Radisson Blu

0843 596 3112

Radisson Blu is a globally renowned high-end hotel chain, with over 400 locations across the world. You can call the Radisson Blu head office on 0843 596 3112. Radisson Blu is part of the Carlson Rezidor hotel group.

 Radisson Blu Head Office Numbers:

departments Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0843 596 3112 24 hours
7 days a week
Customer Services 0843 596 3291 24 hours
7 days a week
Sales 0843 596 3292 24 hours
7 days a week
HR 0843 596 3293 24 hours
7 days a week
Marketing 0843 596 3294 24 hours
7 days a week
Finance 0843 596 3295 24 hours
7 days a week

Head Office – 0843 596 3112

The Radisson Blu head office is found within the Rezidor hotel group building in Bruxelles, Belgium. You can contact the Radisson Blu head office if you need some more information regarding the Rezidor hotel group, you would like to know the Radisson Blu human trafficking policies, you would like to here the company legal information, policies or history or you have some other corporal questions. To contact the Radisson Blue head office you can call 0843 596 3112, you will need to listen to the programmed recording and choose the relevant option.

Customer Services – 0843 596 3291

If you have been struggling to use the website, you would like to change a booking date, room size or add an amenity to your booking, you have had a bad experience with a Radisson Blu hotel or member of staff and you need to report it, you need to find a hotel in specific city or country you are visiting, you require information about checking in and out of a Radisson Blu hotel as well as general hotel policies such as smoking rules or you have other questions about Radisson Blu you can call the customer services team. You should get in touch with the customer service department by dialling 0843 596 3291 and choosing the relevant option from the automatic message.

Sales – 0843 596 3292

Call the sales department if you need help using the website to book a room or you would like some advice about what location to stay in, what size room you require and what type of amenities and extras such as a spa, pool or gym are available in certain Radisson Blu locations. To contact the sales department you can call 0843 596 3292 select the most relevant option from your inquiry.

HR –  0843 596 3293

If you work for Radisson Blu and you need to speak to a member of HR regarding your shift hours, an unpleasant experience you had whilst working, you want to take leave or holidays, you need to be informed about the employee policies such as the maternity/paternity policies, you require a reference from Radisson Blu for a new job you’re starting, you need information about the employee discounts, you have experienced an issue with your payslip or you have some other questions about your job at Radisson Blu you can get in touch with the HR department. To get in touch with the HR team you can phone 0843 596 3293 select the relevant option for your inquiry.

Marketing – 0843 596 3294

If you are a reporter who is writing an article regarding Radisson Blu you can call the marketing team if you require to hear about their policies regarding image usage, their past or present advertisement campaigns, you want to find out about a specific hotel or employee. Reach out to the marketing department to find out more about any of the above-listed things by dialling 0843 596 3294 and choosing the relevant option.

Finance –  0843 596 3295

If you are expecting to obtain a compensation or refund payment from Radisson Blu you can inquire about when you will receive it, how much you are receiving and how you will receive it get in touch with a member of the finance team. If you are a Radisson Blue employee and you have had issues with your wages or payslips such as not being paid on time or being paid too little, you have had a problem with your tax code or national insurance or you haven’t received your payslip and would like to see it as well as inquiring about seeing all previous payslips from Radisson Blu. To contact the finance department call 0843 596 3295 and select the appropriate option for your finance inquiry.