• Business Name: Netflix
  • Head Office Number: 0843 557 3836
  • Opening Times: 9am-7pm, weekdays
  • Head Office Address: 100 Winchester Cir Los Gatos, California 95032.
  • Website:

Netflix: Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3836


Netflix is a subscription-based TV and film provider, founded in 1997. The idea has been widely announced as occurring after one of the founders was charged $40 for a late return from a rental store, and therefore launched their own pay-per-rent service in 1998. In 1999 a monthly subscription was introduced, which included a no-late-fees policy, which was revolutionary at its time. In 2000 Netflix offered to be acquired by Blockbuster for $50 million, but the offer was declined. The company began streaming titles in 2007 and developed its first-ever original production, House of Cards, in 2014.

Today Netflix is available in over 190 countries, and each has unique content, notably missing China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria. It has over 83 million subscribers around the world, with nearly 50 million of them based in the United States of America.

Netflix creates new original content frequently, pulling in stars such as Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore.

For more information about Netflix, call the Netflix head office connection number 0843 557 3836

Other Netflix Connection Numbers

Netflix Number
Netflix Head Office Contact Number 0843 557 3836
Netflix Movies Contact Number 0843 218 9633
Netflix TV Shows Contact Number 0843 218 9634
Netflix Kids Contact Number 0843 557 5280
Netflix Subscription Contact Number 0843 658 0841
Netflix Customer Service Contact Number 0843 218 9668

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Netflix is a subscription TV and film provider.

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Netflix originals

Netflix Head Office Contact Number – 0843 557 3836

Call the Netflix Head Office Contact Number! You can do it for reasons including:

  • To find out more about an upcoming release.
  • To find out more about careers at Netflix.
  • To make a complaint about a Netflix original release or a show that they have distributed.
  • To report a technical issue with watching Netflix.
  • To find out more about the privacy policy and terms of use.

Netflix Movies Contact Number – 0843 557 3836

Netflix is a streaming subscription service and provides thousands of films. The service holds a mixture of films such as classic films, recent releases, questionable-quality low budget films and original Netflix productions. For years Netflix was known for its reliability in having thousands of films, but somehow none that you would want to watch. However, in recent years the service has improved, remixing its archives with interesting film releases.

The service is based entirely on location, therefore viewers in the UK will have access to different films than US subscribers. Examples of newly released films in the UK are Avengers: Age of Ultron, Miss You Already, P.S. I Love You, Me Before You and Dirty Grandpa.

Netflix has also produced films throughout the years, including the Fundamentals of Caring, starring Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts. It explored Duchenne muscular dystrophy and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Netflix TV Shows Contact Number – 0843 557 3836

Along with movies, Netflix offers availability to TV shows, usually uploading multiple series. There is a large range of documentaries from crime and serial killer docs (a favourite to many -especially Netflix’s original series ‘Making a Murderer’) to animal documentaries narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough. Netflix hosts hundreds of series, usually including one or two you’d always wanted to watch but have about ten seasons and will suck away any productivity you had, such as Prison Break; Skins; Sons of Anarchy; Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and Gossip Girl.

With these comes Netflix’s original series, which are typically raved over, including Breaking Bad (and it’s prequel Better Call Saul), The Crown, Narcos and all of the Marvel and Netflix collaborative series. Netflix has confirmed that their original series Orange Is The New Black, which debuted in July 2013, is the services most popular original show, and since February 2016 the show has been renewed for fifth, sixth and seventh seasons.

Netflix Kids Contact Number – 0843 557 3836

Netflix offers an option for a kids account, which only allows access to child-safe content within the site. This features a number of films such as Cinderella, the Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Bee Movie and Kung Fu Panda. The service also offers access to TV shows like Peppa Pig and Pokemon, and also Netflix Original Shows such as Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Netflix Subscription Contact Number – 0843 557 3836

Netflix: Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3836
Netflix movies

Netflix offers three types of subscription based on how many screens you would like to use all at once and the quality of the stream. The first plan and the most basic is one screen with standard definition streaming, which is currently £5.99 a month.

The second tier allows Netflix to be watched on two screens at the same time and provides HD streaming. This plan is currently just £7.49 a month.

The last tier lets you watch on four screens at the same time in ultra HD for £8.99 a month.

The options for multiple screen watching is useful for families who want to use Netflix to stream different things at once (or for your cheapskate friend to use while you pay for it). All of the plans offer unlimited film and TV streaming, but not all of the content is available to watch in HD.

