you need to get in touch, the Santander head office is open and rolling. If you need to call, Santander understands that you need to call now and won’t make you wait to access vital information or control for your account.

The staff manning the head office contact lines at Santander are trained to provide any information you may need, and can also give financial advice and resolve the majority of complaints or problems quickly and effectively. If they cannot, the fact that they are conveniently located within the Head Office of Santander means they can pass your call through the ranks until it reaches a member of staff with the expert knowledge or authority to effectively deal with it.

Why Might I Need To Contact The Santander Head Office?

As a dedicated customer care and universal activity bank, you may need to call the Santander head office at any time, for any reason – their financial services are provided across the full range of the banking sector’s capabilities, so your correspondence may be triggered by something as trivial as a credit card or a bank statement, or something as critical as a mortgage complaint or fraud investigation.

You may need to call:

  • To discuss setting up a savings account with Santander
  • To arrange or cancel internet banking
  • To enquire about the status of your managed investments
  • To talk about, make enquiries about or complain about your mortgage
  • To speak to an executive about your Santander credit card
  • To manage your Business Accounts
  • To register a complaint
  • To resolve issues that your branch cannot

A Few Useful Santander Contact Numbers:

Santander Phone Number
Head Office Contact 0843 208 2387
Customer Services Contact 0843 208 2387
Complaints Service 0843 208 2387

Santander Complaints Line Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Lines Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Santander Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office 2 Triton Square
Regent’s Place
United Kingdom

Santander Head Office Key Departments

The following departments are the most commonly requested by Santander callers ringing the head office – for more information on each one, look at the relevant section below.

Santander Bank Complaints Department

The Santander complaints department is a dedicated department of the head office, working alongside and independent of the rest of the agency, staffed with customer service experts who use their authority and flexibility to work any customer complaint to a satisfactory resolution.

Complaints made in the banking sector and financial industry are often quite serious, so you will have to option to contact the financial services ombudsman at any point while making your complaint, and can choose to escalate the complaint as necessary through the head office.

Your details will be recorded when you make your complaint to ensure you can be notified of its progress and compensated appropriately, if necessary.

Santander Online Banking

With Santander online banking, you can control any aspect of any of your accounts, at any time, from any place. Simply go online and input all your security information, and you’ll be able to access, view, manipulate and control your accounts, setting up or cancelling payments, making transactions, moving funds or reading statements. No matter what time or place, you’ll have full control of your accounts with Santander online banking.

Setting it up is as simple as calling Santander on 0844 453 0256 and asking to be connected!

Santander Business Banking

Santander is a universal bank, providing whatever its customers need, in any sphere of banking. This doesn’t just include personal current accounts, savings, ISAs, wealth management and investments, insurance, mortgages and loans – perish the thought!

Santander also run a series of incredible business and corporate accounts options, so business banking is made simple with Santander. Simply go in-branch or call the Santander head office to let them know what you’re after – once that’s done, you’ll be able to access your business account and sync it to your internet banking to control it any time, from anywhere!

Santander Personal Accounts

Santander personal current accounts are held by over 14 million people, and are almost infinitely flexible. If you need your account to transform into a savings account, an investment management account, an ISA, an emergency fund or a rapid-access levee account, Santander can set that up – just call the head office on 0843 208 2387.

Santander Branches

Santander has over 1010 physical branches throughout the UK, and over 20,000 staff. If you need to find your nearest branch, you can go online and Bing Maps it, call the head office on 0843 208 2387 and ask, or go to the Santander website to use their branch locator app.

Alternative Contact Methods

As we stated above, by far the fastest and least faffy way to contact the Santander head office is by calling their dedicated contact phone number, 0843 208 2387This number is manned by a dedicated department of head office staff, all of whom are trained and equipped to deal with any customer enquiry or problem – and as these are usually a step above those dealt with by regular branches of Santander, the head office teams therefore have to be experts of considerable capability. This phone number is available to connect you to the Santander head office 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.

However, we understand that it is not always the perfect solution to phone the company instead of writing – and therefore, in these rare situations, alternative methods must be deployed. In these cases, you can use the email address available on the official Santander website (this is not it) or send a letter to the head office at:

2 Triton Square
Regent’s Place
United Kingdom

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