0844 453 0233

Ryanair is a large budget airline in the UK and Ireland, with services operating all over the world. You can contact the Ryanair head office by calling 0844 453 0233.

Ryanair Head Office Connection Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 453 0233 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
HR and Finance 0843 208 1756 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Marketing 0843 208 1735 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday

Ryanair Head Office – 0844 453 0233

You can find the Ryanair head office in Dublin, Ireland. You can call the Ryanair head office if you would like to inquire more about the company’s policies or legal information, if you need some information about a Ryanair employee or you have other general corporate inquiries. You can also call the Ryanair head office if you feel that you must report a bad experience you have had with the company or staff member, you need to cancel a booking or change a booking, you would like to describe an issue with the Ryanair website, you need some assistance booking your flight, you want more information about the Ryanair planes or you have some general questions about Ryanair. To contact Ryanair you should dial 0844 453 0233 and listen to the automated message, selecting the most appropriate option.

HR and Finance- 0843 208 1756

If you are a Ryanair employee and you would like to check your upcoming shifts, discuss your shift hours, you would like to know the employee policies such as maternity policies or dress codes, you need to book holiday leave, you want to know if Ryanair offer an employee discount, you are required to receive a reference from Ryanair for a new job you’re starting, you would like to know the policies for leaving the company, you have had a bad experience on the job with Ryanair and wish to discuss or complain about it or you have other inquiries about your job with Ryanair you can should get in touch with the HR department.

If you are waiting for any type of payment from Ryanair such as a refund for a flight or a compensation payment due to a delay or negative experience you should get into contact with the finance department to find out when you will be receiving these payments or if you have any other concerns or questions about the payments. If you work for Ryanair you should also get into contact with the finance department if you have had trouble with your wages, taxes or payslips and feel it is necessary to discuss this with a member of the team. You can get in touch with the HR or finance department by dialling 0843 208 1756 and choosing the appropriate HR or finance option.

Marketing – 0843 208 1735

If you are a reporter or blogger writing a piece featuring Ryanair and you wish to find out more about their policies surrounding you using their images or branding such as the name or logo, you would like more information about their flights or aircrafts, you would like to ask a few questions regarding a Ryanair advertisement campaign, or you need some other specific information about the company, call the marketing department on 0843 208 1735 and choose the most relevant option for your inquiry with the marketing team.