Poundland head office contact number

Poundland Connection Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0844 248 2656
Customer Services 0843 320 9673
Complaints 0844 248 2656

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Poundland Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Saturday: 8am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

Poundland Head Office Postal Address

Department Address
Head Office Poundland Ltd,
Wellmans Road,
West Midlands,
WV13 2QT
Poundland Head Office Contact
Poundland Head Office Contact

Poundland – 0844 248 2656

Poundland was founded in 1990, with a start-up investment of only £50,000. Originally, landlords turned down their applications to open their store, as they could easily undercut every retailer nearby, but the founders persevered until their first store was open in Burton-on-Trent. Before long, the store was joined by several others.

The growth speed of Poundland stores actually reached further than their ability to warehouse and distribute their goods in 1995, and in the same year, stock theft became unacceptably high, resulting in the company taking a huge profits hit that year to build a central warehouse to deal with their new needs. The store chain continued to blossom into a business powerhouse throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s – with the best yet to come.

The financial disaster of 2008, while utterly devastating for other retailers and businesses, was a blessing for Poundland, which actually saw a sharp spike in sales as customers began needing to shop there more and more frequently. Their CEO, Jim Stockton, took measures to point out that Poundland is a better business than others in a recession: starting to press on multiple occasions that Poundland is a better business than competitors in perfectly normal economic conditions. It is, he says, simply better equipped and robustly developed enough to survive and thrive in any financial situation.

The fact that a huge proportion of the country now has to buy everything as cheaply as possible and their status as a £1 Shop are completely secondary.

In 2015, Poundland bought over its rivals The 99p Store and assimilated them – leaving them with only one major Pound Shop rival, Poundworld. However, this may not have been an immediately wise decision, leaving Poundland’s shares down by well over 50% and the business “struggling.”

As a result, the floundering value chain was sold to South African company Steinhoff in 2016 for £571 million.

Poundland Products – 0843 320 9673

Poundland sells a huge range of products to its customers, as a variety store based around price first and foremost. It’s founders claim to have invented the concep tof single-price retailing, and with the mission statement that everything should be £1, a successful brand was launched almost overnight.

Poundland stocks a variety of food, drinks and treats including retro sweets and chocolates, all for £1. Everything is branded, as Poundland does not have an own-brand range, relying instead on sub-brands for its unbranded products. These sub-brands include names like Beauty Nation, Kitchen Corner and Toolbox, and signify formerly unbranded products now for sale under the Poundland brand.

Brands like Kelloggs, Cadbury and Colgate are also stocked, and Poundland is the single biggest retailer of batteries in the UK, stocking reputable names like Sony, Panasonic and Kodak in large numbers and selling them more competitively than their next-best-priced rivals can.

Poundland Stores – 0844 248 2656

Poundland is one of the most successful “value retailers” in the UK, with hundreds of stores throughout the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest Poundland store, you can use the Poundland Store Finder on their official website, or call the Poundland Head Office Contact Number on 0844 248 2656 to enquire about your nearest store.

Dealz – 0843 320 9673

In 2011, Poundland announced that it was going to expand into Europe and outside the Pound Sterling currency zone, under the name Dealz. Having successfully spread into Ireland, Denmark and Spain, Dealz is quickly establishing itself as a go-to value retailer. However, it does not operate on the “everything is the same low price” model as Poundland – instead, everything will have varying prices and locally produced produce like milk and eggs will be stocked.

Poundland Great Ideas – 0844 248 2656

Poundland publishes a newsletter and blog called “Great Ideas” where it goes through innovative and fun applications for its products, shows off entertaining and fun activities using those products, and provides tutorials for things like “how to make great cornflake cupcakes” and “how to draw the perfect winged eyeliner” using Poundland products. For more great ideas, get in touch with the Poundland Head Office on 0844 248 2656 and ask them! Or if you have a great idea, call the contact number and let them know about it – if they like it, they might just publish it!

Careers at Poundland – 0844 248 2656

Poundland are always looking for new talent at their stores! To apply for a non-managerial role at a Poundland store, get in touch with your local store, which you can find on the Poundland Store Finder on their website, or by calling the Poundland Head Office Contact Number, 0844 248 2656.

Other applications should be made via the Poundland Careers website, or over the phone by calling 0844 248 2656. New employees will be provided with a full orientation to help them land on their feet and provide everything they need to succeed, and after that, in Poundland’s own words, “their career development is in their hands”.

Providing a lot of freedom over career progression and allowing employees to define their own success is only one of the aspects that brings a Poundland career to the fore. The company is currently hiring new store management staff, distribution staff, customer service aces to man the Head Office Customer Care phone lines and a number of other positions at the Head Office, including Marketing, Social Media Management and Retail Strategy. To enquire about any of these positions or get more information about what they entail and what exactly they would require, call the Poundland Head Office on 0844 248 2656.