0843 178 3829

Matalan is a clothing and homeware retailer in the UK. Call to contact their head office to discuss their products.

Matalan Contact Numbers

Department Number
Head Office 0843 178 3829
Customer Services 0843 178 3830
Suppliers 0843 178 3831
Payroll 0843 178 3831
Recruitment 0843 178 3831

Head Office

If you would like to contact the Matalan head office then please call 0843 178 3829. The Matalan head office deals with a wide range of issues, queries and questions and so to ensure that you are speaking with the correct department, please listen to the automated message that will play at the beginning of your phone call. The switchboard will ask you to press 1) for product enquiries clothing and home products) 2) to locate your nearest Matalan store, 3) for Matalan card enquiries, 4) to make a complaint to Matalan and 5) to discuss delivery and collection at Matalan.

Customer Services

0843 178 3830 – this number will connect you quickly and easily to the customer service department at your local Matalan store. Matalan has a large amount of stores in the UK, so when the call is connected simply state exactly what store you are calling about. You will then be transferred to that store where you csn discuss their customer service as well as ask any questions that you might have, be it about where the store is located, what time the store opens/closes or whether they stock a particular product that you have found on the Matalan website.


To find out who supplies to Matalan, simply call  0843 178 3831. Press 1) if you would like to know who supplies Matalan (perhaps you have a particular product in mind), 2) if you are from a company of suppliers and would like to work with Matalan or 3) if you currently supply Matalan and have a question/query. You can also use this number if you would like to know more about the couriers Matalan use or if you have had a parcel damaged upon delivery or go missing altogether.


If you are a member of the Matalan team, be it on the shop floor, one of the buyers or part of their marketing group, you will be on the payroll as an employee. If you have an issue with your pay, it is important that you contact the payroll department as soon as possible, in order to get to the bottom of it. The number you need is  0843 178 3831 – here, you can discuss everything from your pay slip to your National Insurance in confidence.


You can find most of Matalan’s available job positions and opportunities on their website, but sometimes it helps to receive advice and information from the recruitment team during the application process. Matalan’s recruitment team are reachable on 0843 178 3831 and are happy to give advice on what is currently available in your area, what you can expect from a Matalan interview and can even track an application for you if it has been a while with no word. The number will connect you directly to a team member so please state exactly what it is you are looking for in a Matalan role.

Other ways to contact Matalan

Matalan are not just contactable by phone and you can also give them a message to their Twitter account or fill out an online contact form, stating the topic of your enquiry.