0844 453 0234

Monarch Airlines ceased trading in October 2017. The UK government ordered the CAA to organise flights for all Monarch passengers to fly back to the UK on or before the 15th of October. The new flights were given to the passengers at no extra cost.

Monarch Head Office Department Numbers:

Department Phone Number Opening Hours
Head Office 0844 453 0234 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Customer Services 0843 557 3835 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
HR 0843 557 4346 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Marketing 0843 658 0849 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday
Finance 0844 248 2204 9am-5.30pm,
Monday to Friday

 Head Office – 0844 453 0234

The Monarch head office is found at London Luton Airport in Luton, Bedfordshire. You can inquire about the history of Monarch, the company policies or any general corporate information you may have about Monarch by calling the Monarch head office on 0844 453 0234 and deciding the most relevant choice from the automatic switchboard recording.

Customer Services – 0843 557 3835

Get in touch with Moncarch’c customer services team if you are struggling to navigate the website, you need some support booking a flight, you need some flight information, you would like to file a complaint regarding a bad experience with Monarch, you would like to claim compensation or you have some common inquiries. You can telephone the Monarch customer service by dialling 0843 557 3835, please select the relevant selection for your question.

HR – 0843 557 4346

If you work for Monarch you may need to get in touch with the HR department regarding your wages (such as being paid incorrectly or being paid late), you wish to discuss your shift hours or details of your next shifts, you are required to take some time off due to sickness or injury, you would like to hear about Monarch’s maternity/paternity policies or you have some other questions regarding your job. Get in touch with a member of the HR team by calling 0843 557 4346.

Marketing – 0843 658 0849

Get in touch with the Monarch marketing department if you are writing about monarch in a feature for a blog/magazine/newspaper and you would like some information about their vehicles, their image usage policies, a specific employee, company statistics, any ad campaigns past or present or other information concerning the company. Call the Monarch marketing team on 0843 658 0849 and you will be required to select the most suitable selection for your inquiry from the marketing department automated message.

Finance – 0844 248 2204

Call the Monarch finance department if you are expecting a payment from Monarch (e.g. refund, compensation) and you wish to check when you will be receiving this money and how it will be received, you can also inquire about anything regarding the payment that concerns you as well as to find out the compensation claiming procedure or the refund procedure. If you work for Monarch you can also get in touch with the finance team if you are an employee who wishes to discuss any issues you are experiencing with your pay, taxes or payslips that you feel have not already been dealt with. You can get in contact with a qualified member of the Monarch finance department by phoning 0844 248 2204 and choosing an option from the automated recording that is the most appropriate choice for your inquiry.