On The Beach

0844 4530 244

On the Beach is an online travel agent. You can contact the On The Beach head office by calling 0844 4530 244.

On the Beach Connection Numbers

Department Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 4530 244 9am-6pm
Customer Services 0844 826 0543 24 hours
Sales  0844 248 2256 9am-6pm
HR  0844 248 2258 9am-6pm
Marketing 0843 557 5218 9am-6pm
Finance  0844 248 2259 9am-6pm

Head Office – 0844 4530 244

The On the Beach head office is based in Cheadle, Manchester. To find out more about the companies policies, you want information about the company history, you would like information concerning an employee, you would like to know the legal policies or you have other corporate information about On The Beach. Contact the On The Beach head office by calling 0844 4530 244 and listening to the automatic switchboard message, you will be required to select the option most relevant for your inquiry.

Customer Services – 0844 826 0543

You can contact the On The Beach customer services if you are encountering an issue with your booking, if you would like to change a booking, you need to cancel a booking, you are having a problem with the website, you wish to complain about an experience with an On The Beach booking or staff member or you have some general questions about On The Beach. You can contact the customer service department by calling 0844 826 0543 and selecting the appropriate option from the automated message.

Sales – 0844 248 2256

If you are having some problems using the website to book your holiday or you need some advice on location, room type or room size you can call the On The Beach sales department and a member of the booking team will be able to assist you, to contact the sales department you can call 0844 248 2256.

HR – 0844 248 2258

Call the On The Beach HR department if you work for On The Beach and you would like to review your shift hours, you would like to hear the employee policies, you are interested in finding out if there are any employee discounts available, you previously worked at On The Beach and you need a written reference for your new job or you have some other questions. To get in touch with the HR department please call 0844 248 2258 and choose the relevant option.

Marketing – 0843 557 5218

You can contact the marketing department if you need information about On The Beach such as their policies for you using their images, an ad campaign they have run, an employee, hotel or other topics. Contact the marketing department by phoning 0843 557 5218.

Finance – 0844 248 2259

You should contact the finance department in the On The Beach head office if you are expecting a compensation or refund payment from On The Beach due to a cancellation or negative experience with the company you can find out when you will receive it, how you will receive it. If you work for On The Beach you can also call the Finance Department to discuss any issues you are experiencing with your wages or payslip or taxes/NI. You can get in touch with the finance department by calling 0844 248 2259 and selecting the correct option for your issue.