0844 248 2691

Call the Primark head office on 0844 248 2691 to discuss their products and locate your nearest store. You can also call this number to make a complaint.

Primark Contact Numbers

Primark Number
Head Office 0844 248 2691
Customer Service 0844 826 8388
HR 0843 208 5082
Payroll 0843 208 5083
Recruitment 0843 208 5084
Marketing 0843 208 5085

Head Office

You can find the Primark head office in Dublin and you can contact them directly by calling 0844 248 2691. When the call has connected, press 1) for product information 2) for the store locator, 3) for Primark store and gift cards 4) if you are a supplier or are looking to be a supplier for Primark and 5) for complaints. When making a complaint, please ensure you give your full name, address and phone number so that someone can call you back if necessary.

Customer Service

You can find the Primark customer service department of your local store by calling 0844 826 8388 and mentioning the store you would like to reach, to the operator. Once you are through, a member of the customer service team will gladly assist you with any queries that you might have. A common reason to contact customer services is because a customer has seen a product online and they would like to see if it is stocked in store. If you are calling for this reason, please have the product’s reference number to hand so that the customer service adviser that you are speaking with can locate the product easily for you. If you are intent on purchasing the product, you can request for the product to be reserved for a maximum of five days, simply by giving your full name.


If you need to speak with HR as a member of the Primark team, then the best way of reaching them is by calling 0843 208 5082. This number will connect you directly with Primark human resources where you can confidently discuss anything to do with your employment status, including your rights as en employee, what holidays you are entitled to or any queries or issues that you may have with your job role. So that your employee profile can be found quickly and easily, please give your full name and date of birth when calling HR.


To be connected directly to the Primark payroll office, please call 0843 208 5083. You will be connected with someone who can help you with any issues you might have about payment dates and your salary. Please state your job role and full name when calling the number.


There are plenty of career opportunities available at Primark. Call 0843 208 5084 where you will be put through to an automated menu. Press 1) for a list of Primark positions currently available, 2) for some interview tips and advice, 3) for help with the Primark application process and 4) to track a currently pending application form (for this you will need your application reference number which you will find on your confirmation email.


To speak with a member of the Primark marketing team over the phone, call 0843 208 5085 and simply state your reason for calling. You might wish to re-use some images you have spotted in a Primark marketing campaign, want to make a complaint about a Primark advert or simply just ask a question about something that you have seen on the television or online. Either way, the team will be happy to have a chat with you and provide any information that you might require.

Other ways to contact Primark

As well as over the phone, other great ways to reach Primark are by contacting them via Twitter or filling out an online contact form which will be picked up by their support team.