• Business Name:
  • Head Office Number: 0843 178 3835
  • Opening Times: Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm, Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED
  • Head Office Address: The Carphone Warehouse, PO Box 375, Southampton, SO30 2PU
  • Website: Head Office Contact Number - 0843 208 2379 Head Office Connection Numbers Number
Head Office 0843 178 3835
Customer Service 0843 178 3836
Accounts and Billing 0843 178 3837
Complaints 0843 178 3838
Careers 0843 178 3839
Upgrades 0843 178 3840

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service. Head Office Telephone Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Friday: 8am – 8pm
Saturday – Sunday: CLOSED Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office The Carphone Warehouse
PO Box 375
SO30 2PU Head Office Contact Number - 0843 208 2379 Head Office Contact Number – 0843 178 3835 is a dedicated online retailer (sometimes known as an e-tailer) which deals with mobile phone tariffs, deals, and physical realism of telecommunication technology. Regardless of what you’re after, can help – they are specialists in every form of mobile phone ownership. If you’re after a contract, they can set you up with dozens; fancy an upgrade? They’ve got you covered for phones and tariffs; or sick of it all and ready for a pay-as-you-go phone? You’re in luck, my friend. specialises in providing every aspect of the mobile-phone-ownership experience, from full-term contracts and special all-inclusive deals to simple burner phones that are easily tossed when you need to lose the heat. has everything you need.

Utilising more than two decades of experience, can provide a service the likes of which can rarely be seen outside its rarefied and esoteric halls. The twenty years of its service have cemented it as the UK’s first – and for a time, only – all-online mobile phone shop; and it is certainly the longest in service. With exemplary examples of technical tautology and customer service, can delightedly offer you the same exceptional care they always do, and the most impressive range of mobile phones that you could ever ask for on the cheap.

Every single aspect of is aimed at providing the best customer experience possible – like many other companies, Mobiles understands that customer experience is the single most important part of success in business; and success in business is the key to surviving long enough to spread your message, your creed, your ideology. For, that creed is “great mobile phones at low prices.” Therefore, they are regularly engaged in offers and promotions designed to keep their customers happy and draw in starry-eyed new customers – deals like cashback on certain phones and tariffs, or free giveaways to any interested shmoe.

It doesn’t end at good deals, of course; is also completely dedicated to customer service, well-drilled to be speedy and with extensive logistical systems to rival Amazon and Domino’s, getting the goods to the consumer with a speed and precision the likes of which hasn’t been seen since started its “Mobile Speedy Delivery” scheme. With all the expertise of twenty years in the business, can even guarantee you speedy access to the best accessories and other gear you could possibly want – from pop-on lights and phone-battery powered lighters to headphones and jack cables; and with their many industry contacts and expert technology journalists, they can shoot the breeze with you about the most cutting-edge information and high-end experimental technology going!

With their ear perpetually to the ground, can give you the best of the best of smartphone news – so listen up!

Alternative Ways to Contact the Head Office

Without the shadow of a doubt, the best way to contact is by calling their head office contact number, listed on this page in the table entitled “ Contact Number”. The number is available from 8am to 8pm every single day, giving you unprecedented access to the experts of the customer service team, except for Saturdays and Sundays, when it is closed and not operational at all.

The staff at the head office, who are also coincidentally the staff on the other end of the Carphone Warehouse head office contact line (not to be confused with the staff of Carphone Warhouse, who are to be avoided at all costs) are experts in the art of answering your questions, and are able to “plug in” to the vast amount of knowledge stored in the carphone warehouse/ database to which they are all linked, like the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil. With such a wealth of information at their fingertips, they can confidently tell you the answers to any question you may bring to them, and help you troubleshoot any issue you may be having with your phone and its assistant hardware.

In the event that the issue you bring before them is too big even for their voluminous capabilities, then you don’t need to worry – the next step is right there already! You’re already on the phone to the head office of, so a bigger, more authoritative and more expert character is just a call transfer away.

With all that said, we acknowledge that it isn’t always possible, feasible, or even permissable to phone away your problems- alternative methods of getting in contact may be required.

Contact by Web Contact Form

One of the most hotly-touted contact methods in today’s hyper-connected digital haemosphere is the Web Contact Form. Quick, easy and direct, the Web Contact Form lets you send a message directly to the object of your affections, without any time spent faffing around with service providers, stamps, email hosting or throwing bricks with messages on them through someone’s window. Entirely built around easy access and appropriate, straightforward conversation and communication. You want to send a message, and this is the best way to do that outside of burning a hypercapitalist on top of a giant pile of money while their gangster friends watch.

Prepared in advance, the thing that sets the Contact Form apart from the other forms of communication is its relatively idiot-proof nature: it already asks all the vital questions, takes customer information, and records all the necessary information for a follow-up. It can then be easily archived and never looked at again. Unfortunately, while thoeretically quicker and easier than any other form of conversation, a web contact form is easily lost in the huge flood of incoming correspondence, and by its very nature, prevents any kind of follow-up message.

 Contact by Post

We get it, sometimes you don’t want anything to do with the terrifying and omnipresent spectre that is the internet. Sometimes you’d rather put the phone down, shoot the computer several times, throw your smartphone at the wall and do things the old-fashioned way.

And while “old-fashioned” really only means “fell out of favour in the Noughties” these days, this way of doing things dates back to thousands of years BC, when the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires had wealthy, literate members of society communicating by writing on scrolls and tablets, and having a servant carry the missives sometimes hundreds of miles to the recipient.

From that point until the modern day – and in fact during modernity as well – the system survived, under the name “The Postal System” or “sending a letter” and now, instead of slaves and household servants, the postally-minded can simply attach a stamp (a small sticker indicating prepayment of the courier, often depicting the profile of the Queen of England but sometimes showing smaller wonders like pictures of buildings or carriages, and occasionally, lesser monarchs like Czar Polzkzar, Kim Jong Un and King Leopold of Denmark.

The Carphone Warehouse
PO Box 375
SO30 2PU

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