Netflix Customer Service Contact Number –  0843 557 3836

If there is an issue with your Netflix subscription, for example being overcharged for your plan, or you are having a technical problem meaning you are having trouble streaming, you can contact the Netflix Customer Service on 0843 557 3836 to be transferred to a team member who can help you with whatever you need.

Netflix Free Trial

Netflix allow a one month free trial to all new members to see if the service is what you want. Clicking ‘start membership’ after registering for the first time will begin your trial.

There is no contract when you subscribe to Netflix, so if you don’t want to continue your subscription after the first free month then make sure to cancel before the month is over or you will be charged.

Netflix App

Netflix’s availability is one of its best features, as it has an app that allows it to work on smartphones, Xbox systems, PlayStation systems, smart TV’s, Kindle Fire, Blu-ray players and more.

You can also access Netflix from any web browser on your PC or laptop.

Popular questions about Netflix

Which Netflix shows are available in Ultra HD?

Not all shows on Netflix are available to watch in Ultra HD, but if you search ‘4K’ or ‘UHD’ into the service while it is open on your device then you should be able to see all shows that use the feature in your area.

Some shows in Ultra HD in the UK are Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, House of Cards and Jessica Jones.Netflix: Head Office Contact Number - 0843 557 3836

When Netflix gets new seasons?

Netflix has multiple new released every month, some of which are often new seasons of a popular show. The site monitors the popularity of shows within the service and will release seasons relative to that, for example, the newest season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is being released episodically, one day after the episodes are premiered in the US.

Many TV blogs will have lists of Netflix releases for the coming month, which would be useful to check as Netflix doesn’t usually announce new releases very far in advance.

How Netflix ratings work

Netflix uses a strange algorithm to rate its films and shows. The star-rating of a film or TV show isn’t based on an overall rating from other Netflix users, but instead how Netflix users with similar tastes to you rated it. As Netflix tries to personalise its service to you, it means that when a show or film has a two-star rating for you, it could have a much higher rating for someone else.

Why is Netflix not working?

There could be any number of reasons why Netflix isn’t working on your device. There may be an internet connectivity issue that is stopping you from being able to stream. You should test the internet connection on your device to see wherein lies the problem. If the problem is not with your device, you should check the Netflix website to see if there are any known service outages.

If none of the above is applicable, you can contact the Netflix customer services through 0843 557 3836

Are Netflix originals made by Netflix?

Yes, Netflix originals are made by independent production companies exclusively for distribution on Netflix.

Are Netflix shows available on DVD?

Netflix still runs their mail order DVD service in the US only, and while it usually takes around 6-12 months for new seasons to be released on DVD and Blu-ray, all of the Netflix Originals along with a large range of TV and film options are available. There are, in fact, more titles available through the DVD service than through streaming.

How to watch Netflix offline

Netflix has introduced a feature that allows subscribers to download certain shows and films to their devices to watch offline.

To download you must have a compatible phone or tablet running iOs 8 or later/Android 4.4.2 or later, and an up-to-date Netflix app. Then you should login and access the Available to Download section in the menu. They offer a huge selection of shows and films, and Netflix has said there are “more on the way”.

Once you’ve selected the show or film you’re interested in, select it and tap the Download button next to it. Once it has downloaded there will be a blue icon next to it.

How to get a job with Netflix

It is easy to apply for a job with Netflix, by simply accessing the jobs site and clicking on job openings. Here you can search for jobs in multiple locations, including London, UK; Los Gatos, California; Tokyo, Japan and Mumbai, India.

There are many different types of jobs within Netflix, such as working within the Cloud and Platform Engineering team or working in content creation or acquisition.

If you visit the ‘Life at Netflix’ section of the site before applying, it can offer an insight into what life at Netflix offers, such as their policies on inclusivity and also their long-term plans.

How to use my Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Cards can be used to prepay for a Netflix subscription, and are available at most major retail stores. They are accessible in many European countries, including the UK, France, Ireland and Spain. Your gift card can then be used to pay for your Netflix subscription.

To redeem your gift card, go to After you have scratched off the foil from the back of your card, you should enter the 11 digit PIN code found on the card.

If you already have a Netflix account you can also enter the code on the Your Account page. This means payment will be taken from the gift card rather than your average payment method.

If you have any more questions about your Netflix gift card, please call the Netflix Head Office Contact Number.