Passport Head Office

passport head office contact number

The Passport Office is a Government agency which manages the applications for passports in the United Kingdom.

 Passport Connection Numbers:

Passport Number
Head Office 0844 375 3126
Passport Application Enquiries 0844 248 1754
Passport Requirements 0844 248 1755
Emergency Passport 0844 248 1768
Head Office 0844 248 1769
Complaints 0844 248 1772

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Passport Head Office Contact NumberPassport Application Enquiries 0844 248 1754

To apply for a British Passport, you must be a British nationality or British citizen. However, there are some circumstances where your application for a passport may be rejected, such as:

  • You’re the suspect of a serious crime and there is a warrant for your arrest.
  • There is a court order which restricts travel.
  • Your bail conditions mean that you can’t leave the UK.
  • You have already been brought back to the UK at the Government’s expense but you haven’t paid back what you owe.
  • There is a European Union/United Nations order which restricts your ability to travel.
  • If the passport is for a child and there is a court order in place to stop the child leaving the UK.

A passport certifies your identity when you travel. You should consider having one even if you are not planning on going abroad as they can confirm your identity in a range of situations within the UK.

An adult’s passport is valid for ten years.

You can apply for your passport online and pay for it there and then. However, at the end of the process, you’ll be required to print out a form. This form must be signed and dated, add any necessary supporting documents or photographs and then return it to be processed.

It takes 3-6 weeks for your passport application to process depending on whether it is your first adult passport or not. If you have made any mistakes on the form, this can also make your application take longer to process.

You can apply without going online- simply visit your local Post Office and apply by post, or use the Post Office check and send service. A Post Office representative will check your application for any mistakes.

Passport Requirements 0844 248 1755

You have to get new photos when you apply for a new passport even if you don’t look any different. You must attach two identical photos to your application. Photos must measure 45mm by 35mm wide, be printed to a professional standard, taken against a cream/light grey background and be a close up of your full head and upper shoulders. You have to face the camera with a neutral expression. You can’t have hair in front of your eyes or a glare from glasses. Children must not have a dummy in their mouth.

A standard passport costs £72.50. If you opt to use the Post Office check and send service, this will cost you £82.25. A child’s passport costs £46 for the standard application or £55.75 for the check and send service.

If you used the online passport application service, you can track the progress online. If you used the paper form, you’ll need the 10 digit barcode number to track your application online.

passport application
passport application

It takes three weeks to renew a passport and costs the same as a standard application. If you need a passport urgently, you should visit your local passport office to use an express service.

Emergency Passport 0844 248 1768

If you are in the UK and you need a passport urgently, you can use the premium or fast track service. The premium service takes one day and the fast track service takes one week. To get an urgent passport, you’ll need to book an appointment at a passport office. There are regional passport offices in Liverpool, London, Durham, Belfast, Newport, Glasgow and Peterborough. For the same day service, you can usually collect the passport four hours after your appointment. For the weekly service, the passport will be sent to your address within a week.

The majority of local passport offices will keep limited opening hours on a Saturday for pre-booked appointments. They are usually open from 9am-3pm but check with your local office before you travel.

About the Passport

The first modern passport was issued in 1915 and the passport has undergone several reinventions since then. In the UK, passports are provided by the HM Passport Office. They can be used as evidence of British nationality or as evidence of the right to live in the UK. As of 2016,British passport holders had visa-free or visa upon arrival access to 175 countries around the world. This ranks the British passport as the third most powerful in the world, according to data put together by the Visa Restrictions Index.

Interestingly, as passports are issued ‘in the Name of Her Majesty’, the reigning Queen doesn’t require a passport when she travels.

The right to enter and live in the UK freely, also known as the right to abode, is granted automatically to all British citizens.

In 1855, passports became a document issued to all British Nationals, however, they didn’t include a photograph until 1915, which is why this year is credited with introducing the modern passport.

In 2010, the passport service said that the passport would be changed. It will now contain well known UK landmarks and figures such as the White Cliffs of Dover, Ben Nevis, Shakespeare and Ada Lovelace. The new ‘creative United Kingdom’ passport was issued from December 2015.

For more information about passports, call the Passport head office contact number.