PayPal Head Office Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number Opening Hours
PayPal Head Office Contact Number 0843 557 3387 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Complaints 0843 557 5076 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Customer Service 0843 658 0493 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
Account Helpline 0844 826 8070 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
PayPal Fraud Department 0843 557 4395  Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm
HR 0843 596 4164 Monday- Friday, 9am-6pm

PayPal Head Office Contact Number

The Head Office for PayPal here in the UK is in Surrey. All of the numbers in the table above are departments that can be found within the Paypal head office. To contact a member of the head office staff, give them a call on 0843 557 3387. From here, someone will be able to assist you in finding the right department for you.


If you have an issue with a seller, using the resolution centre on the Paypal website is the way in which you should resolve it. However, if the situation has evolved, and you would like to include a member of the Paypal staff, you can call the complaints line for Paypal on 0843 557 5076. You can also make a complaint about the way in which you have been treated by staff, or about the way in which PayPal is set up online.

Customer Service

If you have a question about how Paypal works, or you would like to know more about sending and receiving money, then the Customer Service line is the one to call on 0843 658 0493.

Account Helpline

If you’re having trouble sending or receiving money, call the Account Helpline on 0844 826 8070. This line is direct and will put you through to a member of the accounts team who can assist you further.

PayPal Fraud Department

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud, or that your Paypal account has been hacked, you should call the PayPal Fraud Department immediately on 0843 557 4395. From here, someone will be able to help you to access your account, or provide information about what to do next if you have been a victim of fraud via your account. If you would simply like to open a dispute about a transaction from eBay, or another company, you can do so via the Paypal homepage on your account. From here, you can speak with a member of the team on chat, who can assist you further.


If you work for PayPal and would like to contact a member of the HR team, you can do so by calling 0843 596 4164. This can be used to query a payment or to call someone directly from the HR team.