• Business Name: O2
  • Head Office Number: 0844 453 0127
  • Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 7pm
  • Head Office Address: 260 Bath Road,
    SL1 4DX,
    United Kingdom
  • Website: http://www.o2.co.uk/

O2 Head Office




O2 Connection Numbers

O2 Number
O2 Head Office 0843 557 3690
O2 Customer Services 0843 557 4967
O2 Complaints 0843 557 4524
O2 Broadband Helpline 0844 453 0127
O2 Accounts 0843 557 4518
O2 Troubleshooting 0843 557 3365

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those o2 departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

O2 UK is the UK branch of multinational telecoms giant Telefonica. Based out of its head office in Slough, O2 provides one of the most thorough and diverse telecoms service packages available in the UK.

O2 Head Office – 0844 453 0127

The o2 head office is located in Slough, in Berkshire – in the verdant and untamed southern wilds of England. This makes sense for O2, since they are a British company, so an office set up in the buzzing south of England, where all the government investment is, is a smart move. You don’t get to be one of the most popular telecoms companies in the intensely competitive UK market by making stupid moves! In fact, it’s pretty much just smart moves all the way down for o2 – the company are well-known for their canny use of technology, both time-tested and cutting-edge, to enact ambitious new plans top the benefit of their customers and the UK as a whole, with investments in infrastructure and new transmission methods ensuring top-notch coverage for most people. As a result, their reputation as innovators is hard to match, and that’s what you can expect when you call the o2 head office contact line.

This contact line is available to o2 customers who need to bypass traditional customer service with its jack of all trades, master of none setup and progress directly to specialist action. The calls you place to the o2 head office can contain much more technical difficulty, much more complex questioning, much more in the way of ambiguous decision making and the need for authority, because those are all problems the corporate head office is equipped to deal with. With the ability to pass your call up through the ranks or along the neural branches of the infinitely complex communicative web that is the o2 head office, you can call the number above with any issue or question, no matter how thorny, no matter how tricky it may be. You can contact the o2 head office at any point during the operational hours of that line – listed above as Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 9am to 7pm. During these times, the head office contact line is staffed with a  front-line expert team of call reception specialists, who can take your call, sort your issue into the right expert department, and easily transfer you to the executive, legal eagle, accounts specialist, manager, operations expert, IT tech, troubleshooter, connectivity engineer, marketer or president that will be able to resolve the problem quickly and easily!

O2 Customer Service – 0843 557 4518

The o2 customer service team is unique in the world of corporate public relations in that it isn’t based in some far-flung isolated call centre on the distant, mist-wreathed coast of India or the jungles of the Phillippines. Instead, it is located firmly with their Stroud head office, right in the middle of the bustling centre of all O2 communications, like the medulla oblongata in the centre of the brain. From here, it is able to rapidly converse via synaptic firing – in this case with individual telephone lines instead of neurons – and share information quickly, coordinating to solve problems and allowing them to effortlessly conscript specialists that can be found nowhere else in the world to resolve o2 customer issues. The head office at o2 is the site of the greatest minds available to o2 in England at this time, making it a hub of high-powered problem solving capability. In this environment, the o2 customer service team can work to their fullest potential, not only solving problems on their own merit with the help of the impressive o2 interconnected head office computer system, feeding them all the information they need and allowing them to make changes in real time wherever they find it necessary to repair a customer problem; but also by calling in the cavalry wherever necessary, making them able to enlist experts from the very forefront of their fields to resolve technical issues, answer difficult questions and sort other issues with impunity.

O2 Complaints – 0843 557 3365

If you should find yourself in the unenviable position of needing to complain to 2, for whatever reason that may be, you can resolve the situation as quickly and easily as possible with the speedy application of the o2 complaints line phone number, seen above this text, hovering like a little blue helicopter made of numbers. This line will carry your complaint directly into the ears of o2 customer service and resolution specialists faster than any letter or email could, and with far more immediately tangible results.

O2 Broadband Helpline – 0844 453 0127

Quick! What do you do if you are having trouble with your o2 broadband?

If you said “email, tweet or send an online form submission to o2” then you’re out of luck – you’re having broadband problems, that won’t work! In these desperate times, it’s important to look back on what our forefathers would have done, how these situations were resolved before we all relied on the World Wide Web to do our thinking for us. What would they have done? They would have picked up the phone and called the o2 Broadband Helpline.

