• Business Name: Sainsburys
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 3614
  • Opening Times: 9am-5.30pm
  • Head Office Address: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd
    33 Holborn
    EC1N 2HT
  • Website:

Sainsburys head office contact number

Sainsburys Connection Numbers

Departmenet Number
Sainsburys Head Office 0843 557 3614
Sainsburys Customer Services 0843 218 9678
Sainsburys Complaints 0843 218 9679
Nectar Card Help Line 0843 218 9680
Sainsburys Returns 0843 218 9681
Sainsburys Jobs 0843 218 9682

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Sainsburys departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Sainsbury’s Head Office – 0843 218 9678

The Sainsburys head office is located in London, and can be reached by phone, letter, or online, which I will now discuss.

This online service offers customers the chance to choose their groceries online or by phone. Once this has been done they can collect their items or have them delivered. The service is run by stores with the full range of products, and can be found by searching for the term “Sainsbury’s Online”.

Sainsbury’s Customer Services – 0843 218 9678

If you need to call Sainsburys customer services, you can do so on the number listed above. You may wish to discuss a range of things with the Sainsburys customer service staff, not least including the Sainsbury’s fuel chain. What is that, you ask? Well. Sainsbury’s has a chain of fueling stations located in the same area as their supermarkets for customer convenience. They sell petrol, diesel and CityPetrol. The chain first opened in 1947 and has been running ever since.

Sainsbury’s Complaints –  0843 218 9678

Want to register a complaint with Sainsburys? You can! Just call the number listed above and let them know that you aren’t happy. You may be unhappy about a wide variety of things, including, but not limited to, Sainsburys Bank, which I will outline below.

Sainsbury’s established its own bank in 1997, in a joint venture with the Bank of Scotland, which later become Lloyds Banking Group. Services on offer from Sainsbury’s bank included car, life, home and pet insurance as well as loans, credit cards and accounts. In 2013, Sainsbury’s bought the remaining 50% stake in the bank originally owned by Lloyds Bank, meaning that now it is controlled soley by Sainsbury’s.

Nectar Card Help Line – 0843 218 9678

Sainsbury’s is one of the founding members of “Nectar” which was founded in 2002. The scheme allows customers to earn points on items bought from Sainsbury’s as well as from other participating retailers, in return for a large range of rewards, which can be found on the Nectar website. For every £1 spent, the customer earns 1 point. Since the implementation of the bag charge in 20015, Sainsbury’s no longer offers 1 bonus point for every carrier bag bought.

Sainsbury’s Returns – 0843 557 3614

“Live well for less” is the motto Sainsbury’s has for its customers. They believe in long-term value and reject short-term solutions that impact customers and the environment negatively. Below is a list of commitments that Sainsbury’s want each of their stores to stick to:

  • Active Youth – encouraging kids to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Sustainable Fish – All fish in stores are sourced from farmers who are sustainable and contribute towards a healthy environment
  • Fair Trade products – Sainsbury’s work with all of the farmers and sellers in their supply chain to ensure a fair deal is made on all produce
  • British – Sainsbury’s believe in supporting British farmers, and will use them for produce whenever they can
  • Animal Health and Welfare – Sainsbury’s maintain that happy meat is healthy meat, and will only receive meat and animal products from suppliers who adhere to strict policy regarding animal health and welfare
  • Operational Waste – Sainsbury’s aims to reduce waste by recycling any product waste they can. They also invest in a waste less, save more scheme for customers, as well as a packaging scheme in which they’re trying to reduce packaging size to save on waste
  • Diversity – Sainsbury’s aims to include everyone in their workforce, and will incorporate for the needs of that workforce.

Sainsburys Jobs – 0843 557 3614

If you want a job at Sainsburys, you can apply online or call the number above. The jobs include anything from cashier to slogan maker! And as Slogan Maker, you’d be making the famous Sainsbury’s slogans.

Sainsbury’s has used a number of slogans over the years. It currently operates under “Live well for less” however, it has had many incarnations, including:

  • “Sainsbury’s For Quality, Sainsbury’s For Value”- Used in 1918
  • “Sainsbury’s. Essentials for the Essentials.”
  • “Good Food Costs Less At Sainsbury’s” — Used from the 1960s to the 1990s
  • “Sainsbury’s – Everyone’s Favourite Ingredient”
  • “Fresh food, fresh ideas. Eat healthy” – Used in 1998 adverts


Do Sainsbury’s sell clothes?
Do Sainsbury’s offer a refund without a receipt?
What are Sainsbury’s like as an employer?
How do I make a complaint to Sainsbury’s?
Which Sainsbury’s have pharmacies?

Do Sainsbury’s sell clothes?

Sainsbury’s do sell clothes under the TU names. Sainsbury’s own the name and sell a number of clothing items under it. They specialise in Men, Women, and Children’s clothing. They also have a baby clothing range, as well as a back to school range. You can find TU in the majority of Sainsbury’s stores, if you wish to find out if your local store stocks the clothing range, you can ring the number above for more information.

Do Sainsbury’s offer a refund without a receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot return items without a proof of purchase. However, you have a 12-month perioud on non-perishables in which you can return your goods.

What are Sainsbury’s like as an employer? – 0843 218 9682

Sainsbury’s prides itself on a fun working atmosphere, and believes that teams should be passionate about customer service. If you’re selected to work with Sainsbury’s, you’ll receive a colleague discount card, an annual bonus and pension scheme, a Sainsbury’s share purchase plan, and even season ticket loans if you wish to take one out. For more information on the perks of working with Sainsbury’s, ring the number above or visit their webpage.

How do I make a complaint to Sainsbury’s? – 0843 218 9679

You can make a complaint to Sainsbury’s by calling the number above. If you wish to resolve a claim that you’re unhappy with, you can write to the address below discussing your complaint:

Small Claims Mediation (UK) Ltd
33 Leicester Road Blaby

Which Sainsbury’s have pharmacies?

Sainsbury’s pharmacies house trained pharmacists who can dispense your prescription for you. The pharmacies in Sainsbury’s stores also offer a service in which they can collect your prescription and also process it, ready for your next store visit. To find out which store near you has a pharmacy, you can ring the number above.

About Sainsbury’s – 0843 557 3614

sainsburys local
sainsburys local

Sainsbury’s is a supermarket founded in the UK in 1869. It operates 1200 stores and 170 000 colleagues throughout the UK. The stores are always adapting and aim to be more environmentally friendly. In 1922, it became the UK’s largest grocery retailer, and was overtaken by Tesco in 1995. The largest shareholder of Sainsbury’s stocks is The Quatar Investment Authority.