0843 596 3110

Marriott Hotels and Resorts are owned by Marriott International and are their principal flagship. The company owns over 6,000 properties worldwide. To contact the Marriott head office you can call 0843 596 3110.

Other Marriot Connection Numbers:

Departments Number Opening hours
Head Office  0843 596 3110 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Customer Services  0844 248 1837 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Sales  0844 248 1857 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
HR  0844 248 1858 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Marketing  0844 248 1859 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week
Finance  0844 248 1861 8:30am-11:30pm,
7 days a week

Head Office –  0843 596 3110

Although the Marriott head office is located in Maryland, USA they also have an office in London and Luton, UK. You can call the head office if you are interested in hearing the Marriott company history, policies, human trafficking statement or you need to find out about an employee or you have some alternative questions for the head office team. To get in touch with the Marriott head office team you can dial 0843 596 3110, listen to the automated message from the switchboard and select the appropriate option.

Customer Service – 0844 248 1837

You can call the Marriott customer services department if you have experienced an issue with a booking you have made and would like to find out what the problem was as well as if you would like to inquire about receiving compensation or a refund for this, you are struggling to use the Marriott website, you want to add breakfast or other amenities onto a booking, you need to file a complaint about an experience or employee or if you have other general questions. To call the Marriott customer service department you should dial 0844 248 1837 and listen to the automated options and pick the most appropriate for your request or inquiry.

Sales –  0844 248 1857

If you are interested in booking a holiday or stay at a Marriott hotel or resort, but you are having difficulties booking via the website or you would like some advice about location or room then you can get in touch with the Marriott sales department by dialling 0844 248 1857 and a member of the team will help you book your stay with Marriott.

HR – 0844 248 1858

If you are a Marriott employee you should contact the HR department if you are having some issues with your payslips, your work hours, help booking time off, information about employee discounts, you have left your job with Marriott and you are required to obtain a reference for a job you are starting or you need to discuss something else regarding your job. You can contact the HR department by calling 0844 248 1858 and selecting the relevant option from the automated message.

Marketing –  0844 248 1859

If you are writing a piece about the Marriott and you want some information about a specific hotel/resort, past or present ad campaign, their image usage rights, information about a member of staff or other information about the company. You can call the Marriott marketing department on 0844 248 1859 select the appropriate option and somebody from the marketing departments team will be happy to answer any inquiries.

Finance –  0844 248 1861

If you are waiting to receive a reimbursement payment from Marriott you can call their finance department to find out when you are receiving the payment or other information about the payment. If you work for Marriott and you are having problems with your wages, taxes or you have some questions regarding your finance or financial information you can contact the finance department on 0844 248 1858 to discuss any of these questions with a member of the finance team.