0843 218 4726

If you need to contact the Next head office then you can call 0843 218 4726. It houses a number of different departments from the customer service team to payroll – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Next Contact Numbers:

Departments Number
Head Office 0843 218 4726
Customer Services 0843 218 4726
HR 0843 208 1752
Suppliers 0843 208 5044
Payroll 0843 208 5045
Recruitment 0843 208 5047
Marketing 0843 208 5048

Head Office

Easily reach the Next head office by calling 0843 218 4726 and listening to the automated message that will thank you for calling Next, after you have dialled the number. You will then be given the option to press 1) for product enquiries, 2) to make a complaint about the service in a Next store, 3) to locate your nearest Next, 4) to ask questions about returning or exchanging an item from Next and 0) to speak to an operator if you have an issue or a query that doesn’t relate to any of the above.

Customer Services

If you call 0843 218 4726 and tell the call handler your location then they can put you straight through to the customer service department of your local Next store. Things to discuss with customer services include how to exchange or return a product, asking whether a product you have seen online is available in your local store, and if it isn’t, arranging for it to be ordered in by a customer service assistant. You can ask questions about any product in the Next and Next Home stores and also enquire about Next store and gift cards. The customer service assistant will also help you in getting to the bottom of any complaints you might have about Next.


If you are a member of the Next team, you might need a quick and simple way of contacting their HR department to discuss things like holiday pay and absences. The best way to reach them is by calling 0843 208 1752 and following the instructions on the switchboard. You will be asked to press 1) on your keypad to discuss your current role at Next 2) for taxes and National Insurance 3) for holidays and 4) for uniform regulations.


You can dial 0843 208 5044 and speak with a member of the Next operations team. Whether you yourself want information about Next suppliers or you run or work for a supply company that is interested in supplying for Next, a member of the team will be happy to have a chat with you. Due to large volume of calls, you might be asked to wait for a call back. If this is the case, please ensure that you leave the correct details and provide a time that you are available to chat.


The payroll contact number is 0843 208 5045. You might need to call this if you are a member of the Next team that would like to dispute your pay or ask about your salary. You may have go a pay slip and are unsure of the amount you have received, or feel you are paying too much tax. The payroll department provide a secure service and when you dial this number please state your full name and role so that your pay can be looked into as quickly as possible.


When you dial 0843 208 5047 you can press 1) to find out about current Next opportunities in your area, press 2) to ask about the Next application process, including how you go about applying. 3) for interview tips and advice and 5) to track an application that you have already submitted. There are some great career opportunities at Next.


You might need to call the Next marketing department on if you have seen a Next advert or campaign that has upset you, or would like to work with Next. The number takes you directly through to the Next marketing team. If no-one answers the call, please leave a message with your name, company (if applicable) and reason for calling and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Other ways to contact Next

There are alternative ways to reach Next other than over the phone. You can say hi using their Twitter account or you can use the live chat service that is available on their website.