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NHS Contact Numbers

NHS Phone Number
NHS Head Office 0844 453 0224
Local NHS 0844 453 0224
Complaints 0844 453 0224

NHS Head Office Opening Hours

Day Time
Mon – Fri 24 hours
Saturday 24 hours
Sunday 24 hours

NHS Head Office Address

Department Address
Head office NHS England
X24 Payables K005
Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane
Wakefield, WF3 1WE

Reasons to call the NHS Head Office Contact Number

  • You would like to complain about a service you received at the NHS
  • You are having trouble looking for the relevant health care service
  • You have spotted a mistake on the NHS website
  • You would like some health and wellbeing advice
  • You would like to know where your nearest hospital/walk in centre/A&E or doctor’s surgery is
  • You would like to complain about the conditions of a medical centre you recently visited
  • You are looking to apply for a job within the NHS and would like to know what vacancies are available in your area
  • You would like some information about mental health
  • You would like to know more about the NHS five-year improvement plan
  • You would like to know the NHS rules on confidentiality

NHS England

This is England’s National Health Service and is a free service that is relied upon by the people of Britain. The NHS has evolved over the years and now shells out billions of pounds to their organisations to ensure that everyone is getting the health care they deserve. Recently, the NHS have devised a five year plan that aims to improve its services. The NHS has been effectively redesigned with a greater focus on prevention as well as identifying the necessary improvements needed within the organisation. if you would like to know more about the current activity within the NHS you can visit their website where you can see documentation such as their vision and purpose as well as who is working on the regional teams. The NHS have a strong ethos of promoting equality and diversity within their organisation, ensuring that every community and group is taken into consideration when changes are being put in place, and they are ever striving to improve the fairness for both their staff and patients. There have been some new equality objectives that have been set by the NHS themselves and again can be viewed on their website. You can call the NHS head office contact number if you are struggling to get an appointment with your local GP or need some help and advice given to you at home.

NHS Website

The NHS website is easy to navigate and is packed with any information and advice you may need in terms of healthcare. The categories include ‘our work’ which tells patients of the ways in which the NHS are constantly improving their services as well as how they take action to constantly ensure patient safety. The left-hand side of the website has a number of different links, each with different headings. For example, if you know someone with learning difficulties, the website will give you all of the information about the work that the NHS does for people affected by this. The website has a lot of pdf’s available for reading about several different policies so that you can be aware of the care that you are receiving from the NHS. As well as finding a significant amount of information the NHS website can also help you do things like book a GP appointment, apply for a European Health Insurance Card and register to give blood/become an organ donor. If you are concerned about a health issue but are struggling to get a GP appointment or would just like some general information then the health A-Z is an extremely useful tool on the NHS website that can help give you information to self-diagnose your condition. If the advice then tells you to see a GP because you need antibiotics or for whatever reason then please use the website or call the head office contact number to then make an appointment. To use the GP service from the NHS website you must enter your postcode so that a GP can be found for you in your local area. You can also search for urgent care consultants, hospitals in your local area and dentists using the website. The website also reminds you that you can call 111 for non-urgent health advice. If you would like to complain about any advice or help you have received whilst using the website or ringing the non-urgent care number then you can call the NHS Head Office contact number.

NHS Jobs

The NHS employ people in a number of different roles and being such a big organisation they have a wide range of vacancies. The best way to find these vacancies is to seach the candidate page on the NHS website where information about each vacancy is given. The job search is easily done and you can tailor it to your exact needs entering any keywords that might match your experience along with a postcode that best suits your location. The website will tell you how many jobs are live at that moment and it is usually over 10, 000 as around 25, 000 jobs are advertised on the page every month. If you are having trouble using the candidate home page you can call the head office contact number where you will be given information about any vacancies in your field. You do not have to be a healthcare professional to work for the NHS and they take for on a lot of other areas of occupation as well such as administrative positions. The page also includes an advice for job seeker’s category which includes help on making a successful application, managing the interview and also having a virtual interviewer to ensure you are ready for the big day! As well as full-time jobs there are also a number of apprenticeships available at the NHS. For more information on these please call the contact number.

Your Local NHS

To find your local NHS you can use the NHS service search or call the head office contact number. Your local NHS could be anything from a dentist surgery to A&E and you can search depending on the service that you need.

About the NHS

The National Health Service is a public service funded by the taxpayer that ensures round the clock healthcare for citizens of all four countries within the United Kingdom. Each of the four systems are independently operated and their actions are held accountable to the UK, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scottish Governments. People that are not resident in any of these places are generally not entitled to the free health care. it is thought that the NHS needs continuous funding to help with an ever-growing and ageing population. NHS have improvement plans set out over the next five years.


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