• Business Name: Lycamobile
  • Head Office Number: 0844 248 2649
  • Opening Times: 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday – 9am – 6pm Saturday – Sunday
  • Head Office Address: Isle of Dogs,
  • Website:

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Lycamobile Connection Numbers

Lyca Mobile Number
Lycamobile Head Office 0844 248 2649
Lycamobile Customer Services 0843 208 1767
Lycamobile Complaints
Lycamobile Helpline
Lycamobile Top-up Line
Lycamobile Customer Hotline

By calling the above numbers, we can connect you to those Lycamobile departments. All calls to this number cost 7 pence per minute, plus your telephone network access charge. Please note we are not associated with any of the companies listed on this website. We offer a call connection service.

Lycamobile Head Office – 0844 248 2649

The Lycamobile head office is a huge interconnected mainframe, with people instead of circuit boards and phone lines instead of solder. Comprised of the best and brightest in Lycamobile’s arsenal, the head office can help you with any problems too complex, too tricky or too nasty for the normal Lycamobile customer service line. Whatever your problem, Lycamobile can help.

Lycamobile Customer Services – 0843 208 1767

Lycamobile is the premier provider of low-rate high-quality international calls all across the world. With such a customer base, it is difficult to effectively centralise customer service, but Lycamobile manage it with the careful deployment of their head office staff in a trained customer service department, especially equipped to deal with the hassles of intenrational customer service in a way that is both fitting and nice. Due to being placed in the head office, the customer service experts at Lycamobile have access to masters of all trades, from legal experts to translators, and can effortlessly cycle a customer between those departments to suit their needs and ensure they reach the best conclusion to their issue. If you need ot contact the Lycamobile experts for customer service, you can do so right here, right now, using that number.

Lycamobile Complaints – 0843 208 1767

If you need to make a complaint agianst Lycamobile, perhaps because of a faulty SIM card or a failed transatlantic phone call, but in reality for whatever reason you should choose ot express displeasure, you can achieve this aim by phoning the number found above – if you are viewing this page on a smartphone, you can simply click the blue number, but on traditional devices you will need to manually enter it into your telephone. From there, you can complain to your hearts content. You will need to provide some personal details and some information concerning your account first and foremost, to allow your complaint to be adequately tracked and sorted out; as well as to enable you to recieve the compensation to which you may be entitled. Even if that compensation is as simple and quick as a new SIM card or a pat on the head, you don’t want to miss it.

Lycamobile Helpline – 0844 248 2649

The Lycamobile helpline is a general-issue troubleshooting line dedicated to helping keep your experience with the company smooth, and keeping you in touch with your loved ones and business associates no matter how many oceans separate you. Without the burden of specialism, this line can simply address your concerns directly, whether they are questions, problems or crises. The Lycamobile helpline is the perfect choice for someone who isn’t sure where there problem fits into the big picture, or who is unsure whether their problem is really a problem. For example, should you try to contact the legal department or would customer service be fine? Do you need the head office? Or the complaints line? The people at the other end of the phone for the Lycamobile helplin ecan help you decide and point you in the right direction.

Lycamobile Top-up Line – 0843 208 1767

Need to top up your Lycamobile phone? Can’t get to the shops? Sort that out quickly and easily with a call to the Lycamobile top-up line. Designed to make it as simple as possible to add credit to your Lycamobile phone, this line is manned at the same hours as the others, and makes it possible to top up your phone from home or from within the ravine you’re trapped in. Simple and easy!

As Lycamobile operates as both a contract system and a pay as you go system, it’s easy to see how it could become confusing for customers who can’t tell whether they need to top up, but we always find that the best solution is this: if you pay every month for Lycamobile, the same set amount, regardless of how much you use, then you are on a contract and don’t need to top up. However, if you can’t call and then remember that you normally have to go to a shop and buy Lycamobile credit before making calls or sending texts, then you are most likely on a pay as you go contract, and you may need to top up. You can do this by visiting a Lycamobile approved store, as mentioned above, or you can do what would have been thought impossible a mere 7 years ago, and call the company to top up your phone, getting Lycamobile credit from the comfort of your own home! Inconceivable!