O2 Accounts – 0843 557 4518

Your o2 account is essentially an identity, a tag by which all of your communications and work with o2 can be managed and assigned correctly to you. By keeping your account updated, you can keep all your o2 arrangements in order – and manage your subscriptions, contracts and other interactions! You can call the o2 accounts management number to keep your details up to date, resolve inconsistencies in your backstory, upgrade, downgrade, alter or cancel your contracts, and arrange for you to receive promotional material.

O2 Troubleshooting – 0843 557 3365

The o2 troubleshooting line exists for the sole purpose of resolving small technical issues, connectivity problems, hardware malfunctions and other glitches. As o2 is one of the biggest providers of telecommunications in the UK and abroad, and by extension, one of the biggest providers of telephone hardware, too. The troubleshooting line is a natural response to the challenges raised by this market niche, making sure that customers can quickly and easily identify what they need to be able to do to resolve their problems, without calling the more congested head office contact number or the customer service line. Essentially, it is an express line, a fast-lane to resolving a specific sort of problem, which you can call any time you need to fix a glitch, report a bug, or squash a connectivity blip.

O2 Business
O2 Business

What Advantages Can O2 Offer Me?

O2 is the second-largest telecomms provider, internet service provider and broadcaster in the UK, and can offer both contract tariffs and pay-as-you-go options to its customers. In addition to broad coverage and fast, reliable internet connectivity, O2 provides a robust, diverse rewards scheme to its customers, with thousands of offers available every week on the O2 Priority Moments Scheme. That makes them potentially, the single best value-for-money companies in the UK – they have partnered with Livenation to offer priority live event tickets at drastically reduced prices, offer discounts in hundreds of stores and allow customers to manage finances easily using O2 Wallet, an app with allows quick, simple financial management through a smartphone.

To discuss the available deals and offers being provided by O2, just call the O2 Head Office Contact number on 0844 453 0127.

Alternative ways to contact O2

The easiest way to get in contact with O2 is by using their dedicated customer contact line, 0844 453 0127. This line is available for over 12 hours per day, every day, so whenever you need to contact the O2 Head Office, you’ll be able to get through. However, if you can’t call, it may be more convenient to use an alternative method.

If you don’t want to use the O2 Head Office telephone number, you can email the company instead, or send a message via Twitter or Facebook. Alternately, you can contact the O2 Head Office by sending a letter directly there:

260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom

O2 Priority Moments

O2 offers all of its customers access to the revolutionary O2 Priority Moments scheme, a free service to customers which gives them access to thousands of money-off deals and offers in hundreds of stores and locations around the UK.

These deals are made possible by O2’s ongoing partnership with a huge number of other businesses, allowing daily deals to be made to customers on a huge range of things from cups of coffee to electronics, event tickets and travel. As a result of these partnerships, with companies such as Boots, Livenation, Caffe Nero and Marks & Spencer, they are potentially the best value for money out of any network provider operating in the UK today.

For the price of your contract, or your pay-as-you-go tariff, the customer has access to potentially unlimited money-saving deals across a wide range of experiences and products.

A Brief History of O2


O2 was first founded in 1985 as Cellnet, the first mobile phone network provided by BT. It was founded as a 60/40 split between BT and Securicor, who pooled resources and information to make the new network a reality. In 1999, BT announced that it was buying out Securicor’s 40% share, taking full control over the now-established company.

Since then, O2 worked tirelessly to remain at the forefront of UK telecoms, eventually being bought over by Spanish comms juggernaut Telefonica, in 2005. With Telefonica’s support, O2 began to diversify, taking a step into the financial sector with the O2 Wallet in 2009, and establishing its lucrative O2 Priority Moments deal network the year following.

However, the network’s expansion was not without trouble, and in 2012 O2 had to apologise to almost 8 million customers after a mass network failure rendered the customers unable to connect to the O2 system for several days. In response, all affected customers were compensated, with contract customers receiving a 10% discount on their next bill, and pay-as-you-go customers getting 10% extra free at their next top-up.

Since 2015, BT has been in talks to potentially re-acquire O2, while confirming that it is simultaneously in talks to buy O2’s fiercest rival, EE. EE is the only telecoms company in the UK which is larger or more successful than O2 – a merger would result in both companies enjoying almost unlimited reach and power.

Naturally, such a move has face backlash from anti-monopoly laws, which have opposed it on the grounds of fair competition and customer protection.