mcdonalds head office contact number

McDonalds Telephone Numbers

McDonalds Phone Number
Head Office 0844 826 8020
Customer Services 0844 826 8020
Complaints 0844 826 1935

McDonalds Head Office Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday – Friday: 8am – 7pm

McDonald’s UK Head Office Address

Department Address
Head Office McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd
11-59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Where Mcdonalds beef comes from
Mcdonalds breakfast menu times
How french fries are made
Are chicken nuggets gluten free?
Are fries vegan?

Reasons to call the McDonalds head office contact number:

  • To find your nearest McDonalds store.
  • To speak to HR to find out more about the recruitment process.
  • To contact the payroll department regarding the wages.
  • To find out more about McDonald’s corporate social responsibility policy or nutritional information.
  • To escalate a complaint that you have previously made to a store manager which you feel has not been resolved.

McDonald’s Menu

McDonald’s has a very broad menu of food. The main item is hamburgers, but there are now so many different burger varieties such as the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken Sandwich and Fillet O’Fish. Alongside burgers, McDonald’s produces a range of chicken dishes, such as chicken nuggets, wraps and selects. There is also a collection of salads for a more health conscious meal. Alongside the famous French fries, you can select side dishes such as mozzarella dippers, carrot sticks and side salads. You’ll also find a range of desserts and little treats like apple pies, McFlurry ice cream and doughnuts. McDonald’s is also relatively famous for their breakfast McMuffins and Happy Meals for children, which are usually accompanied by toys.

McDonald’s usually has a range of special promotions which vary between restaurants. This can include a certain flavour of McFlurry, such as a Galaxy promotion, or a special type of burger such as the BBQ Smokehouse range for summer 2016.

The McDonald’s menu is unique in every country. In most countries, you’ll find classic menu items such as the Big Mac and chicken nuggets, but each country will have dishes which are specific to them. For example, in the USA there is the McDouble and the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich. In Australia, there is the Aussie Angus burger, gravy loaded fries and the smoky BBQ roll.

McDonalds Locator

You can find your nearest McDonalds outlet by visiting the McDonalds website. You can type in an address, postcode or town and filter your search to find certain facilities such as drive-thru or accessible entrances. Once you have searched, you’ll find your nearest restaurant, the opening times, facilities available and whether there are any special events coming up.

McDonalds 24 Hours

Many McDonalds’ restaurants are open 24 hours a day. Some restaurants may only offer a drive-thru service after a certain time. Certain menu items may be unavailable at specific times too. You can always find out more about any restrictions by contacting your local store or by calling the McDonalds head office contact number on this page.

McDonalds Game

Each year, Mcdonalds runs a Monopoly game, where you collect stickers to use on a Monopoly board each time you purchase food. You have to be over the age of 16 to play and the game usually runs for a month or so in the spring. You can get a ‘game board’ from a leaflet or tray liner in your local restaurant. You collect stickers which come in a number of different types: instant win, collect to win or online game. Instant win stickers mean you will instantly win something- usually a small menu item such as an apple pie or small fries. Collect to win means that you must make a Property set using 3/4 of the same stickers to collect the prize. Lastly, online game stickers mean that you have to input a code online to be entered into a prize draw to win one of the online game prizes. McDonalds Monopoly usually has great prizes such as cars,holidays, and money.

McDonald’s Restaurant

McDonald’s restaurants have several great facilities such as baby changing, free wifi, phone charging outlets, family events, interactive tablets and fast ordering kiosks. You’ll be able to see if your local McDonalds has these facilities by going to the website and using the store locator tool mentioned above.

Popular questions about McDonald’s

Where does McDonald’s beef come from?

mcdonalds menu

In the UK, McDonald’s beef is sourced from 100% British and Irish farms- 16,000 farmers to be exact. The beef is then seasoned with a touch of salt and pepper and nothing else is added.

When McDonalds start serving breakfast

The majority of McDonald’s restaurants will begin serving breakfast from 4am. Breakfast is served until approximately 10.30am when the normal menu is resumed.

How McDonalds fries are made

McDonalds revealed last year to an American TV presenter how their fries are made. Firstly, potatoes are peeled and cut into a fry shape, dipped in natural sugar and sodium to stop them from losing colour on their way to restaurants and then lastly partly fried and frozen, before they are sent to restaurants.

Are McDonald’s nuggets gluten free?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s nuggets contain wheat flour within the coating so they are not gluten free. However, the french fries are gluten free- although, McDonalds can’t guarantee that cross contamination with gluten products won’t occur.

Are McDonald’s french fries vegan?

McDonalds UK has confirmed that their french fries are not coated in any animal substances- once they reach the store, they are fried in sunflower and rapeseed oil. The fries have been accredited by the Vegetarian Society.

About McDonalds

Richard and Maurice McDonald opened a restaurant in California in 1940. They began offering ‘speedee service’ in 1948, which has since been credited with developing the principles of fast food services, although it was two decades earlier that the White Hamburger chain of restaurants first began offering a fast food service.

You can now find Mcdonald’s restaurants in 118 countries across the world. The chain serves around 68 million customers per day from over 36,000 restaurants, with over 420,000 employees. Around 6,000 locations are owned by the company and around 30,000 are owned by franchisees.

For more about McDonald’s restaurants, call the Mcdonalds Head Office Contact Number on this page.

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