Lycamobile Customer Hotline – 0843 208 1767

If you find yourself in need of generic help from Lycamobile, and you need it now, then nothing is better than the Lycamobile hotline. Engineered as a way to get customers in touch with the relevant expert as quickly as possible and with the maximum efficiency, the Lycamobile customer hotline is a direct line to the heart of the issue, that pushes all the hot buttons on the way in. If you need to get in contact with Lycamobile at speed, for example due to patchy signal or being trapped in a ravine with no credit (the two are not mutually exclusive) then you can do so with the flick of a button – just call the Lycamobile hotline for to be conencted directly to the Lycamobile head office.

About Lycamobile

Lycamobile is an international mobile virtual network operator and currently has 16 million customers across 21 countries and claim to welcome a new customer to Lycamobile every 2 seconds. Lycamobile offer cheap international calls, and the countries in which they operate are as follows:

  • Australia
    lycamobile countries
    lycamobile countries
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Macedonia
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Tunisia
  • UK
  • USA

They are currently the biggest international mobile virtual network operator in the UK. All customers are offered a free sim when they join, to get them started with Lycamobile.

What Advantages Can Lycamobile Offer Me?

If you are not already with Lycamobile, they offer £15 free credit to anyone that chooses to switch their number. To do this simply call the head office contact number or go on the website to find out how easy it is to switch to Lycamobile. If you are switching you need not be concerned about changing your number as Lycamobile allows you to keep your number. Switching is done easily online by requesting a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your previous network provider, and then filling in the form online. If you are having any trouble locating the form or getting you PAC code, advisers at the Lycamobile head office can help. If you are wondering why you should switch over to Lycamobile, there are a few reasons why people have done it in the past, including low cost calls and a high quality network, the convenience of transferring your existing phone number, free voicemail facility and no tricky access codes. Lycamobile is a convenient and easy to use network anytime, anywhere.

Bundles and Plans

Lycamobile offer a range of unbeatable pay as you go plans, which are listed on their website. They state which ones are their best sellers. Some of the plans are only available online but you can call the contact number if you are having any issues accessing all of the information or choosing which plan is best for you. The price of the bundle depends on how many minutes you want as well as how much data and national texts you are entitled to. Advisers from the head office will be more than happy to discuss your options and decide what bundle will be most beneficial to you. You can also choose between an international bundle or a UK plan depending on your usage. The amount of call minutes a package will get you varies from country to country, for example a £10 plan will get you 60 minutes in Ghana and 600 in Nigeria. Visit the website or call the head office for a full list of international bundles.


There are a number of offers available with Lycamobile for both national and international calls, as well as offers on data availability. Offer with Lycamobile change regularly and so to find out which offers are available which may suit you, call the Lycamobile Head Office contact number. Offers that are on at the moment or have been in the past include high quality calls to the Ivory Coast, student offers, free calls to Tunisa and special rates to countries such as Pakistan and Somalia. If you see an offer you like the sound of, then it is time to activate it. Activation is simple and easy, simply top up your phone. The offer will only be able to be accessed during the month in which the top up was made. All unused free calls will then expire with the offer.

Lycamobile Top Up

lycamobile top up
lycamobile top up

Being on pay as you go means you can top up whenever is convenient for you, keeping track of exactly what you are spending and when. Lycamobile top up is extremely easy and even comes with a few perks, for example topping up £20-£30 online means you will be given an extra £5 free. This free £5 is available for 30 days. To top up your phone online, all you will need is your mobile number, your e-mail address and your debit or credit card. It can be done in five minutes. New deals are available every month to those that go online to top up their phones. If you don’t want to top your phone up physically every month you can opt for Lycamobile’s auto-top up service A fixed amount per month is agreed with Lycamobile and this will automatically be loaded onto your ph0ne at the beginning of each month, or on a date agreed with you. This can be set up using your debit or credit card and unlike a mobile phone contract,  if you would like to cancel or change the deal, you can do this at any time.

Where is Lycamobile Available?

By calling the contact number or visiting their website you are able to locate your nearest Lycamobile store. if there is not one that is easily reached or in your area, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of supermarkets that work with Lycamobile and will allow you to speak to an adviser and top up your mobile such as Tesco, Dixons, Curry’s and Curry’s Digital, any shop with a PayPoint, Sainsbury’s Londis, Budgens and many more. If you are with Lycamobile and top up regularly, it is worth registering for an online account with them which can be managed at any time, by you. It allows you to view your remaining credit, see all of your call history, top up your phone easily and change the plan you are on should you wish. If you are having any issues accessing your account please call the Lycamobile head office contact number.