Monarch Connection Numbers:

Monarch Number
Monarch Head Office 0844 453 0234
Monarch Complaints 0844 453 0234
Customer services 0844 453 0234

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Monarch departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Monarch Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office 9am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday

Monarch Head Office Address

Department Head Office
Head Office Prospect House
Prospect Way
London Luton Airport

Monarch, the trading name for First Aviation Limited, is a low-cost airline operating out of Luton Airport in London, UK. As a UK budget airline, it is naturally at loggerheads with rivals EasyJet and Ryanair. It employs around 3,000 members of staff in the UK alone, and flies to locations including the Mediterranean, Cyprus and Greece.

Why would I need to call the Monarch head office contact number?

Monarch is a UK company processing millions of flights per year (5.7 million flights in 2015 alone, according to official surveys) so it is to be expected that a number of those customers will need to contact the head office at some point, seeking help for problems that only the Monarch head office can fix. Whether they’re calling due to an issue with a booking, to make an alteration or a cancellation, due to an issue with online systems or a question about airport policy, the head office staff will be able to help.

The Monarch head office phone line is available from 9am to 5.30pm every weekday, but is unfortunately closed on the weekends outside of peak season. To get through over the weekend, you’ll need to use an alternative contact method like those listed below.

If you do call through, a few reasons to contact the head office include:

  • To enquire about up to date flight times, and enquire about possible delays
  • To enquire about or book a connecting flight
  • To ask about Monarch ticket deals
  • To report an issue with a Monarch service or system
  • To cancel your booking
  • To alter or upgrade your ticket
  • To make a complaint about a Monarch flight
  • To report lost luggage

Monarch Head Office FAQs

Who owns Monarch Airlines?
How safe is Monarch Airlines?
What’s Monarch Airlines’ baggage policy?
Changing your ticket

Monarch Holidays

Monarch Holidays is a tour operator offering package holidays, based in the UK. Originally founded as Cosmos Holidays, Monarch Holidays offers a range of deals to customers including full package holidays, flight-only plans or travel/accommodation combinations. Providing flights to over sixty countries, Monarch Holidays serves over 900,000 customers annually!


About Monarch

Founded on June 5th, 1967 by the Swizz Mantegazza Family, owners of Cosmos Tours, Monarch Airlines originally had a fleet of two Bristol Britannia airliners, and operated as a chartered flight service. These planes were not equipped with jet engines, and Monarch would not enter the jet age until the 1970s, with the purchase of its first Boeing jet, a find that soon brought more along behind it. With their three-plane fleet, Monarch moved quickly to secure more funding and open further routes, even ahead of time, so that they would be in a prime position for expansion when the new planes were added to the fleet.

True to plan, the eventual acquisition of seven more jet airliners in 1976 allowed these prearranged plans to spring into action, and Monarch exploded onto the UK airline scene. It has safeguarded its success with careful curation of a select number of bases across the Mediterranean and near Cyprus and Greece, allowing careful cultivation of control in these areas – where rivals like Easyjet and Ryanair spring up everywhere like weeds, Monarch holds territory it always has and slowly expands its empire.

Who owns Monarch Airlines?

Monarch Airlines is owned by Monarch Holdings, a holding group which is 90% owned by Greybull Capital – the remaining 10% is owned as a pension fund for the employees. Monarch holdings is a holding company which also owns Monarch Holidays.

How safe is Monarch Airlines?

Monarch airlines is a modern international airline, and as such conforms to the strict requirements for safety and health preservation imposed on it by government agencies and the demands of its shareholders. Therefore, it is as safe as any other passenger airline in the modern age – that is to say, very safe.

Statistically, flying is the safest way to travel, and this holds true for Monarch. Really, it’s a very safe company to go with.

What’s Monarch Airlines’ baggage policy?

Monarch Airlines works hard to ensure that its customers needs are met, but they still have to place limits on the size of baggage that a customer can carry on to their flights, due to safety concerns, the wellbeing of other passengers and the physical and mechanical requirements of the airliners themselves. Those limits allow customers one of two options for hand luggage:

One piece of hand baggage no bigger than 56 x 40 x 25cm, including wheels and handles, weighing no more than 10kg, and one small bag from the duty free shops.


Two pieces of hand baggage which together are no bigger than 56 x 40 x 25cm, including wheels and handles, weighing in total no more than 10kg, and one small bag from the duty free shops.

Changing your ticket

Every Monarch scheduled flight (that is, with a ZB flight number) allows customers to make changes to the date of their flight or the name of the ticket holder, provided the original booking was made directly through Monarch. Having been made through Monarch is important as the email address used to make the booking is essential to making the changes.

Making a change to a Monarch flight booking is quick and easy, but will require a fee – and you’ll have to cover any increase in the fare as a result. The difference in price is gauged by comparing the prices of the flight you are switching from as they stand now, and the cost of your new flight at time of changing. If you switch to a less expensive option, you will not be refunded, but you will only need to pay the transfer fee.

Please note: if you have already checked in online, no changes can be made to your flight booking. This includes small changes such as date or time changes, and name changes. Monarch Airlines apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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