• Business Name: Payzone
  • Phone Number: 0843 178 3862
  • Opening Times: 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.
  • Head Office Address: Unit 4 Triangle Court, Cheshire Business Park, Manchester Road, Lostock CW9 7YL
  • Website:

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Payzone Connection Numbers

Payzone Number
Head Office 0843 178 3862
Customer Service 0843 178 3863
Complaints 0843 178 3864
Outlets 0843 178 3865
Parking 0843 178 3866
Payzone Money Helpline 0843 178 3867
Retailers Helpline 0844 208 2416

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Payzone departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Payzone Head office Address

Department Address
Head Office Unit 4 Triangle Court, Cheshire Business Park, Manchester Road, Lostock CW9 7YL

Payzone Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Payzone Head Office – 0843 178 3862

The Payzone head office can be found in Cheshire Business Park, on Manchester Road in Lostock. Most of the Payzone employees work here, and they control operations such as retailers using Payzone, parking outlets using Payzone and the Payzone Money service. If you have a complaint about a Payzone service, you can make it in writing to the head office using the address above.

Payzone Customer Service – 0843 178 3863

If you are having an issue with a Payzone service, such as a parking tag or the Payzone Mastercard, you may feel obliged to contact customer service. By calling the number above, you will be able to present your issue to a friendly customer service representative who can help to resolve your issue.

Payzone Complaints –  0843 178 3864

If you have a complaint to make about a Payzone service, you can raise this by calling the telephone number above. This could be that a payment backfired, or you were unable to access the money on your Payzone Mastercard. Complaining over the phone will allow the Payzone representative to investigate the issue then and there, before working to find a resolution for you on the spot. If they are unable to do this, they will take your contact details and call you back.

Payzone Outlets –  0843 178 3865

There are many Payzone Outlets across the UK and are a convenient way to do things such as; pay your gas and electricity bills, buy bus tickets or top up a monthly/weekly bus pass or your weekly lottery ticket. You can use the store locator on the Payzone website, or call the Payzone head office contact number to locate your nearest Payzone outlet. They are usually located in convenience stores and it is unlikely that there will not be one within an easy reach. Payzone work with a number of companies to make paying for their services a whole lot easier and so before you find your nearest one it is important to check that Payzone actually co-operates with the company that you are wishing to pay. Many people with smart meters also find this a convenient way to top up their gas and electricity. Payzone also offer a number of other services such as mobile phone top-up for Pay As You Go users and they have also introduced pre-paid debit cards which many people now seeing this as a safer way of shopping online and also traveling abroad as they choose to use the debit card instead of traveller’s cheques or carrying foreign currency. Once you have your Payzone debit card it is extremely easy to use, and topping it up is a quick swipe against the machine and the desired amount entered into the pin pad. if you have topped up your debit card and the money has left your bank, yet you are having problems using it, please call the head office contact number and the problem will be sorted as soon as possible. Other Payzone services include online gaming. This is a new service by Payzone fuelled by the ever growing number of online gamers in the UK. At the minute, Pokerstars is the only cooperating company with Payzone, but you can buy their vouchers and have access to the world’s biggest poker site at any of your local Payzone stores.

Payzone Parking – 0843 178 3866Payzone public transport

Payzone’s ‘Parking Tag’ is currently a service that is run by Payzone in Ireland. It was first introduced in 2009 and has now expanded to around 32, 000 customers who opt to park and pay by phone, at their convenience. The easiest way to use the parking tag is to register for an account. if you have done this and forgotten your login details, please call the head office contact number. If you don’t want to register for an account and are not planning to be a full time user you can still pay via your phone in a one-off payment. If you are using the mobile network Three then you can even opt for your parking charge to be put onto the end of your monthly bill, saving you from paying for the parking there and then. For more information on the parking tag and whereabouts in Ireland it is available to use, please call the Payzone head office. Please note that if you are having trouble paying for your parking over your phone, then you can pay for the ticket in any Payzone outlets. You do not have to return to your car with a ticket to display because the system will still be updated in real time.

Payzone MastercardPayzone Money – 0843 178 3867

The Payzone Mastercard is ideal for anyone that wants to keep a direct eye on what they are spending without worrying about getting into any debt. The card can be topped up with an amount of your choice at any of your local, participating convenience stores. Using the card online is also a safer option than using your debit card that has direct access to your bank putting you at risk of fraud or identity theft. It is also impossible to overspend, so a great budgeting tool for those that need it. The Mastercard is also a great gift card option and can be used anywhere that displays the Mastercard logo at their payment desk. There are 30 million of these worldwide. The card only costs £5.95 to buy and can be registered easily either by calling the contact number or heading to the Payzone Money section of their website. When registering your card you will need to create an account which you will then be able to log into at any time to view the remaining balance on your card. If you have forgotten your log in details, please call the Payzone head office contact number.

Payzone Retailers

You may be interested in becoming a Payzone retailer if you own a convenience style business. Payzone guarantees that by becoming a retailer you will bring additional customers into your store and you will have a full range of services on offer to you. You can also become a member of the MyPayzone club which allows you to make some great savings for your business. You will have access to a great team of support and should you have any issues whilst being a Payzone retailer, or would like to become one, please call the contact number or head to the Payzone website where you can fill out an enquiry form.

About Payzone

Payzone was originally headquartered in Ireland, but they have also created an additional Payzone UK which is a British branded consumer payment acceptance network. They were first established in Ireland in 1989 and have always seen the Post office, which offers a similar sort of service, as a main rival. Consumers visit Payzone stores to do things such as top up their energy meters and mobile phones as well as buy lottery tickets and buy passes for transport. Payzone is also the creator of its popular ‘Mastercard’ which is accepted in many participating companies all over the country.