Ryanair Connection Numbers:

Ryanair Number
Ryanair Head Office 0844 453 0233
Ryanair Complaints 0843 208 1756
Customer services 0843 208 1735
Fares and Bookings 0844 453 0233
Baggage Allowance Helpline 0844 453 0233
Refunds and Cancellations 0844 453 0233

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Ryanair departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Ryanair Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Ryanair Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office Ryanair Ltd.
Corporate Head Office
Airside Business Park
Co. Dublin

Ryanair is a record-breaking budget airline originating in Ireland and operating all over the world. It is currently the most popular airline in the UK, and served 90.6 million customers in 2015 alone. Characterised by its rapid expansion, Ryanair runs flight services to 32 countries across the world with its famous “no frills” budget ticketing service, which allows customers to pay for only what they need, and not a penny more.

Ryanair Head Office – 0844 453 0232

Ryanair is the most popular airline company in Europe, processing the flights of 90 million customers in 2015 alone, and on course to deal with hundreds of millions this year. Of those hundreds of millions, it is very likely that some will need to phone the head office for some reason or another, whether to report a problem, book a flight, make an alteration to an existing booking, register a complaint, or enquire about savings, flight times, delays and other issues.

The head office staff at Ryanair are equipped to deal more efficiently with any problem or enquiry made by a customer, and are trained specifically with the answer to many issues. They are able to transfer any customers with problems that they can’t deal with themselves through the ranks to senior staff, who have the knowledge and authority to resolve the issue satisfactorily. Since you’ll be phoning the head office, the limits to how far the company can go for you are gone – if you need to go all the way to the CEO of the company before you meet someone who can resolve your problem, that is possible when calling the head office. One way or another, the Ryanair head office can deal with your issue and leave you walking away happy.

Ryanair Complaints – 0843 208 1756

Occasionally, you may need to make a complaint about a Ryanair service. This could be because your flight was delayed or because a member of the cabin crew was rude to you, or because you were unsatisfied with the entire flying experience. If you do need to make a complaint, you can do so by calling the telephone number above. You can also reach out to Ryanair on social media to voice your complaint.

Ryanair Customer Service – 0843 208 1735

You might need to contact Ryanair customer service for a number of reasons. You might need to make a change to your booking, such as adding hold luggage or reserving a seat with extra legroom. If you need to speak to customer services, you can do this in a number of ways – by calling the phone number above, by contacting them on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, or by using the contact form on the Ryanair website.

Ryanair Fares and Booking –

Ryanair is most well known for its affordable fares to a range of destinations around Europe. Ryanair fares are affordable because they are known to be a ‘no-frills’ airline, which is very basic with things like food and hold luggage costing extra. You can book flights with Ryanair to a range of popular destinations, from city break hot spots like Barcelona to summer holiday destinations like Ibiza and Majorca.

Ryanair Baggage Allowance –

Ryanair’s charges on hold luggage change depending on the season and the business of the airline, along with other factors like the method of booking. Generally, booking online in low season carries the lowest fees, for a 15kg or 20kg case or pair of cases. Booking check in baggage over the phone or via “Manage Booking” generally incurs higher fees, and even more so during busy seasons.

It is important to note that if you exceed your weight limit, you will be charged £10/€10 per additional kilo of weight. However, you may pool the weight of your baggage with other members of the same flight so long as you check in together, allowing you to have only one case for a couple or family that would exceed the limit for one person. Ryanair feels that this streamlines a lot of customer’s experiences, helps keep things easy for families and groups, and is generally an inordinately merciful thing to offer.

Ryanair Refunds and Cancellations –

In the event that your flight was delayed or cancelled, you might be entitled to a refund or compensation. If your flight is cancelled or has been delayed for more than three hours upon your arrival, you have two options. You can be given a full refund and make your own alternative travel arrangements, or you can wait for a re-routed flight or the next available flight to your destination. If you choose the latter, EU regulations dictate that Ryanair must provide refreshments, phone calls and accommodation if the next flight isn’t until the following day.

Ryanair Head Office FAQs

Why is Ryanair so cheap?
Are Ryanair flights ATOL protected?

When is the Ryanair sale?


Why is Ryanair so cheap?

Ryanair is the cheapest airline in Europe, and for good reason – it is a company that works hard to be cheap. Ryanair is cheap because it operates a “no frills” policy of company flight planning. The only thing a Ryanair customer pays for is their seat – their ticket buys a place on the plane and nothing else. As a result, anything else they want is an extra – it costs extra for baggage, food, priority boarding, or any of the comforts that other more expensive airlines offer as standard.

Since customers can choose which parts of the flight experience they want, they can choose to save the maximum money by taking nothing except the ticket – providing them an opportunity to save money by paying for only what they need.

Are Ryanair flights ATOL protected?

ATOL protection means that if a customer is on holiday and the airline that flew them out there goes into liquidation, they will be able to get home. In this day of corporate insecurity, with large, seemingly untouchable multinational corporations capsizing every week or so, it is a source of great concern for customers who fear being stranded in a foreign country and incapable of getting home, hemorrhaging money along with thousands of others. If such a thing were to happen to you, you would hopefully be protected by ATOL protection, which would ensure you could get home at the original time, at no extra cost.

Unless you flew with Ryanair, obviously.

Ryanair flights are not ATOL protected, so if the company goes into liquidation while you’re on holiday, you may have to remain on holiday for some time, as they are not covered at all.

When is the Ryanair sale?

Ryanair ticket sales run at all times of the year for different routes and different packages – the most important thing is just to check for them! You’ll be able to ask the head office staff about current or upcoming sales if you call them on 0844 453 0232, as they have more information than the average booking agent and can inform you about upcoming sales well ahead of time, allowing you to take full advantage of the Ryanair sale.

The staff at the Ryanair head office can also take your email address or physical address to allow them to notify you of deals and ticket sales, operating a subscription service to help you never miss a great deal.