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  • Business Name: Perfect Home
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  • Opening Times: 8am – 6pm
  • Head Office Address: Coleshill Manor Office Campus, South Dr, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 1DL
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Perfect Home is a pay weekly payment store that allows you to shop all of the big brands and pay them off weekly rather than in one instalment, which in addition helps their customers to build their perfect home, even when on a limited budget. The household goods retailer was first established in 2006 and aims to allow customers to spread the cost of the things that they can buy, so they can still afford the luxuries of top quality brands and will never go without essentials. Perfect Home sells everything from furniture to technology and appliances – everything that is needed to create the ‘perfect home’ at extremely affordable prices.

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By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Perfect Home departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Head Office –

If you have seen something that you need to buy for your home, or would prefer to splash out on great quality items but can’t afford the entire payment in one go, then Perfect Home is a great shopping solution for you. Everything that is available on a pay monthly basis can be found on their website, arranged into categories so you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a television, a washing machine, toaster, kettle or even a mobile phone, Perfect Home will ensure you don’t go without, just because you can’t afford a bulk payment. There are a number of reasons as to why you might need to get in touch with Perfect Home’s head office – perhaps you have a complaint to make about their services or would like to just know a little bit more about how the company works before you decide to purchase some products with them. You might have seen a product you wish to buy but it is currently out of stock and you would like to know when it will be available to buy again, or you might want to clarify your monthly payment options before the payments begin. You may be in the middle of paying off your items and you are struggling with the payment plan that is currently in place  – by calling the head office you might be able to arrange something more affordable. The Perfect Home head office is also in charge of all of the products that are sold on the site, so if you have any questions about any of them, or are looking for a product in particular and can’t seem to find it, do not hesitate to give them a call, and someone can assist you. Perfect Home offers you the perfect way to shop, with no deposits you can literally enjoy your items with extremely manageable weekly payments.

Applications –

If you have seen something that you need or would like to purchase from Perfect Home then a simple application process will mean that you can have the items delivered to your home as soon as possible. The application process is so that Perfect Home can set up your payment plan. Purchasing from Perfect Home happens in three easy steps – simply select the products that you would like to purchase, fill out the quick application form online and then have your products delivered for free. After you have filled out the application form, Perfect Home will have to make a decision based on your credit score, they make this decision extremely quickly, so you will not be waiting around for your products. When you are purchasing a product, you will be asked to choose your payment term and you will usually be faced with three different options; payment over 156 weeks, 104 weeks and 52 weeks  – obviously the longer the payment period, the less you will have to pay weekly, but the cost of your product will acquire more interest, so it really depends on your financial situation to what payment plan you will choose. Perfect Home will only allow their products to be purchased if they are covered by theft and accidental damage insurance. You can either opt to add it onto your purchase with Perfect Home for an additional cost (depending on the product) or you can use the cover that you already have. If you are choosing to use your own cover, you will be asked to provide documents for proof prior to the product’s delivery. If you need any help with the application process, you can call the number above for any guidance, support or information. If you have sent off an application but have not heard back from Perfect Home within five working days, please call the number above and it will be chased up. There is a chance that you can be rejected from the application process if your credit score does not meet Perfect Home’s requirements, but if you have been accepted, you can view your balance online at any time, simply by logging into your account.

Help & Advice –

A Perfect Home was ultimately created to help customers afford the unaffordable and so if you need any help and advice as a Perfect Home customer, there is an understanding team that is always willing to help out. Perfect Home pride themselves on their straightforward payment plans but there may be times where things have become a little complicated and you might need to speak to someone for some help. Perfect Home do use a price guarantee which puts in place a ‘what you see is what you get’ policy, meaning that there are absolutely no hidden costs or nasty surprises. If you are struggling financially, there is also a great ‘debt advice’ category on the Perfect Home website which is definitely worth a read. Perfect Home do understand that debt can sometimes affect the weekly payments that are made to them, and whether this is a short-term problem or something a little more serious that means you can’t complete the payments you were originally contracted to, Perfect Home believe they have a range of tools that can help some of even the most difficult circumstances. If you do need debt advice, call the number above to speak to an expert. If you do not want to call the phone number, there is a Perfect Home enquiry form you can fill out on their website.

Complaints –

If you need to make a complaint to Perfect Home, please call the number above and someone will deal with your issue. Depending on the severity and nature of the complaint, it might take more than one phone call to resolve. If your complaint does need to be escalated, it will follow the complaints resolution process. If you are a store based customer you can discuss your complaint in person either with a store manager or assistant manager, to begin with. You will be given a time for a follow-up call if the complaint is not resolved there and then. If you have purchased everything from Perfect Home online, you can get in touch with them either by calling the complaints number above, sending them an email to or writing them a letter to their head office address which is displayed above.

My Account  –

If you are an existing customer of Perfect Home, you will have an account where you can view your order history and manage your payments. You can make a payment by logging into your account by debit card or you can make a payment by visiting your local store. If you wish to make a payment over the phone, you can also do this by calling the number above and providing your details. You don’t have to physically make a payment every week, you can set up a direct debit so your repayments will automatically be made. Your account will tell you how many payments you have left on your purchases. If you do want to make your repayments online, you will need to register for online payments. This can be done quickly and easily by calling the account number displayed above. Of course, if you want to end an agreement early and pay off your remaining balance in full, you can do this at any time, either over the phone, online or in store. Please call the account number immediately if you cannot make your weekly payment.

Delivery –

Perfect Home aims to deliver your products within 5-10 working days and delivery is completely free of charge. The amount of time the delivery takes will depend totally on the item you have purchased, but if anything is taking longer than 10 working days then please call the delivery helpline so that this can be looked into. Some items may be subject to ‘special order’ meaning that they may take a little longer than the time frame stated, but you will be informed of this when you order. If you have ordered something that needs setting up or installing (ovens, sofas or beds) then Perfect Home will also do this free of charge. All of Perfect Home’s items are delivered completely free of charge but if you have bought something in store, there are occasions where the items might be available to take away immediately. Anyone living at your address can sign for your delivery but they must be over the age of 18 – anyone signing will need to be able to verify the details of your account. Please note that Perfect Home are unable to specify a time for delivery but you will be contacted by a member of the delivery team as soon as your order is on its way. If you have any issues with delivery, for example, you might receive a damaged item or you might receive a different item to the one that you ordered, then please call the delivery helpline as soon as possible so that the situation can be rectified.